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IELTS Cue Card Sample 382 - Describe the colour you like most

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe the colour you like the most.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • why you like it
  • how colours are important to costumes

and explain why this is your favourite colour. 

Model Answer 1:
Actually, the most favourable colour for me is blue. I love the blue colour and I enjoy wearing blue coloured dresses or drive a blue car. One important reason why I like this colour is that it helps me to feel less stressed. It is the colour of the sky and the ocean and by looking at it, I remember the beauty of the Mother Planet.

I think the colour is a part of cultures, and people can show their common habits by wearing their popular clothes which have different colours. For example, In Canada, Canadians are used to wearing red clothes in festivals, or Brazilians wear yellow colour on their national days. Moreover, colours can help us to distinct different careers. Doctors put on white coats, army personnel wear grey or nurses the blue one.

From my perspective, I love this colour because firstly it helps me to have a better feeling about everything. For instance, when it comes to taking an exam, I wear a blue coloured shirt. I can better overcome my anxiety and I have more confidence if I wear my favourite colour. Another reason is that I think it is the only colour that helps to become more patient. Personally, as I use the blue colour, I can tolerate difficult situations in my life. So, this colour is the best choice for me due to its quality of increasing my self-confidence and patience to take burdens in difficult conditions.

[ by - Rambod ]

Sample Answer 2: 
It is often said that blue is the warmest colour. I agree with the statement and the same appears to me as well. Yes, I like blue for some specific causes. Thank you for asking me the question and now I will describe it here. 

Blue is really a cool colour. The shade of blue is gentle, warm and creates a sense of calmness inside the mind. Further, the colour is also attractive. It is almost a perfect match for every situation if we consider it about clothing. Besides, the colour is also adorable in some other senses. Decorating with this colour makes the environment attractive and sometimes mysterious. It also brings a sense of satisfaction among the participants in different events where the colour is applied. Blue is also used in many other cases. The colour is a popular one among all types of people as it looks outstanding.  

I like blue very much. I do not know if there are any exact reasons behind my preference to blue. But it appears to me that blue is everywhere. I find the blue shade wherever I look. The sky is blue. The sea water is also blue. It appears to me that the bluish shade is attractive and enjoyable in all seasons. I believe that blue is present in everywhere I see. The colour has something special within it. It is charming, it is special and particularly it has a different appeal to people. Besides, this is neither a dark nor a light colour rather has the perfect combination of the hues in it.  

Costumes are used to make the appearance look beautiful. So, it is really important to select the right costumes for occasions or events. So, colours are really important for costumes. For instance, the majority of the people wear lighter colours while they would have been much prettier if they had worn darker colours. On the other side, the same thing happens for the opposite. Some people wear the darker but they would look better with lighter colours. But blue is completely different to describe. It matches with every complexion. Besides, this is a gorgeous colour to represent in different occasions regardless of seasons. Therefore, before picking costumes, one should be aware of the colours and its applications. 

Blue is my favourite colour. First of all, I have tried several colours but none of them matched with my complexion. But suddenly I realised that blue is suiting me than the other available colours. I am a bit darker than the average English people due to my parental genetics. So, it is hard for me to manage colours and finally, I settled on blue. It makes me look beautiful. Hence, this is my favourite colour. 

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