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IELTS Cue Card Sample 524 - Describe your favourite part of the day

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite part of the day (i.e. morning, evening, night etc).

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what you do at that time
  • how it is different from other parts of the day

and explain why it is your favourite part of the day.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
Different people have different preferences as far as their favourite parts of the day are concerned. Some prefer early morning, while the others like afternoon, and I am sure that they all have their reasons for their preferences just as I do. But, my favourite part of the day is “night”.

Now, please don’t think that just because the night is my favourite part of the day, I don’t like other parts of the day, or I try to overlook their importance. In fact, I believe that both day and night are equally important to maintain a balance in this entire world. But, the night certainly has a different appeal to me as far its occasional silence, the gentle breeze, the moonlight, the bright and beautiful stars in the sky is concerned.  

Besides, it is at night time which allows me to spend some quality time with my family and friends while watching some good TV programmes and movies with them. By the way, apart from hanging out with my family at night time and watch some TV, I also like to go out a little and walk in the street in order to see what really is happening in and around my neighbourhood. Sometimes, I also like to read some interesting books at night before falling asleep.  Anyway, this night time is different for me from the other parts of the day because it provides me clarity of mind.

Anyway, night time is my favourite part of the day, primarily because it allows me to recuperate from the fatigue and tiredness of a busy workday. Besides, it also allows me to enjoy some quality time with my family which is not possible during the day time. It is during the night time, I feel like God is revealing some of His mysteries to by letting us watch the beautiful sky which is lit with a bright moon and countless numbers of stars.  Finally, the night is my favourite part of the day because it actually allows me to prepare me, both physically and mentally, for the next day.


Sample Answer 2:
This is an interesting topic and I thank you for letting me talk about my favourite part of the day. Well, I am an early riser and the early morning is my favourite time of the day. 

I usually wake up at 5:30 am and start the day with a cup of tea. I brush my teeth and change my dress. Then I go to the gym and exercise for about 40-45 minutes. After that, I take a hot shower. I then water the plants I have in my verandah and at around 7:00 am I read the daily newspaper and eat my breakfast. At around 7:40 am I look at my ‘to-do’ list that I prepare the night before and finalise my tasks for the day. At 8:30 am I dress up and leave home to reach the office. (… If you are a student, say that you leave home to attend your class…)

The early morning is somewhat different than the other parts of the day. It is quiet, refreshing and allows me to plan for the remaining day. The night-sleep revives me in the morning and I find it very pleasant to start doing something challenging. This is the ideal time to exercise, eat a nice and light meal, think about important issues, and plan for the whole day.

For me, early morning is the most important and pleasant part as I can enjoy it in complete peace and serenity. The tranquillity of the surroundings, soothing temperature, refreshing shower, and the promise of starting a great day make it worth enjoying. It is said that the morning shows the day and I totally agree with this adage. If I can keep away my tensions and start the morning the way I expect it to be, the whole day becomes fruitful and enjoyable. On top of that, I can recall several occasions in the early morning when I had been able to solve many complex problems. For instance, on one occasion I tried to solve an algorithm for a couple of days but the solution popped up in my mind in one morning, when I was having my tea. This is probably because I am a regular early riser and my mind remains spanking new at that time. I would like to say that early rising is also advantageous for our physical and mental health. I can make important decisions mostly in the morning as I can think logically at a quiet time. I guess this tells pretty much everything I like about this part of the day. 


Sample Answer 3:
A day is the collection of hours, minutes and seconds. In fact, human life is the summation of some such precious moments. So, I enjoy every second of my life but prefer to sit back and enjoy the dusk more than anything.  

Everyone might have some special moments in their life but I enjoy my special moments every day. Dusk! I like dusk the most for some of its attractive features. This is the time when the day ends and night falls in the world. The moment is enriched with blessings. Transformation of daylight into darkness is the key attraction of the moment. The entire world turns silent and reminds us of nature, its magnificent features and beauty. It also suggests that those all were created by the Almighty, and we are blessed to be alive. We are unable to stop the transition of time. We even cannot delay the process for a single second. It goes on, naturally.  

There are many things to do for me at dusk. In fact, I am alone at this moment, my parents and siblings are out of the home. So, I have chances to do whatever I want. Usually, I move to the rooftop and sit there idly. We live in an 18-storied apartment in Jakarta. So, the sky view of the city turns magnificent. The red shades in the sky, flying birds, setting sun etc. all create a heavenly environment at that moment. I enjoy them all. Moreover, sometimes I take a mug of coffee with me while passing this time. Reading poetry is another activity for me if I am at home. It mostly happens when my parents return from their offices early, and then they disallow me moving to the rooftop in the dusk.   

Dusk is completely different from the other parts of the day. The day begins with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. The dusk is the moment right before the sunset and so I wait for this part round the day. The environment is calm at this time. In other times of the day, there are lots of noise and chaos around and they continue till the night. But with some magical events, dusk becomes quite. Everyone seems to behave differently at this time. When dusk appears, I think a sense of serenity spreads everywhere. So, the moments become different and have a pleasant type of feeling. A sense of peacefulness comes upon me and I forget the tiredness of the day when I walk on the rooftop during dusk.

As an undergraduate student, it is really difficult to manage time for leisure. In fact, I have to remain busy round the day with my academic activities. I return home by noon and complete the assignments and projects. The time I get only for me is evening. But often I have to pass the evening at home with family members. When they are not at home, I can manage the key to moving to the rooftop which remains locked always. Gazing at the open sky creates a mysterious feeling inside me. Nature takes a beautiful look around. Moreover, having a cup of coffee increases the joy of the moments. So, dusk has become the most preferred part of a day for me.

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe your favourite part of the day (i.e. morning, evening, night etc).

1. I love the early morning hours of the day. After waking up, I practice some yoga this time. The time is completely different from other parts of the day. In fact, this is the beginning of a day and everything seems fresh. I love this part of the day because there are fewer noises around me. I can focus on my yoga without being disturbed.

2. The afternoon is my favourite part of the day. This is the time for my sleep. I take a nap for about half an hour every day. But this is not possible in the college days. The time is different because the sun starts falling. The heat is reduced. I love the part not only for sleep, rather this is the only time when I enjoy movies as well at my home. But the moments become boring when I have to attend college classes.

3. The night is the best time for me. I love the night. In fact, the night is the time when I start working on my projects. By the way, I am a graphic designer and love to work at night times. The night is different from the other parts of the day in all manners. It brings the darkness that has another beauty. The night is my favourite part of a day as it allows me to focus on my work deeply when everyone else is in sleep.

4. Morning hours best suit me for some reasons. I love to read a newspaper with a cup of hot coffee. A morning hour appears fast to me than the other parts of the day. Everyone gets up from the bed and start for their respective duties. This is my favourite part of the day as I feel amazed at how people move to their destinations in the morning hours. Everyone also becomes engaged with their respective tasks in offices or other places. Everything is in harmony during the morning hours.

5. Enjoying a sunset scene is impossible in the other parts of a day. So, I love evening. Usually, I spent my time at the sea beachside here in Sairee Beach in Thailand. Evening attracts me because this is the end of the day. Night falls. And the entire world is covered with darkness. I enjoy the sunset scene and become nostalgic. It reminds me of my past memories. Considering everything, this is the favourite part of the day to me.

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