IELTS Cue Card Sample 405 - Describe an exciting sport you know about

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an exciting sport you know about.

You should say:

  • What the sport is
  • how you know about it
  • is it difficult

and explain why you think it is an exciting sport.

Model Answer 1:
This is a nice topic to talk about and I thank you for this opportunity. Exciting sports are fun to play or watch, offer a thrilling experience and attract many people, especially the young. Aerobatics, air racing, parachuting, skydiving, field archery, badminton, volleyball, basketball, cricket, skateboarding, river surfing and ice climbing are some of the very exciting sports in my opinion. For this cue card topic, I would talk about cricket that I personally find very enthralling and exciting.

The modern version of this sports date back to the 18th century and this is quite popular in Australia, England, South Asia, Southern Africa, and in many other countries. Two teams compete to defeat each other and each team has 11 players on their side. There are three main variations of this sports and they are One Day International, T20 and Test Series.

I have played this sports almost every day in my high school days. I even had been a part of our high school cricket team. These days I often watch cricket tournaments on sports channels. As our national cricket team plays this sports in the international level and one of the members of the 9 test playing countries, this is the most popular sports in our country. I would say this is an easy sport once you know the rules. However, being a good batsman or a dependable bowler requires dedication and regular practice. Since I have played this sports for more than 7-8 years, it does not seem difficult to me. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for someone who has never played it before.

The very nature of this sports, the competition between the players of the both teams, the uncertainty of the result, the timely decisions and physical fitness it demands to win are all very exciting and enthralling. This sport even offers a huge excitement to the spectators who enjoy it either in a stadium or on the TV. A simple mistake or a timely decision can alter the result of this sports. Finally, the run-chasing is quite unique abut this sport and make it more enjoyable. Millions of people enjoy the live cricket tournaments all over the world due to the entertainment, excitement and joy this sport brings to them. As I have played this sports for a long, I find it even more challenging, entertaining and exciting.

Sample Answer 2:
I love to take part and enjoy sports. So far, I have enjoyed a good number of indoor and outdoor sports but none of them attracted me as it was done by ice hockey. This is a great and exciting sports for me. Besides, this is special in some other sense.

Ice hockey is dissimilar than the ordinary sports. It is usually played on the ice. The ordinary hockey is played on sports ground filled with grass. But the basic difference is that ice hockey is played on ice while the players need to wear skates during the play. Besides, there are six players in each of the sides and one of them, from each of the teams, tries to protect the goals from opposition. The players are to skate up and try to make goals in the net of the opposition team. There are no balls rather a rubber puck is used to score the goal.   

In my country, ice hockey is a popular sport. Before watching a match live from the ground, I actually did not have any idea about the ice hockey. I have seen the sport on television and did not have that much interest. I went at the National Ice Rink in our capital city with some of my friends a couple of years ago. I felt the excitement inside. The game was really an interesting one. The scoring of goals, the attires of the players and the gaming rules etc. appeared interesting to me. Since then, I have become a regular spectator of this sport. Unluckily I am unable to take part in this game due to my age, I love it more than anything.   

Yes, this is a difficult sport. It needs lots of physical energy and strength. Besides, to play the sport, one needs to learn to run on ice using skates. Falling on the ground is a common issue here. Besides, there are chances of serious injury if you cannot play or defend the stroke from the opponent. Further, the players are to move across the field to grab the rubber puck. They share the puck with the team members and move ahead with the view to score a goal. But sometimes, there are accidents as well. So, to prevent the unexpected accidents, the players wear defensive clothes and strong helmets. The goaltender is on the risk than any other players as he is often the target of the opposition players.  

To me, this is a really exciting sport for many reasons. Firstly, I like the sport for its physical benefits. The sport helps to keep fit physically. The players need to move on the ground with skates on their feet. So, they need to keep balance as well during the entire playing session. Initially, it may appear that the game is not that much exciting but the real excitement is understood once you enter into the playing venue. The spectators and surrounding people feel a deep sense of joy when the watch the ice hockey. The sport is exciting because of its nature. International competitions are held periodically and the players are also respected around the world. In fact, ice hockey requires some special expertise which is really hard to gain. So, I think ice hockey is an exciting sport to many of the people like me.

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