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IELTS Cue Card Sample 84 - Describe a funny incident that happened to you

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a funny incident that happened to you.

You should say:

  •  what it was
  •  how  it was funny
  •  who was there with you

and explain what you remember most about it.


Model Answer 1:

I like to laugh and be happy whenever there is a reason for it. Cracking jokes makes us happy and so do many funny incidents which we experience in our daily life. However, today, I would like to talk about a funny incident that happened to me a while ago. The incident took place at a birthday party about a few years ago. It fact, it was a birthday party of one of my little nephews.

Everybody, including all of my family members, relatives and the little friends of my nephews, was invited to the party on a lovely evening in order to enjoy the party. By the way, the party was supposed to be concluded as early as possible because all the little guests, friends of my nephew, needed to return to their homes safely before it was getting too late at night. So, the party formally started at around 8 pm with opening up the gift boxes ceremoniously. Once, we were done with opening the gift boxes, the time came for singing the “happy birthday to you” song, and we all sang the song in order to wish a very happy birthday to my nephew.  Finally, the moment, we all had been waiting for, finally had arrived, and we were ready to cut the birthday cake except, of course, the cake had already been cut!

Without having a clue about what had really transpired, we all started to look at each other’s face until we suddenly noticed two little boys who were busy eating cake in a corner of the room. Once approached by me, the boys spared no time in divulging their secret about eating their “fair shares” of cakes with a very happy face instead of waiting for others! Needless, to say, we all burst into laughter.

Anyway, what I really remember the most about the funny incident is that the boys, who decided to eat their “fair” shares of cakes, looked so confident and happy as if they really had achieved some extraordinary “feat” by managing to cut the birthday cake way ahead of others.  


Sample Answer 2:

The funny incident that I remember occurred was almost 2-3 years ago that I would like to describe. That time I was a student at a university and I was in my 7th semester. We had a group assignment and to collect data we went to some libraries after our class. In the evening, I found that my group members are complaining that they are hungry and they need to have some foods.

I found them entering a restaurant and I went with them. One of my classmates ordered some foods directly to the waiter without looking at the menu and after we are done with our foods, I noticed that one of the group mates is asking the group leader to pay the bill. The group leader was astonished as he had not offered the meal and said that he did not have the money to pay the bill. I asked the waiter to bring the bill and we were thundered to look at the amount. It was much higher than the usual price. Though we were a bit worried, we started laughing and enjoying the whole thing. One of the classmates offered to collect all of our money and then pay the bill. We looked at our wallets, pockets & bags and collected the whole amount. There were so many changes and coins there that we had to calculate 2-3 times. But to our surprise, the total amount is still not sufficient to pay the bill.

We started laughing and I proposed to two of the groupmates to give their cell phones and wrist watched as the alternatives of the bill. These two group mates got serious and were protesting that these would be an insane idea. Rest of us started enjoying their reaction as we found that they have actually taken this seriously.  One of your group mates proposed that we should pay the amount we have with us and ask the manager of the hotel to allow us time to pay the rest of the amount. I told them that the manager would not allow that and would call the police! We enjoyed the event, the dubious looks on some of your classmates and the fact that 2-3 of them have taken the whole thing very seriously and are actually got anxious.

We stayed there for about 1 hour and noticed that people around us were giving surprising looks as we something very funny and interesting is going on among us. One of my group mates' house was nearby and he proposed that he would go home and bring the money and in the meantime, we would stay there until he arrives. We agreed and waited for him another20 minutes or so. In the meantime, one of the boys told that the classmates who left won’t come back! We laughed at the idea and acted as if it's going to happen for real.  After our classmates returned from home, he paid the bill (with some tips as well!) and then we left the restaurant.

We then left for our home and I took a taxi and paid the taxi fare from my home. I told the story to other classmates the next day and they found it very funny and interesting as well. This event became famous in our class and we often mentioned the funny things happened that day among us.


Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Following are some of the funny incidence that you can talk about:

1.    Attending a party of total strangers.
2.    Reaching to someone’s house by mistake.
3.    Travelling on a train without a ticket.
4.    Falling in a pond/ river.
5.    Making someone a fool and joking.
6.    Finding a friend on a date.
7.    Falling down from the chair.
8.    Sending a personal email/ SMS/ letter to a wrong address.
9.    Receiving a piece of funny advice from someone.

This cue card topic demands you to talk about a funny incidence. Try to remember a really funny incident from your experience than then arrange the story in such a way so that the questions with the cue cards are covered. Start your speaking by saying what the funny event was and when it happened. Where you were then and what the funny part of this event should come next. Since there is a question that asks you to talk about the things that you remember most about this funny-event, you should describe the most memorable part of this event.

Then talk about the persons who were with you in this funny experience and what they did. Also, mention your reaction and feeling about the whole event. To make the event a really funny one, you need to present it in a way so that the examiner gets the impression that it was really a funny situation. Finally, say that you have witnessed many incidents and event that were very funny but particularly this event was one of the funniest events in your life and you still remember it clearly. Mention that you have told this event to many people and friends and they find it funny as well. Finally to make your point stronger about this funny incident state that whenever you think about this particular event, you find yourself smiling.


If you can answer this Cue Card topic, you should be able to answer the following Cue Card Topics as well:

  1. Describe a funny thing you did.
  2. Describe something funny that happened to you.
  3. Describe an experience that made you laugh.
  4. Describe a memorable event you recently had.
  5. Describe an unusual experience you recently had.
  6. Talk about something that makes you smile.
  7. Describe an event when you laughed a lot.
  8. Describe an experience you will never forget.
  9. Describe a childhood experience that you still remember clearly.
  10. Describe a humorous/ amusing experience you have.
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