Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 556 - Describe a personal goal which you have not been able to achieve

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a personal goal which you have not been able to achieve.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • why you wanted to achieve it
  • whether you think you can still achieve it

and explain why you think you are yet to achieve it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

This is such an interesting topic for me to talk about because, to be frank, I have set so many personal goals in my life, only to find out that they are either too difficult to achieve or I just don’t have enough time to achieve them. So, I'll just go ahead and talk about one of those many goals that I am yet to achieve.

This particular goal, that I am yet to achieve like many others, is to buy a small but beautiful house near the ocean in my country. It would be very much like a second home where I would be able to stay every once in a while when I am on holidays or have any kind of break from my work.

I wanted to achieve this goal, of course, because I have always loved the view of the ocean, and there is no better to way to keep enjoying it than having your own place, close to the ocean. Of course, many would argue that I could always stay at a hotel near an ocean and enjoy its beautiful view from up close, but that wouldn’t exactly allow me the freedom or peace of mind of staying at my own place, would it?

Anyway, when I initially thought of achieving this goal, I thought that I would be able to do it rather easily. But, as more and more time has passed, I also have started to doubt my ability to achieve this goal, at least not before my retirement. I know that I am sounding a bit pessimistic here, but the changing circumstances in life, such as security of job and income, suggesting that even if I am ever to achieve this goal, I will have to make a lot of sacrifice in life.

Anyway, I am yet to achieve this goal, primarily because I just don’t have enough money yet. Besides, I have to live quite far away from the ocean due to my profession, and so, it is not always easy for me to travel that long distance to find a property of my choice.


Sample Answer 2:

I wanted to become a photographer and it was my hobby. But I have not been able to achieve it so far for multifarious reasons. The most important obstacle was that I could not manage the time to learn the photography course completely. Besides, I do not have that much extra time for the improvement of photography. But this is a nice cue card task for me and I am feeling lucky to have it.

I wanted to be a photographer for many reasons. The most important thing about being a photographer is that you can capture nice moments. Moreover, you can have the chance to play with light. You can select frames, objects, modes and do have a nice composition with them. When all the things are combined, the photo becomes a masterpiece. They are enjoyable to look at and becomes memories forever. Moreover, this is a great task to capture the moments that will never come back again in life. Considering all the matters, I wanted to achieve this goal.

Certainly, I can achieve this goal. I do have the chances to become a photographer. But for reaching the goal, I will need to do some specific things. Most importantly, I will have to manage time to complete a photography course. In line with that, I will need a camera for practical lessons. Another important thing is needed for the purpose that I forgot to mention before. I will need a skilled trainer or a reputed photography teaching school for learning the skill.

Honestly, I do not want to learn photography for any financial gain. Rather, I want to learn it for my mental satisfaction. Besides, there are some chances to participate in many specialized conferences of photographers which also will make me enriched with photographic knowledge.

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe a personal goal which you have not been able to achieve.

1. I had long been trying to achieve good health. In fact, I made this as my goal in life. I wanted to achieve that due to my thin health. And I did not look good with the shape. Even my girlfriend also argues with me about the issue. I think I can achieve it even today. And if I can get the assistant, it will help me to look better. Besides, the weight gain will also be beneficial to make a good impression on everyone about me.

2. I wanted to establish a personal library. I love reading books and have gathered a notable number of books so far. But owing to some major issues, I could not make that happen. All the books are kept in the storeroom of my house in Munich. But, I think I can achieve the goal if I pay attention to this issue. A library helps to enlighten the mind. Besides, I also would be able to read numerous types of books.

3. Falling in love is an eternal way to lead a happy life. So, I wanted to fall in love with someone. In fact, life needs a partner. I felt the necessity of a partner in my life. But have wasted a significant amount of time. But now I am too busy with my profession. I do not have much time to spend with my girlfriend. But if I could have achieved the goal, life would be easier and comfortable for me.

4. Once I wanted to buy a brand new car. I was infatuated with cars but could not manage everything together. But I think I could achieve this now. I have plenty of money and I can utilize them for reaching my goal. There will be no visible benefits if I buy a brand new car but it will raise my status among my relatives and other people. This will also help me to move freely and enjoy the features of a new car.

5. When I was a teenager, I had the intention to lengthen my hair. But I could not do that for my parents. Some of my friends in school, in Mumbai, used to have long hairs. But my father prevented me from keeping my hairs long. Now, I am an adult and I can keep the hairs as long as I want. It will make me look better and smarter. In fact, long hairs are my preferable. I feel great when air blows my hair.

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