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Job that you think you would be good at - Cue Card # 602

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a well-paid job that you think you would be good at.

You should say:

  • what the job is
  • what qualifications are required for this job
  • how this job is different from other jobs

and say why you think you would be good at this job.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

There are many well-paid jobs in the job market, and I feel like I would be good at doing many of them without much difficulty (forgive me if I sound a bit too “confident” here). But, for the lack of time, I am allowed to talk about only one of those jobs here.

The job is more popularly known as “Foreign Affairs Analyst”, which has fascinated me since my high school days, not only because it pays well, but also because it is different from many other jobs in some significant ways. For example, no other jobs allow a person to represent his or her country to the rest of the world in such a comprehensive manner, like the job of a foreign affairs analyst, by analyzing its strengths and weaknesses on different levels of political, economic and geo-strategic objectives. 

However, some people might argue here that corporate jobs also do the same thing, but, in response, I would say that they conduct such analysis only on a “micro” level while a Foreign Affairs Analyst does that on a “macro” level. Another distinct aspect of this job is that it involves extensive travelling to different countries and residing there for a long period of time, unlike many other jobs, so that the job holders can study the activities of those countries closely in order to secure the national interests of his/her country. 

By the way, while anybody with a tertiary educational qualification can do the job of a foreign affairs analyst, it would rather be better if he/she at least has a Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications in “International Relations” or “Political Science’.

Well, I think that I would be good at this job primarily because I have been very passionate about learning about different cultures, traditions and lifestyles of different countries, which certainly could come in handy for an aspiring foreign affairs analyst. In fact, I have even travelled to a number of our neighbouring countries in the past. Besides, my “above average” negotiation skills and “tact”, would help me to do the job better than many other people.


Model Answer 2:

Oh, that's a wonderful topic to talk about, and I would like to thank you for this. In my opinion, one well-paid job that I believe aligns well with my skills and interests is that of a Data Scientist. 

Data scientists are professionals who analyze and interpret complex data to provide actionable insights and solutions to businesses and organizations. To excel in this role, one typically requires a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, along with proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R. Additionally, advanced degrees such as a master's or PhD in a relevant field are often preferred by employers.

What sets the role of a data scientist apart from other jobs is its interdisciplinary nature. Data scientists need to have a deep understanding of both technical concepts and domain-specific knowledge to effectively analyze and interpret data. Moreover, they must possess strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to identify patterns and trends within the data and translate them into meaningful insights.

I believe I would be well-suited for a career as a data scientist due to my strong analytical skills, mathematical aptitude, and passion for problem-solving. Throughout my academic and professional experiences, I have honed my quantitative skills and gained proficiency in data analysis techniques and programming languages. Moreover, my ability to communicate complex ideas effectively would enable me to convey insights derived from data analysis to diverse stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner.

So I believe, the role of a data scientist offers the perfect blend of intellectual challenge, technical expertise, and real-world impact that I find both stimulating and rewarding. With my background and skill set, I am confident that I would excel in this role and contribute positively to any organization's data-driven decision-making processes.


Model Answer 3:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss a well-paid job that I believe I would excel at. One profession that has always fascinated me is that of a pilot for a commercial airline. In this role, pilots not only get to travel to different destinations around the world but also play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of flights. Let me elaborate on why I think I would be well-suited for this job.

The job of a pilot for a commercial airline is one that requires a unique blend of technical skills, leadership qualities, and a strong sense of responsibility. To become a commercial airline pilot, one typically needs to undergo extensive training and obtain various certifications, including a commercial pilot's license and type ratings for specific aircraft.

What sets this job apart from others is the level of responsibility and decision-making involved. Pilots are responsible for the safe takeoff, flight, and landing of aircraft, as well as the safety and comfort of passengers and crew onboard. They must also possess excellent communication and teamwork skills to coordinate with air traffic control and other crew members during flights.

I believe I would be well-suited for the role of a commercial airline pilot due to several reasons. Firstly, I have always been passionate about aviation and have dreamt of flying since I was a child. This passion has driven me to pursue a career in aviation and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through academic studies and flight training.

Moreover, I possess strong problem-solving abilities and the ability to remain calm and composed under pressure, which are essential qualities for a pilot facing challenging situations during flights. With my passion for aviation, technical aptitude, and a strong sense of responsibility, I am confident that I would excel in this challenging yet fulfilling profession.


Sample Answer 4:

The job of a ‘Sales Manager’ in Germany is surprisingly challenging and at the same time, highly rewarding. This job is well-paid and comes with many other benefits. Hence, a good number of candidates in my country try to get the job and grow their careers as sales managers. I think I will be an accomplished sales manager if I am given the opportunity. This is a nice topic, and I would like to thank you for the chance to let me talk about it.

The position of a sales manager requires at least a graduation degree from a reputed university or college. The degree should be focused on finance, marketing, business or any other similar discipline. Without proper knowledge of the marketing system, someone would struggle to set the right strategies for achieving sales targets. A company will be expecting results from a sales manager.

Usually, other jobs come with fewer challenges while the job of a sales manager brings constant hurdles, not to mention the difficult sales targets and obstacles of managing a large team. Failure is not accepted in this position. Sales managers grow amid the challenges and establish their companies as brand entities in the market. Moreover, the reward for this job is high. The sales managers always get benefits for their efforts and success.

Being a student of business studies, I am gathering the required academic skills to be a sales manager for a large brand. Besides, I have some part-time job experience in this field and have been working in a product manufacturing company for the last two years. My skills in analysing the market and understanding the target audience along with my persuasive skills make me a deserving candidate for this job. However, there is a catch! I can't apply for this post directly. I will have to prove myself as a salesperson first and then be promoted as a sales manager who would be responsible for managing a large team of other salesmen.


Sample Answer 5: 

Oh! This is a great topic to talk about, and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to let me talk about a job that is both well-paid and a perfect match for me.

During my preparation time for this topic, I thought about 4-5 high-paid professions and finally decided that I would be a great lawyer. In my country, the average wage for experienced lawyers is higher than many other mentionable professions.

To be a lawyer, someone must obtain a bachelor's degree first and then apply to a law school. After someone earns a law degree from law school, he/she must then pass the bar exam to gain a licence to start practising or to represent a client in court. Some states may require aspiring lawyers to take some additional examinations and pass them to be fully approved to practice law. However, some top law firms recruit only from the very best universities. These law firms invite top scorers who are smart, talented, diligent and achievers. After a certain time, experience, knowledge and tactics become the main requirements to shine in this profession.

The lawyers deal with the legislative system of a country and recommend to lawmakers to make new laws, change them and abide by them. They sometimes defend a criminal while at points prosecute someone. It is often said that the greatest dramas do not take place in theatres, rather they are played in a courtroom, and, in this regard, lawyers are often the directors and actors of such dramas. They work sometimes in the shadows, yet their contribution is prominent. Every profession has its unique features, but this seems more vibrant, diverse, challenging and rewarding for lawyers. At least this is my impression of this profession.

I have completed my graduation from the law faculty of (...say a university name…). Though my parents expect me to be a judge -  a person who presides over court proceedings, either alone or as a part of a panel of judges, I feel differently. I want to be a defense lawyer as I feel an uncanny attraction and passion towards this profession and hopefully, I will be a great defense lawyer, often known as a barrister, someday. I believe saving a single innocent person from being convicted wrongfully is quite a noble job.

So far I have a good academic record and I believe I would be awarded a law degree from a renowned foreign university to be recruited by a top-notch law firm in my home country. That would just be the kick-start I need to start a long, challenging, noble and rewarding professional journey.


More Ideas to help you prepare your own answer:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a well-paid job that you think you would be good at.

1. The job of a construction manager is a high-paying job in Australia. I think I would be a good fit for this job because I own the qualities a manager needs to execute his/her responsibilities. I also have some valuable experiences on this track.

2. The position of a sales supervisor is highly rewarded in Malaysia. So, I would be a perfect candidate for the position. I have been working in the sales sector for the past five years and I know all the pros and cons of the industry. I have the potential to perform better in this sector.

3. Commercial airlines in India pay a higher salary to their employees. I am a trained cabin crew and I have recently completed a relevant course. So, the job of a cabin crew or flight attendant would fit me perfectly. From this career, I would be able to travel to many parts of the world and earn a good salary as well. 

4. The demand for IT professionals is on the rise in Vietnam. I am pursuing a degree in software development and it would be a nice post for me. The average salary of an IT professional is higher than the salaries of many other professionals.

5. Research manager is a great position for professionals with a Social Science background. It also pays well. Since I have similar qualifications, I would be able to do well in such a position. And I have the confidence to deliver some outstanding performance while I am employed.

6. Stockbroking is a nice profession in the UK and I would be good at this job. In fact, I am experienced as a stock market trader in my personal life and I want to grow in this sector. This is also a high-paying job in my country.

7. Becoming a banker in Ukraine pays higher salaries than other types of professions. Therefore, I would like to be a banker. Though I do not have sufficient experience to be a banker, with my sincerity and willingness, I would be a good banker.

8. Lawyers serve numerous purposes and I would be good at this profession. In Germany, this is a prestigious position and the rewards for successful lawyers are really high. I want to become a lawyer to be able to help others.

9. Spain is the land of opportunities and the position of online marketing specialist pays more than other jobs. Therefore, this would be nice for me if I could be an online marketing professional. I also have the experience to work in this sector. 

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