Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 544 - Describe a high-paying job in your country

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a high-paying job in your country.

You should say:

  • what job it is
  • what responsibilities the job involves
  • if it is a popular job

and what the requirements are to get this job or a similar job that is high-paying.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

Not even a couple of decades ago, we could actually count the number of all the high-paying jobs in our country with hands. But, with more advance education and level of skills, the number of high paying jobs has substantially increased, and today I would like to talk about one of those high-paying jobs.

The high paying job, I would like to talk about, is called “Software Developer”. It also interchangeably called as a “Computer Programmer” or “Application Developer”.

But, whatever is that we like to call it, this is the most sought-after job today in my country, not only because of the high salary it offers but also because of the status and professional prestige it carries.

This popular job, of course, is not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination since it requires a very high level of skills and expertise along with a higher level of educational qualification. Anyway, the roles and responsibilities of a Computer Programmer may include, but certainly not limited to, writing numerous lines of computer codes, which sometimes may take a year if not longer, in order to accomplish a certain task as per the requirements or demands of a business or company. By the way, the scope of using these computer programmes is so vast in today’s world and businesses that a computer programmer never feels secured with any particular coding styles of his, and hence the challenge for an accomplished computer programmer is never expected to be reduced.

Anyway, the minimum requirements for getting this job in my country are that you will at least have to have a tertiary level of education in computer science or computer engineering major. Becoming an expert at different kinds of computer programming languages like C/C++, Java, Python, PHP and Ruby, and database applications like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and so on, just to name a few, is also an important requirement to get this job. Finally, learning about two major computer operating systems, like “Widows” and Unix/Linux, in great details is also very important for a person to get the job as a Computer Programmer. But, above all, one has to have a certain aptitude and problem-solving skills for this job.


Sample Answer 2:

Lawyer's job is a highly paid job in Germany. This is a fascinating job and is related to providing legal services and supports to the people who are in need. The people who are engaged in the job are skilled and they also have a very good public relation. This is a great cue card for me and I am feeling exalted with this topic.

The job of a lawyer involves a wide number of things. When people are in legal troubles, they need to get support from lawyers as they do not understand or know about the legal matters. As a result, the lawyers are of great help to them. They also help to get justice for the deprived people if needed. In fact, without the help of a lawyer, it is not possible to stand before a court and place the arguments. The lawyers play the role of advocates for their clients in the court.

This is a popular job across Germany. A good number of students are pursuing the degree to become a lawyer. The lawyers could be hired or they can also get connected with larger companies as in-house lawyers. When they work with companies, they cannot practise privately. But there are some lawyers who are freelancers. They work round the day for their clients. When a lawyer gets involved with a firm, s/ he gets a smart amount of salary for the service. So, this has become a popular career among the young generation.     

Completion of at least a Bachelor’s Degree in law is a must to become a lawyer. Besides, the lawyer should also pass the law school admission test in the respective region and pass the Bar examination. These are the basic requirements to be a lawyer. But to become a great lawyer, someone needs experience, great knowledge of the laws and judicial system. Getting hired by a top-notch law firm ensures a bright career and a great remuneration.


More Ideas to help you prepare your own answer:

Cue Card Topic: Talk about a high-paying job in your country.

1.  The job of an IT professional is a high-paying job in the UK. The job involves different sort of tasks related to Web technology, programming, designing, server administration and so on. In fact, the demand for such jobs is growing in present times. A good number of universities have started offering degrees on this subject. The job has become a popular one in the country and many of the youths are pursuing them. A bachelor degree is a must to apply for such jobs and a higher degree is also appreciated.

2. Managerial jobs in Malaysia pay higher than any other types of jobs. A manager usually gets a high salary than other employees at an office. The manager needs to take care of many of the issues at the office. The job also involves travelling in and out of the country for various job purposes. The benefits of this job are also rewarding. So, this has become a popular job in the country. Graduation in management and MBA degree are preferable to get such types of jobs in Malaysia.

3. The job of a 3D artist is different from the other jobs in Ukraine. The job requires completing projects related to 3D. Animation of 3D movies and objects is also a part of the job. And the assignments may vary based on the organization. This is a popular job across the country and many of the youths are adopting the profession. A professional degree in animation and 3D movements is a must. Without the degree and skill in designing, the candidature of the applicants is annulled.

4. In India, the job of a Chartered Accountant is highly demanding. The job pays very well than any other types of jobs. It requires to assess the financial issues of organizations and auditing their annual expenses and other relevant matters. This is a popular form of a job for the local citizens. But it requires a CA degree to get engaged in the profession. And obtaining the degree is extremely hard in many cases mostly because it is time-consuming and has many exams.

5. The demand for dentists is appealing in Texas. Hence, it has become a great job for doctors with the subject. And it pays them very well too. The job of a dentist is to take care of the teeth and oral hygiene of their patients. They need to make surgeries to remove teeth, fill the teeth and other necessary tasks. This is a very popular job across the state. But to become a dentist, someone needs to get a professional or academic degree from a renowned and registered medical college or other similar types of institutions.

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