IELTS Cue Card Sample 597 - Describe a language you would like to learn

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a language you would like to learn.

You should say:

  • what it is and how you plan to learn it
  • where it is spoken
  • how it will help you

and explain why you want to learn this language.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
I would like to learn the Italian language for some reasons. Currently, I am living in Sri Lanka and have got a scholarship at an Italian university and I have to travel to Italy soon. So, I am planning to learn Italian from any recognized language teaching centre. In fact, I am searching for such an institute from where I can learn the language. This is a great cue card topic and thanks for the opportunity to let me talk about it.

The Italian language is also known as lingua Italiana. Italian is a Romance language which is widely used in some parts of the world including Italy, San Mario, Switzerland, Malta, and Albania. Besides, it is also spoken in the USA by the Italian migrates. Since I am going to Italy, I need to have a good command over the language.

Learning Italian would give me a competitive advantages once I am there. So, I think if I could know the Italian language, it would be beneficial for me in the long run.

I want to learn the language for several reasons. First of all, it will help me communicate with the people and particularly with the students and teachers. Moreover, there are some courses with Italian language and if I do not know it, I would not be able to cross the examination barriers. Hence, knowing the language will be a huge advantage for me.

Model Answer 2:
For some unknown reasons, I have always felt a passion for learning the Chinese language. The idea of learning this language is rooted back in my teenage days when one of my aunts learned this language and often explained how the grammar and punctuation of this language work. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to let me talk about this topic.

Though I have always wanted to learn this language, I have never given a serious thought about actually doing it, until a year ago. The aunt I talked about is working as a mechanical engineer in Beijing, China and came to visit us a year ago. I had a few conversations about her life in China and at a time we discussed the language she uses to communicate. She explained how learning a new language can help us widen our perceptions and how it helps us understand a new culture. After she left the country, I saw an advertisement from one of our local university about offering a six month's course to learn a second language for the university students.

As soon as I learned that they offer a course on the Chinese language, I became interested. Though I have not started the course yet, I am determined to intake it next summer. The Chinese language has many varieties and I would specifically learn the standard Chinese language which is mainly spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. Standard Chinese is also called Mandarin and have some variations based on where it is spoken.

I will not learn this language for any particular reason or for professional benefits. Rather, I would learn it from the sheer interests I feel about the language and Chinese cultures. But, I believe that learning a foreign language always offers some hidden benefits. Though I am not sure, who knows, someday it might be proved to be a necessary skill!

As I have already stated, I would take the 6 month's language course at a local university and hopefully, that would give a good grip on the basic of the language. After that, I will surely take advantage of the online resources to further enhance my skill. Besides, I will have some friends, hopefully, from the language course who would be a good fit for me to practise the language even after the course is over. Furthermore, I will have video conferences with my aunt who now lives in China and practise Chinese whenever possible. These are my plans to master the language but I am sure with the course of time, I would be able to devise some more intuitive ways of becoming proficient in Chinese.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card topic:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a language you would like to learn.

1. Recently I have visited India and have grown an interest to learn the Hindi language. Majority of the people in India use this language and it sounds nice to me. Learning the language would also help understanding Bollywood movies.

2. The Arabic language is really delightful and I would like to learn it. I would like to learn Arabic for some reasons. It would help me communicate with my Arab clients (I have an export-import business there) and expand my business.

3. The Malay language is a special one and there are around 10 dialects of this language in Malaysia. I have a plan to learn the language as I am set to be settled there with my family next year. It would be helpful for me.

4. I think the Spanish language has some special charms. This language is quite different from many other types of languages and Spanish speakers are found all over the world. Therefore, I have a plan to learn the language from a local language club here in Mumbai.

5. My recent trip to Sri Lanka has amazed me and I am mostly in love with the language of the state. They speak in a very special way and their tone is unique. Sinhala and Tamil is the most prominent language there and I have decided to learn Tamil.

6. My husband lives in Iran for his professional needs and he wants to take me there soon. So, I need to learn the Persian language. In fact, Persian is one of the smartest and oldest language and I need to have a good command over it.

7. I don’t know why the Japanese language attracts me so much, maybe because my ancestors are from Japan. So, I have set my mind to learn the language. Though it would be difficult for me to learn it, I will give it a try.

8. I have got a scholarship at a German university but they have asked me to learn the German language properly. It is hard to find a suitable German language club for me here in Indonesia. But definitely, I will learn the language.

9. The number of French-speaking people is on the rise and as I have a plan to study in France. So I think it would be better for me to know the language. I would like to learn the French language properly.

Your preparation for the cue card topic - "Describe a language you would like to learn" would help you talk about the following topics as well:

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