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IELTS Cue Card Sample 100 - Describe your favourite subject in your academic life

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite subject in your academic life.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • why you like/liked it
  • your experience of this subject

and explain why it is/was your favourite subject.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1: 

Being a student of science, I have always wondered what would have happened if "Physics" as a faculty of science didn't exist. Well, one thing for sure is that we wouldn't have got the theory of relativity and Gravity, to name only two out of many, which have practically changed our views of the world as well as our "lives" itself. But, as I took my educational journey to a university and got the opportunity to learn "the subject" of Einstein and Newton in more details, I didn't really need to wonder anymore. 
I liked physics during my student life probably more than any other subjects. I liked it not only because I was good at it, but also because of my fond memories and experiences of this subject. Spending many, many hours of learning fundamental theories of physics in the classrooms together with even more hours at a physics lab, I have learnt to understand that physics probably and potentially is the most satisfying of all the main science subjects as this difficult subject tends to explain why and how things happen in this material world. Having learnt about circular motion, waves, gravity, energy, force, electricity and much more, as a student, I could certainly feel myself as being little "smarter" than others, who were not the students of "science".  Whether I was experimenting with Newton's "law of motion" or "law of gravitation" in a lab, I always felt like I was a "scientist" in my own little lab.
I enjoyed learning this interesting subject mainly because I could actually engage myself on an intellectual level with not only the teachers but also with my fellow students. Besides, in a physics class, more often than not, I would be one of the few lucky students to be requested to the class board in order to explain some of the difficult topics of physics whether they were related to the laws of thermodynamics or quantum physics. And I loved being challenged by a very interesting branch of science that represented a complete purity of thoughts without having to worry about any religion, politics, human psychology or any other ambiguous human variables for that matter.  


Model Answer 2:

History was my favourite subject in my academic life. I have learned so many things from history books and started realising how important it is for us to know our past to build the future. I learned a lot from my history teachers and they were excellent tutors who always motivates us. I was so fascinated about my experience of reading and learning the history that it was my major in my university.

Learning about the past is something that gives us essential knowledge about our country, heritage, the world we live in and about the human race as a whole. It also warns us about past catastrophic events and motivates us to build a better world. I took history seriously for the first time when I was in grade 7 and I found it intriguing. I learned about the ancient world, how the social and economic conditions were then and how the world has been shaped by the different events throughout the time. I liked it more than any other subject in my school. I could actually relate things I learned from my history textbooks, and this was not the case for a few other subjects that we were taught at that time. So I really liked history as a subject. I developed an uncanny attraction towards it and tried to read as many history books as possible back then. 

After that, I become so interested in this subject that I started reading books on History by different writers. There is a famous saying that "To shape the future you must know the past", and history teaches us that. I had been lucky to have some great teachers who have a tremendous way of explaining the topics of history. To me, other subjects like literature and math were also interesting but I felt a different passion for history as a subject.

After I finished school, I took history as my major and that has greatly influenced me the way I look at the world and to the past and the future. Reading and learning history was like travelling through time and generations and that excited me so much. To be honest it still does. I fell in love with this subject and it became my favourite subject soon.


Model Answer 3: 

This is indeed a great topic to talk about and the credit goes to you for allowing me the time to think and talk about it. 

Math has always been my favourite subject in my school days and my interest in math helped me profoundly to understand other science-related subjects more accurately. I have recently graduated from computer science and I could not have been a good programmer without my understanding and love for mathematics. Academic subjects like statistics, algorithm, data structure and programming are hard to learn without someone's command in mathematics.

I liked mathematics because I was good at it! My father is an architect and I have always felt curious about his passion for mathematics and architectural design. In my academic years, I was not a top scorer, but my grades in maths were always high. I remember spending more hours solving mathematical problems than memorising poems and reading literature. Thus when I was in high school, I was good at maths and it's natural that I spent more time doing maths than other subjects.

My father has a great influence in developing my interests for maths. He painstakingly explained mathematical formulas, their usage and practical implications to me and thus I started loving this subject from my early childhood. I was lucky to have some great teachers during my academic years who also were my motivation to do well in mathematics.  

I could solve mathematics as I had a solid foundation in it from my childhood. I was often asked by my class teachers to explain a certain math problem to them. This also grew my confidence and in high school, I was persuaded that I can solve any math problems from our textbooks. As you know, young people often like the subject they are good at and spend more time reading and understanding it. This was also the case for me and math has always been my favourite subject in my academic years.


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