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IELTS Cue Card Sample 381 - Describe a present that you broke accidentally

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a present which you were given and that you broke accidentally.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • on what  occasion it was presented to you
  • how you broke it

how you felt when you broke it.

Model Answer 1:
One of my college friends once gave me a fish bowl with 5 gold fishes and that was an exceptional gift for me. Before that, I never had any kind of pet or aquarium at my home and gradually I started feeling the passion on such kind of hobbies. I was very sad to have it broken one day all of a sudden. Though I have bought another one with new fishes, but I still feel bad about my carelessness to have the fish bowl broken by me.

The fish bowl was given to me by Maria as to congratulate me for being the highest scorer in Mathematics in the second term exam in our college. She was the second best scorer!  I was a bit confused when she one day gave me the gift. However, I placed it near my study table and often looked at it. I bought some colourful stones and fish foods afterwards and the fishes became something very favourite to me. One day I was cleaning my room and don’t know how but I hit the bowl with a broom and it fell on the floor and was broken completely. The fishes were scattered in the room and immediately bought a jar and placed them in it.

I felt very sad about this unexpected incidence. The fishes died in few hours and that made me even more depressed. The gifts are always inspiring and though I have brought another fish bowl with new fishes for it, it does not replace the old one I had. I felt really sad and when this happened, I thought it was completely my mistake and I should have been more careful about it. You know this was an instantaneous sad experience and I felt bad about it at that time. If that have been something I bought myself, I would not have felt that bad. The feeling was more bitter as it was a gift and the fishes died.


Sample Answer 2:
Receiving presents in different occasions is always interesting but when the present get broken for carelessness, that is really heart breaking event for anyone. The same thing happened to me last month. I am feeling regret for my carelessness.

I turned 19 in last month. Marking the day, I arranged for a birthday party at my place and invited some of my intimate friends and relatives. All of them arrived with nice presents and one of my friends gave me a magnificent small-sized flower vase. In fact, the flower vase was the most beautiful among them. I broke the vase accidentally and it was entirely my fault. I wanted to clean the vase but could not be so careful as it was needed to be. As a result, the vase fell to the ground and broke into pieces. And the accident took place a couple of days later I received the gift.   

Being a student it is tough indeed to arrange a birthday party by own. But I arranged it by my own initiative. I have spent a smart amount of money to arrange for the day. In fact, I started saving money to celebrate my birthday from the beginning of the year and found that the amount was very smart to hold it. Accordingly, I invited my guests to my home, ordered a birthday cake and made some traditional Spanish foods to entertain them. Everyone was happy with the foods and drinks while they also congratulated me to organise for such a nice birthday party. There were 15 people altogether including my family members – parents and younger brother. All of them enjoyed the event to the fullest extent.   

The sad event took place a couple of days later following the birthday. I wanted to place the flower vase in the living room. Due to my academic engagement, I was unable to check all the presents. So, I unpacked the presents one after another and found that the flower vase. But the accident took place when I went to place the vase at an appropriate positon in the living room. I was setting up the small table where I wanted to keep the vase. By my one hand I was pushing the table to place and on the other hand, I was holding the vase. Suddenly I stumbled and released the vase. It caused the vase to break into many pieces. At first, I could not understand what had happened. I was stumbled as the table moved aside with my force while moving it which made me imbalanced.

I was shocked. In fact, I felt very sad with the event. It was the best present for me on my birthday. I was speechless. My heart broke. I sat on a chair and started thinking how it was done. My mum came and she also felt the same with me. I tried to reassemble the vase but it was of no use. It broke into pieces and it was impossible to assemble them. So, I had to throw the pieces as waste materials. I informed the event to my friend who gave it to me. She was also down hearing the event. I was to be blamed for the event. Finally, my friend presented me with another similar vase but still I miss that one.


Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Famous stores in your country:

Q. Tell me about any famous stores that sales presents.

Q. Tell me about any famous markets or stores which attract tourists.

Q. Why are they popular with tourists?

Advantages and disadvantages of giving present

Q. Would you agree that presents are always advantageous for people?

Q. What kinds of presents are suitable for people in any situations?

Q. How do you think the way of giving presents will change in the future?

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