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IELTS Cue Card Sample 377 - Describe an equipment of your household

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an equipment of your household (such as a computer, television, refrigerator, mobile phone and so on).

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what you do with it
  • whether you will always keep it or not

and explain why it is so important to you.

Model Answer 1:
I am describing my laptop as it is the equipment I often use at home. It is a black coloured laptop by Toshiba brand and I bought it almost five years ago.

This electronic device has helped me in many aspects, including work, study and communication. The first important usage is saving data. I can save numerous e-books, pictures, audio and video clips in it, and the 300GB hardware capacity has allowed me to save plenty of them. Moreover, I can access the Internet using this laptop. By connecting to the Internet I can access every website, check my email and watch online movies or documentaries, like National Geographic documentaries, which has extremely been useful to improve my listening and speaking.

Lastly, definitely, this device has been very useful to my profession. By its camera, I can save different important information related to my job and use them as I need to access them in a few seconds. So, this laptop has assisted me to raise my knowledge not only in my career and study but also in learning the English language.
I have already become dependent on my laptop. Maybe I will replace it with a new one but a laptop would always be mandatory for me.

I rely on my laptop for my personal, professional and study needs. I communicate with others with this laptop and this is the primary means of communication with my friends. Definitely, the use of internet and computer has become unavoidable in this modern era and this is indeed a very important tool for me.


Sample Answer 2: 
Being a banker, I usually get less time for relaxation. But when I can manage time, watch television for enjoyment. In fact, I love my Samsung smart television set and it comes with the Android operating system. So, both browsing the internet and enjoying television shows is really adorable with the television set.

Before purchasing this television set, I did not have any clear idea about what smart television is. In fact, I was a newcomer in this arena. Moreover, I was familiar with the old types of television set and the most attractive thing was the remote controller that came with the television. But now I have started enjoying the television set and its features. I browse the internet on television instead of a computer. Playing video games and enjoying movies online is another added advantage with this smart TV. Customization of the screen is also enjoyable with this piece this wonder of modern science.     

The smart TV is used for various purposes. This is mostly used for watching numerous television episodes and events. Besides, sometimes I watch movies on TV using the internet connection and also play online games. I also can enjoy almost all the android applications on this television set as it runs with the Android OS. Downloading applications and using them on the large screen is amazing. I have used android telephone sets but the screen was small. When I have started using the Android OS on this large screen, I noticed the difference. Since then, I love playing various 3D games on the television set and enjoyed the thrills to the fullest extent. While playing racing games, I enjoy it the most. It appears that I can feel the speed and spirit in me during the racing gameplay. When I am not at home, my wife and kids enjoy the television shows and cartoons on this smart TV.  

Yes, I will always keep this television set to me. There are a good number of smart television manufacturers are available but I believe Samsung Smart TV is one the best of them for it has some specialities. The TV has a majestic look. I have mounted the TV set on the wall and thus watching or using the TV has become convenient for me. Besides, the company provides a smart warranty against each of the parts of the TV set. I will keep the TV set with me for another reason. It consumes less energy. Actually, the TV has been made with energy-efficient technology. Besides, it comes with an eight-year warranty. So, there are no questions to give up the TV set unless it is damaged seriously or destroyed automatically. 

The smart TV is important to me because this is the only and the best way of my recreation. Earlier, when I came back home after a hefty working day, I had to pass my moments in boredom. Bu the TV has relieved me from the situation. This has become a great tool for me and my family to pass leisure hours. I use the TV set most during the weekends with my kids. They also love to play online games with me on TV. They love to play chess online with me and enjoy the game most. Further, the screen resolution and image quality of this 40-inches television set is more than excellent. When I watch the TV, it appears that everything is happening right before my eye. As a result, the shows and events become more enjoyable. 


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