IELTS Cue Card Sample 61 - Tell me about your favourite music band

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Tell me about your favourite music band.

You should say:

  • what it is and why you like it
  • how do people react to the music of this band
  • when you first heard their songs

and explain the necessity of listening music.

Follow-up Questions:

  • Why do people listen to music?
  • Talk about the type of international music.
  • What are some types of traditional music found in your country?
  • How does the internet affect the sales of CV, DVD and Music Albums?
  • What is more important: Traditional music or International Music? Why?

Model Answer:
There are many music bands that I like very much but Pink Floyd is my most favourite music band. This band is a famous music band for their music which falls under the genre progressive rock, psychedelic rock and art rock. Though the band is not active anymore yet they are heard by millions of music lovers. They are basically English rock band that was founded in 1965 and remained active till 1995 and reunited in 2005. I have become a big fan of this band mostly because of their distinguished philosophical lyrics, sonic experiment and mind-blowing music quality.

The Pink Floyd is considered to be one of the most musically influential and commercially successful bands of all time. Their albums have been sold well over 250 million records worldwide. Regarding the question how people react to their music; it depends on the listener and their choice of music but people good music choice and quality lyrics choice are bound to love the songs of this band. Each of their albums got the high appraisal from the music critic and their album "The Wall" is widely known all over the world.  

I have first listened to their music (most probably songs from the album 'Atom hearted mother') when I was in my 10th grade in school and after that, I have listened to almost all of their songs countless times.

There are many reasons we should listen to music. It is considered to be the food of the soul. Music is refreshing and washes away the tiredness, boredom and monotonousness. Good lyrics help us brainstorm, understand things more deeply and from different perspectives, and help grow positive inspiration and motivation. Music inspires us deeply and eliminates our boredom and narrowness in life. It is one of the best entertainments and inspirational sources for the human being.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Speaking topic:

This should be an easy cue card topic as it allows you to talk about any music band that you like from your country or from internationally renowned music bands.
First name the music band and say what type of music band it is (Genre, music style, lyrics style and member(s) of this music band).

Now talk about the reasons you like this music band. This part is a bit tricky as this is the part when you need to convince the examiner about your style and topic of speaking. Try to give some really convincing reasons why you like this music band.

Some of the common reasons for liking a music band could be:

The music is touchy/ contemporary
This is a really famous band for their extraordinary works on music.
Their music and lyrics are really good.
They have a large fan base and their works are critically acclaimed.
They have made a revolution in music.
All of the members of this music band are famous for their own contribution to the music.
They have some hit songs that are heard by many people all around the world.
They have created a new style and music.
Their lyrics speak of your unspoken words.
You really enjoy listening to their music.
The songs of this music band have good themes and the lyrics are of high class.
The music is heart soothing and you always love to listen to their music.

For the question “How do people react to the music of this band”, you should mention that the fans of this music band revere the songs of this music band. You should also mention that people have different taste in music and the tasted vary mostly based on age group and geographical locations. The people with different music choices or people who do not have taste for this band sometimes criticise this music band but yet this is a really famous music band with a good number of hit songs.

For the question “When you first heard their song”, mention your first memory of the songs by this music band. If this was recommended by a friend or relative mention that or say that you heard it on radio or all of a sudden and liked this music. Also, mention that later on, you explored the songs of this music band from your personal interest.

The final question asks you to explain the necessity of listening music. This answer should reflect your point of view of listening music. In general terms, it is considered that music is like foods for the soul. Music is relaxing, washes away our sorrow and opens new dimensions. A good music related us to the memory we have and can inspire us. Music is also helpful when we pass through the depressed and difficult times as music helps us to heal our wounds.

The above paragraph gives some of the reason we should listen to music but you certainly have your own reasons and mention that in a logical and convincing manner in your answer.

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