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IELTS Cue Card Sample 91 - Describe your most favourite Math teacher

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your most favourite math teacher.

You should say:

  • who is he/she
  • why you like him/her
  • how he/she teaches

and explain how he/she influences students to learn math.


Model Answer 1:
I never really understood math that great when growing up as a young student. In fact, I would be very happy just to get an average score in math. But, all that changed when I luckily got a new math teacher at my junior college, and I have no hesitation to say that he was/is my most favourite math teacher to this date.

His name was Mr Shad Reza. We simply used to call him “Reza Sir”, and he used to teach College Algebra. I also heard that he didn’t only have an advanced degree in math, but also a degree in “education”. So, it was generally assumed among his students that he knew a thing or two about how to teach difficult math, and I also agreed with those students as soon as I attended his first math class after starting my junior college.

In fact, when he came to our math class for the first time, he started his lesson with some very basic math problems which had nothing to do with algebra class whatsoever. Later, he also told us that he was going to make math as easy as counting the numbers. Needless to say, it was also for the first time that I actually became interested in learning match instead of just “passing” the course. The next day, he only joked with us about college algebra to ease our fear. But, as time progressed, he tried so many techniques to teach us math that it was practically impossible for anybody not to learn math. But, what made me like him the most was that he never gave up on his smiley face even when he was frustrated with some of his students.

Anyway, I have never really seen any teacher who had such an easy approach to teach a difficult subject. In fact, it was because of his influence that I became confident about my math skills later on. Besides, he seemed to have such unique techniques to teach math that I never really saw any student asking him any questions even when he was begging them to.


Sample Answer 2:
As my major was Science both in school and college, I had Math in every year and there are so many math teachers that I met throughout my academic year that I can’t remember all of their names. Among this large number of teacher, I consider Mr./ Mrs. (…say a teacher name…) to be the best math teacher who taught us math. His/her full name was (…say the full name…) and we called him/her with his/her the second name which is(….say his/her second name….).

S/he taught us math in our grade 6 and his/ her way of explaining math and solutions were unmatched. S/he had been successful to make an impression that math is a very important subject and is far more interesting than some other subjects.

I like him/ her because of his/ her excellent way of teaching, his/her good behaviour and honesty. He/ she always started a story before explaining any math and then s/he co-related this story with the math. S/he taught us the different formula of math with a context and thus we could easily memorise those tough formulas. S/he never forced for homework and had been very patient to explain things over and over again. I’m sure the interest that grew in me on Math had been influenced by him/her.

The well-known fact that 'a good teacher delivers lectures and an excellent teacher inspires his students'- is completely applicable for him/her and she/he, in my opinion, is an excellent teacher.


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