Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 406 - Something you have learned recently from the Internet

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something that you have learned recently from the Internet.

You should say:

  • what you learned
  • how you found out about this
  • whether you would recommend this to your friends

and explain why it is important to you.


Model Answer 1:

I like to browse different things on the internet whenever I get a chance because it allows me to learn a lot of interesting things. Today, I would like to talk about one such interesting thing that I learned recently.

Now, what I learned may not be interesting to many, but it was, at least, interesting to me because I had no idea about the exciting world of animation video up and until I read that interesting article on “how to make an animated video without breaking a sweat” on the “daily technical tips” section of a national daily of my country.

By the way, I wasn’t necessarily looking to find any tips on how to make an animated video, as I was solely interested in reading the daily important news. But, some really funny cartoons on the “daily technical tips” caught my attention which led me to read that article.

Anyway, the article clearly provided the instructions, step by step, on how to really create an animation video like a professional without spending any money and without ever attending a technical school. Of course, initially, I wasn’t really too sure that making an animation video was going to be that easy, but when I actually started to try making one, I felt like it was as easy as a “walk on the park”. In fact, I felt like if an “average” person like me could do it, any other people could do it too. So, I told this to some of my friends, and they were immediately onto their acts to create some of their own funny animated videos.

Well, it was important for me to learn making an animated video because I could actually show those videos to my 4 years old nephew in order to make him giggle when he is in a mood or gets cranky. It was important to me also because I eventually used that skill to earn some extra money for myself.


Sample Answer 2:

The Internet is perhaps the most wonderful and helpful modern invention that has touched the lives of billions. This worldwide network has not only revolutionised the way we communicate, shop or exchange information but has also changed the way people learn new things, teach others, do travel plans, get enrolled in a course and so on. I personally thank you for the opportunity you gave me to talk about something I have recently learned from the Internet.

In fact, I use the Internet almost every day and learn new things quite often. One of the things I have recently learned  is how to reuse the ordinary plastic bottles we throw away almost  every day. While surfing the Internet, I found that one of my friends has shared a video that shows different utilities of plastic water bottles and soft-dring bottles. the creator of the video called it a lifehack and uploaded this video on YouTube. From YouTube, this friend of mine shared it on his Facebook account. It was 15-16 minutes video and I was quite amazed by the idea and genius behind this video.

Recommending something that I like with my friends has become quite easier these days. I only need to press a button or click the mouse to share content with my friends. In fact, just after I watched it, I have shared this video with my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter friends. As I find this video and its contents helpful, I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

As I have already told, the idea behind this video was quite remarkable and this has taught me something that I never thought would be possible. The video was professionally made and it was easier to follow the process described in this video. I was quite astonished how a simple plastic bottle could be turned into so many useful things. I watched this video several times and found that it showed 20 handy utilities of plastic bottles including how to make these. I  learned how to make a plant pot, soap bottle, basket, napkin holder, kind's pencil holder, leaf lamp, piggie bank, decorative container, jewellery stand, bird feeder, hanging-chandelier and many other handy things out of the ordinary plastic bottles.

Learning how to upcycle plastic bottles to make those handy and beautiful things was very important to me. Up until I learned how to upcycle the plastic bottles, I mostly threw away those bottles and never thought about their practical use. Now I have made two holders for my small plants, a piggie bank, a bird feeder and a pencil holder and I felt an enormous pleasure in making them. I will try making other things that were demonstrated in this video. Such crafty works, I believe, foster our creativity, hones our skills and saves money. The utmost pleasure I can feel when I successfully make something useful from an ordinary plastic bottle is unparallel. This is quite important to me due to its practical usefulness and creative processes. I would definitely watch similar video and tutorials and learn such skills more in the future.


Sample Answer 3:
This is the age of technology. By dint of technological advancement, people are moving ahead. Outsourcing is one of the wonders of the technological advancement that is making people independent in all terms.

In the present age, the world is a global village. Distance is not a barrier now to work from a different country. So, the number of offshore employees is on the rise. It has happened for the improvement of technology. People now can communicate easily even in the distant part of the world. As a result, when the youths do not get jobs in their native lands, they are moving for freelancing. It is also known as outsourcing. They work sitting at home and get paid at the end of their projects. Earlier, I was unaware of the issue. Though I heard about freelancing, I did not have a clear idea until I searched the issue on the internet.    

I am a middle-aged man and been engaged in a personal business here in Mozambique. I own a medium-sized restaurant and also a small coffee shop. So, I was not that much familiar with technological advancements. But now I need to explore the virtual arena for some reasons. I needed a piece of software to maintain my restaurant accounts and started using the internet to know about it. Later I started browsing the internet and came to know about a lot of things and information that I did not know before. Gradually, I learnt about freelancing issues and how the service is provided. There is a wide range of scopes to work as a freelancer. But for this, people need to have some sort of special set of skills like designing a web page, skills with photo editing, writing capacity and more.  

Of course, I will recommend it to my friends. This is really an interesting thing to share. Many of my friends are not well versed with technology. Even some of them are unaware of using computers while I am a bit different from them. So, if I share the information with them, they might be beneficial. They might grow the interest on the internet and will try to start some sort of outsourcing after their qualifications. In fact, all of my friends, including me, are moderately educated but we lack the knowledge of computer and internet. So, the issue of freelancing was unfamiliar with us. Recently my contact with the internet has made it clearer and I want all my friends also should know about the vastness of the internet.

This is really an important aspect for me. I want to know the entire world and the internet is the best possible thing that can help me for this purpose. Besides, there are potentials to generate income as well. Considering all the aspects, it appears that freelancing is really an important issue for me. But I need sometimes to get skilled over the specific sectors I need to work. I can paint very well and I think if I learn graphics design, I could shine in the arena. As a fresh internet user, it may take time for me to master the skills but I will be patient to reach my goal.

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