Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 551 - Describe something you have always wanted to do

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you have always wanted to do but have not done yet.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when you would possibly do it
  • how you plan to do it

and explain why you have not done it yet.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

I have thought of doing a number of things at some points of my life, but they always have vanished from my mind suddenly just as they suddenly appeared. But, today I would like to talk about something which I have always wanted to do, and which never vanished from the time it ever crossed my mind.

This “thing” which I have always wanted to do is to write and publish a storybook that contains stories for children. By the way, I have held this wish in my heart from my high school days when I started to read some great children’s stories.

Now, of course, one may be tempted to think that it shouldn’t really be that difficult to write a book and publish it, but as far as I have understood, it can be a rather difficult thing to do. In fact, I have failed to put together the stories so many times before that I feel like I need some sort of miracle to finish it anytime soon.

Of course, setting aside that “miraculous” help, I haven’t managed to publish such a book, mainly because I couldn’t give enough of my time and efforts to finish the work. Besides, I rather took a casual approach to write this book instead of following some professional approaches and plans. These plans may include learning more about how to add “meat” in my stories. In other words, I should take a more professional approach in writing good dialogues, as well as becoming more descriptive in rolling out the plots of the stories in a free-flowing fashion. Besides, I am also going to read some more great children’s stories to understand how the “main” character in a story becomes effectively distinct from the rest of the characters.

Finally, I should also be adept to creating more suspense and drama in my stories so that the readers, which I believe would be primarily children, of my stories remain naturally engaged to the stories until they finish reading them besides learning something from each story. So, please wish me luck so that I can finally finish writing my book and publish it!


Sample Answer 2:

I want to play the guitar. In fact, this is a hobby that I have been nurturing since my childhood. Unluckily, I was unable to learn to play this musical instrument completely. I had tried several times to learn guitar playing in full fledge but could not manage everything together. But I know how to play it. This is a great candidate task card topic and it reminds me of my unfulfilled aspiration.   

I would like to play the guitar in my leisure hours. Besides, I also crave to play this instrument before going to bed. It will help me to get relaxed with the tunes. Moreover, I want to play the guitar when I am alone. I want to listen to the tones of nature and make them real through the guitar strings. I also desire to amaze my friends and relatives by playing the guitar, particularly those who have discouraged me from learning it.    

Initially, I have a plan to start playing the guitar for myself and then I will start playing for the others. But I also need to learn the guitar playing techniques perfectly. While playing in a function if I forget to play or strike on the wrong string, it would be defaming for me. So, I want to know about guitar playing more before making the decision to play it either in public or privately.  

I did not have the chance to practice playing the guitar so far. I had to be busy with my academic activities and now I am a bit relaxed for the next three months. So, I want to utilize the moments in learning to play the guitar.


More Ideas to help you prepare your own answer:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a thing you have always wanted to do.

1. I have always wanted to participate in physical exercises to keep my body fit. I intend to do that in the early morning. I have a plan to practice yoga and take some other physical forms of exercises like running or walking in a park. Owing to my occupational engagement, I could not do that so far. In fact, I remain highly busy with my business here in Thailand. I cannot manage enough time even for my family. But I must say this is not a good enough excuse!

2. Writing is my hobby but I could not fulfil the dream to be a writer. I planned to write at least one page a day. I had the plan to write at the end of all activities before going to bed. Actually, writing is not a problem at all, generating the theme and ideas for the writing is the basic issue. I wanted to publish a book but could not do that yet. I work as a sales manager at a multinational corporation here in Singapore but I cannot manage time for writing, which I feel quite passionate about.   

3. I want to read at least two books a week. I had the plan to read books in the evening hours. I have collected a notable number of books so far and someday will finish all the books. But being a student at the University of Tokyo, I am currently unable to manage time for reading the books. I am an undergraduate student and have been passing very busy moments with the academic studies as my semester final is ahead.

4. I love to enjoy old western movies. So, I have gathered a pile of movies on my computer. I will watch these movies gradually. I will select the best one in the beginning and then move to the next one. But I could not do it yet for many reasons. I run a café in Paris – near the Eiffel Tower. So, I have to remain very busy round the day and when I get back home, I cannot focus on any other things than getting rest.

5. I want to learn the German language for some reasons. I have found a German-teaching school here in Malaysia. Attending the regular class and practising the language will help me to learn and get a command of the language. Unluckily, I was unable to do that for many reasons. I remained busy with my business, my parents fell sick – had t to move with them to doctors, maintaining the family and many other activities barred me to learn the language.

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