IELTS Cue Card Sample 510 - Describe a person who once moved to live with you

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person who once moved to live with you.

You should say:

  • who was he/she
  • how long this person lived with you
  • why he/she moved to live with you

and explain how you felt about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
In our country, it is quite common that close relatives move to live with a family, especially when someone needs to stay in a different area. For instance, whenever my uncle, aunt or grandparents come to the city we live in, they stay with us at our home. This stay is mostly short-term but on few occasions, it can be for a long. For this cue card topic, I would like to talk about my uncle Joseph who moved to our house and stayed with us for approximately 2 years.

My uncle, Joseph, is the youngest brother of my father and was a renowned football player in our hometown. As soon as he finished his high school graduation, he moved to our family and got admitted to a college here. As an elder brother, my father took his responsibilities. My uncle stayed with us for about 2 years and then moved to his own apartment after he managed a steady job for himself. 

I liked him very much and when he moved to our house, I was very happy. I am the only child of my parents and when my uncle started living with us, I felt like I have got a good friend and someone to talk to about everything. Joseph was an interesting and talented person. We often talked for a long time and went out to watch movies. Both of us got involved in some sporting activities and he often helped me in my studies. 

Since Joseph was a nice person and respected my parents, they also liked him. I never felt irritated or disturbed due to his presence at our home. As an intelligent person, Joseph knew how to behave and treat other members of a family, especially who are close family members. He is now married to a woman who is a lecturer in a college and he has a two years old daughter. I still miss some of the activities we did together. Though he was my uncle, I often felt like he was the brother I never had!


Sample Answer 2:
Thank you very much for allowing me the time to talk about this Candidate Task Card topic. Well, my grandma used to live with me and my family here in Melbourne. Before she moved to live with my family, she lived in Perth until my grandfather’s death. 

I lived in a small family consisting of only three members. My dad, mum and me. My grandma was the fourth member and still, she is a valuable one. She is a pretty lady in her mid-60s. In her early days, she was one the most beautiful ladies of the locality where she lived in Perth. She got married to my grandpa, who died in a road accident, and passed the most of her life in Perth. Now she has moved to Melbourne to live with me and my family. In fact, she feels lonely to live in Perth. The large house appears empty to her and unluckily there are none to look after her in the house. Everyone one is busy with their work and life!

My grandma has been living with us for more three years and still, she lives with me and my family here. She loves me most among all her grandchildren and thus she wants to pass her times with me. She has been living with my family from the last quarter of 2013. Actually, she loves to talk and I am her only talking partner as my parents are always busy with their respective tasks. Besides, she also feels comfortable to live with us as my other paternal uncles and aunts are reluctant to her. They definitely pay the due respect but try to keep a gap in the relations. Accordingly, she does not feel comfortable with them.   

She sold her home in Perth and moved to live with us in Melbourne for several reasons. First of all, she wanted a happy and cheerful environment and this is available only to me. She loves me much and when I was a kid, she had brought me up. So, I share a special bonding with her as well. Further, the house we live in Melbourne is spacious. She feels comfortable in the beautiful garden before the house and takes care of the flower plants regularly. In fact, she turned lonely after my grandpa’s death. Grandpa loved her much and she was in a deep shock with the accident of grandpa. So, it was troublesome for her to cope with the shock. Considering all the other aspects, she decided to move to Melbourne and started living with me, literally.

When she came to live with us, especially with me, I had to share my room with her. So, I got a bit irritated and did not want to share my bed with grandma. But gradually, I realised the meaning of a relationship. She left all of her relatives, sons and daughters to live with me and my family. So, I started loving her back and paying respect to the utmost. The initial feelings were gone and a sense of deep love created between us. She loves me much and I do as well. I am happy to have her with me. My parents can hardly manage time to spend with her and thus she is a good friend of mine, now.

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe a person who once moved to live with you.

1. John was the male associate of my dad. He had been living with our family since he was a child of nine or 10 years. He moved to live with me and my family because he was in love with us. He has passed his olden days of his life with my family. The bonding between him and my family is stronger. My dad loves him greatly and cares for him too. I also felt glad when came to know that he would stay with us here in Louisiana. Actually, John is the name of trust and reliability for our family. 

2. This is quite common in India that relatives should live within families and I experienced such an event in my life. My uncle Kumar lived for over three hours with us. He joined at a multinational corporation here in Mumbai and since he had nobody to live with, he decided to live with my family. He shifted in Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh. I felt glad about it. In fact, getting a new member of the family was always enjoyable to me. 

3. Mr Robert was a paying guest at my residence here in Athens. He had lived with me for around one year. He came to Greece for some research works and it took a long time to complete the work. He moved to live with me because my place was located near the archaeological site he was working on. It was a nice experience for me. In fact, I did not have the idea that a research work could run for over a year, and he was an active participant in the research. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for me.

4. Uncle Richard is my dad’s friend and he moved to Munich to live with my family. He has lived for over four years with my family and had become a part of the family. My dad and he had been maintaining their friendship since their early childhood. They had promised that they will always be in touch. Though uncle Richard lived in some other countries for his business, he is now set here in Germany. I feel glad for him. He loves me like his child. In fact, he started living with us after his wife and son was killed in an accident.

5. It was an unusual event the Maria started living with us. She is my best friend and has lived with me for over one year. Interestingly, she has also moved to Paris from Belgium to live with me and my family. The key reason for living with us is that she wants to get a family environment that she misses. She lost her parents in the early part of her life and been brought up with her uncles where she was not appreciated. Initially, I felt discomfort but now everything is okay with her.       

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