Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 85 - An outdoor activity that you did for the first time

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an outdoor activity that you did for the first time.

You should say:

  • what you did
  • where and when you did it
  • how you felt about it later

and say if you would recommend this outdoor activity to your friends.


Model Answer 1:

In my childhood, I had tried a number of outdoor activities. Of course, it is not like that I had enjoyed all of those outdoor activities, whether I was doing them for the first time or continuously. However, today, I would like to talk about an outdoor activity which I had started to like from the very first time.

The name of this activity is “fishing”. But, to be honest, about 20 years ago, I didn’t really like the idea of sitting on the bank of a lake or river in an anticipation of some fish to be kind to take my bait. In fact, I used to think of this outdoor activity as some kind of “hide-and-seek-game” except it was much harder than that because I could see my “prey” only after catching it.

However, all that changed when I was finally convinced by one of my cousins to accompany him in order to do some fishing practice with him. In fact, he even assured me that the fishes would eat my baits. So I agreed and went to a nearby lake to catch some fish. By the way, before throwing my fishing wire into the water, my cousin did some tricks with attaching the   .... on my fishing rod. 

Anyway, I started to wait, but I was growing little impatient with the waiting as I could see no sign of fish near my fishing rod. Suddenly, I saw that my float was moving and informed it to my cousin. My cousin immediately asked me to pull the rod out of the water and I had caught my first fish! And when we finally left the lake, I had caught 3 fishes! Needless to say, I felt so happy later about that outdoor activity.
Anyway, I would recommend this outdoor activity to my friends because the excitement of catching a fish is simply outstanding! Besides, this outdoor activity would also help learn how to become patient because it takes a lot of patience to catch a fish. After all, the fruit of patience is always sweet.


Sample Answer 2:
I usually go out for walking in the evening every day and play some outdoor games sometimes, but the outdoor activity that I did for the first time was something different.

It was in the middle of last year when I noticed that some of the people have gathered in a field and they had bicycles with them. They were dressed like professional cyclists and were discussing something. That day I was with one of my friends and we went out with our bicycles as part of our evening exercise. My friend and I went closer to the group and heard that they are some members of a bicycling group who do the gathering and cycling as part of their outdoor activity and exercise.

After a few minutes, we found that they were planning to round the city in 3 hours with their bicycle and they would start that in the next 30 minutes. The team leader asked us to join them just when we were planning to leave. They made us members of the group and it was free. We started cycling with them starting from this place and went through the major parts of the whole city. Cycling for the whole 3-4 hours was not an easy task and yet we enjoyed it and we were close to the group whole time. After a few hours, we came back to the place where we started and I found that I was totally absorbed and exhausted.

The team leader congratulated us because it was our first day and we did well. I looked at my friend and he was looked exhausted and tired. The team gave us a membership card and told that they do it twice in a month. Though we had plans for joining them again, we could not do so. I found the whole idea of cycling very interesting and a good chance to meet new people. I felt well that we actually did it and the feeling of travelling the whole city riding a bicycle was thrilling.

I would definitely recommend this activity to anyone capable as it would be a good exercise as well as a chance to know different people who have some common interests.


Tips for answering this Cue Card Topic:

This cue card does not ask for any outdoor activity you often do but an outdoor activity that you did for the first time. So, describe something you rarely do and talk about the experience you have when you did it for the first time. Following are some of the idea that you can follow to answer this cue card:

1. Swim in the river for the first time.
2. Attending a political/ social rally.
3. Delivering a speech to the public for the first time.
4. Doing a picnic near a forest.
5. Playing an outdoor game that you usually do not play.
6. Participating in a rally.
7. Participating in a social welfare program.
8. Collecting donation for the flood/ cyclone victim.
9. Participating in a cycle/ motor race.
10. Playing ice hockey.
11. Mountain hiking.
12. Camping.

Keep in mind that, you must mention that you did this outside activity for the first time. You should also state that you did it recently. The first three questions should be covered while you describe the activity and mention what you did. Also, mention that you felt very excited and happy after doing it. If this activity is related to sports, mention that you never knew this sport was that much exciting and amusing.  If it is related to a picnic or social gathering, mention that that was a brand new experience and you would love to do it again. Finally, if this was related to public welfare (like collecting donation for flood victims or participating in a rally) you should mention that you felt very much happy and overwhelmed after doing it.

For the final question “and say if you would recommend this activity to your friends” mention that you were very glad to have done this and you have already recommended some of your friends so that they enjoy that activity as well. Mention your happiness and excitement of this activity and then you should say that you would love to mention that to your friends so that they can have the same feeling and exhilaration. 


If you can answer this Cue Card topic, you should be able to answer the following Cue Card Topics as well:

1. Describe something you often do in the evening.
2. Describe a game or sports you often play.
3. Describe a game or sport.
4. Describe something you often do.
5. Describe one of your leisure activities.
6. Describe something you often do with your friends.
7. Describe an exciting experience you have.
8. Describe an unusual thing you recently did.
9. Describe something you would recommend to your friends.


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