Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 420 - Describe your ideal home or place to live

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your ideal home or place to live.

You should say:

  • where it would be
  • how big it would be and what it would contain
  •  why this kind of accommodation attracts you so much

and explain why you think this would be your ideal home or place to live in.


Model Answer 1:
I have had some sketchy thoughts over the years about how my ideal home should exactly look like, but never really had the opportunity to put those thoughts into words. So, thank you for this great cue card topic it will allow me to talk about my ideal home.

My ideal home would preferably be located in the countryside which is not too far from the city. It should be famous for its stunning natural beauty, and it should also have a huge lake, surrounded by some incredibly beautiful rolling hills which catch the sunlight when breaking through the clouds on a beautiful afternoon. And as far as the weather of the location of my ideal home is concerned, it should have pleasant weather all around the year.

Now, talking about some of the features of my ideal home, it should be about 2000 square feet. I would also prefer to be like a two-storey, bungalow type home that has dormer windows and balconies all sides. In my ideal home, there would be a huge living room where a lot of people can sit and enjoy their time comfortable. The kitchen should also be large. On one corner of my home, there should be a room with a pool table and some musical instrument so that I can enjoy some fun time on my own without ever having to go outside. Finally, to give it a country look, I also want some faux animal heads as well as some animal prints on my walls.

By the way, this kind of accommodation attracts me so much because it will allow me to enjoy the outdoors by walking, cycling, sailing, kayaking and so on at my will.

Well, this would be an ideal home, mainly because it would allow me to enjoy nature very much from the comfort of my home. It would be an ideal home also because it would allow me to stay away from the terrible noise and pollution of a busy city life.


Sample Answer 2:
I must say that this is a very interesting topic to talk about. I really thank you for this nice cue card topic and the time you gave me to talk about it.

Well, I like the house I currently live in but it is not the ideal home I have in my mind. My perfect home would be far away from the city crowd and pollutions. It would be quite large; to be more specific, not less than 2 acres. I would like it to be located near a small river where the sweet southern breeze would flow all the time and would keep the house and its gardens fresh and airy. My imagination would go further and would want to have hills on the North and West side of this area. I will often go hiking in the hills and during the summer season, I will enjoy camping. My dream house to live in would not be merely a house with bricks, but also the view and the things surrounded this house.

Getting back to the house, it would be a Cottage with large rooms. The guest house would be just beside the main house. Different plants and trees would make a vista at the entrance of the house. The Spring would fill the house with a dazzling and sweet aroma of different flowers while the gardens would be a safe harbour for different birds. The ground, garden, rooms, and the whole premises would be meticulously maintained.

Personally, I would love to live with my family and I would often invite my friends and relatives to have parties at our house. The open space for the barbeque party would be reserved for family parties. I would have a large library in my house and would like to have the modern technology that I find useful for myself. Modern facilities like the internet connection, satellite  phone, TV, modern household appliance, and security system would be present at my house. My living room would be large enough and the window must have a lovely view.

Currently, I live with my family in an apartment in a large city. This city is quite crowded and has got large buildings, factories, buses, trains, busy people and offer almost no natural scene. I do not have any complaints about the apartment we live in but if you ask, this is not the ideal house I dream about. In my mind, the idea of an ideal house emerged when I visited a bungalow in Switzerland as a tourist many years ago. This was a remote area and the surrounding could  not have been better with the river, hills, fountain, hilly roads, natural beauty and moreover the tranquillity of nature. The location as well as the house we stayed it impressed me a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed staying there, even though this lasted only for a few days, and I would like to own such a house at such a gorgeous place.


Sample Answer 3:
Living under shade is one of the basic needs of the human being. In fact, this a precondition to living on this planet that everyone should have their own home. Though I have a place to live in, I have a dream of an ideal home for me. I am lucky to describe the dream here and thank you for asking to explain the issue.

Firstly, I am a nature lover. So, I want my place to be close to nature. In fact, I love to breathe in a natural environment. Fresh air revives me and provides the necessary to complete my daily tasks. But the current place I am living in is unable to provide such a calm and serene environment at all. It is filled with hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, the entire locality is excessively crowded with people and vehicle round the day. So, there are fewer chances to spend some leisure hours peacefully.

I am single and not planning to get married for the next five years. So, I do not need a large home to live in. Rather, I am in a dream of a moderate place where I could accommodate my necessary belongings. I want that the place should have at least two spacious rooms with other necessary modern facilities. I have a plan that I will make a living room and a bedroom in the place. The living room will be decorated with a large bookshelf, three of four chairs or sofas, a reading table, a television set and other things. In opposite, I will set the personal computer in my bedroom. I have a single bed and the room should be spacious enough to hold my other furniture. An approximate measure would be 10 by 12 for each of the rooms.

The place would contain all the necessary stuff I use in my everyday life. But the most important thing is that the location should be calm and quiet. I would prefer the trees around the place. Besides, I also have a plan for pot planting inside the rooms I will live in. My current place is unsuitable for pot planting as it is devoid of sunlight. Hence, I want that place to be illuminated naturally so that I could use the daylight perfectly. Further, the place should also come with security measures. It should be able to prevent intruders. It is better if the place comes with a boundary and the house will be in the centre of the boundary. I have a dream of planting trees in each corner of the boundary wall while I will insert some plants as well on the walls of the house. This is really a dream for me to materialise.

I am a writer by profession. So, I need a suitable environment to expand my imagination. This is nearly impossible to create some notable tasks in a busy and noisy environment. Hence, the necessity of a serene atmosphere is required. Besides, I am attracted to such kind of accommodation for many reasons. Firstly, living in such a calm and quiet place helps to bring satisfaction of mind. It also expands the mental faculty and as a result, the imaginations become free to move. The fiction plots are found. Besides, being an introvert in nature, I love to lead an isolated life. Such a place will ensure isolation. Considering the issues, such accommodation system attracts me much.

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