IELTS Cue Card Sample 99 - Describe one of your favourite electronic media

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your favourite electronic media (like TV/printing media/radio etc.).

You should say:

  • what is it and why it's your favourite
  • what do you do with it
  • why it is useful to you

and describe the advantages and disadvantages of this media.

Model Answer:
My favourite electronic media is the TV and I guess this is the most popular electronic media in the world. With the popularity of the satellite channels and diversity and quality of the programmes offered by different channels, people started liking the TV programmes more than ever. With the satellite network connection, watching more than 500 channels cost a very little per month. The immense number of TV channels offer information, news, entertainment, an insight of an event, weather report, live shows and so on. People can spend hours after hours watching TV programmes.

Television offers various kinds of channels and people can easily pick the channels they like. News, Movies, documentary, entertainment, soap opera, music, sports, lifestyle channels offer entertainment as well as different information and news. People heavily rely on TV news for latest and international news. The audio-visual representation of news and information on TV are easier to grasp than other media like radio and magazines. I watch news, documentary, movies and music on TV. There are lots of channels that offer specialised programmes for people and among them, I find National Geographic, Discovery and the BBC are very reliable and authentic source of information.

I can’t always catch up with the newspaper and can easily get updates from TV in few minutes. I get sports news and can watch live games on TV. The main advantages of television are the ease with which it offers news, information and entertainment. One can easily watch TV while getting involved in other tasks is quite impossible for other media like print media. The variation of program and channels offered are helpful for people to easily pick one’s favourite channels. We can watch live events and news on TV and with the advancement of technology; it has become easier for everyone to own a TV.

The main disadvantage of this media is that it is addictive. People become addicted to TV programs and thus often spend more time watching TV than they should have. Biased news sometimes misleads people and causes non-avoidable conflicts. Too much time spent on watching television has some health issues and specifically harms kids who watch TV for a long time. Apart from that, Some TV channels broadcast programs which are not suitable for all and this can cause harms to people.  

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