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IELTS Cue Card # 141 - A family celebration you once attended

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a family celebration you once attended.

You should say:

  • where it took place
  • why it was held
  • how you felt about it

and explain why it was important to you.

Follow-up Questions:
Q. What types of family celebrations are common in your country?
Q. Why these types of celebrations are important in your country?


Model Answer 1:

Time flies really fast, and the event, that took place a year ago, seems like happened only a week ago or so. In fact, I can still vividly remember the day when I celebrated a happy new year with all of my family members about a few years ago.

However, before that day though, I and my family had wanted to celebrate a happy reunion of the entire family for quite some time, but it just didn’t happen because both my elder brother and sister were not able to make them available because they both used to live quite far away from me and my parents due to their professions. But, we saw a great window of opportunity to have a family celebration as soon as a new year was about to arrive as both of my elder brother and younger sister confirmed that they would visit us on the eve of New Year and spend a few days with us.

Anyway, since it was a rare opportunity, we all wanted to make our family reunion a memorable event by celebrating a happy new year together at a nearby restaurant. So, on the eve of New Year, we all went to the restaurant and ordered our favourite food and desserts. Once, our food fests were over, we decided to head to our home and watch some of our old family videos in order to revisit our lovely and happy past as children. At the end of our reunion, I felt like the celebration was long overdue as we all enjoyed our time to the fullest.

It was really important for me and my family to attend this celebration because it helped us understand the value of my family like never before. Besides, it also gave us an opportunity to relax and have some fun with the entire family after a tiring and long work year.


Sample Answer 2:

I often visit my hometown, during vacations or public holidays, where my parents and other family members live. For this topic, I would like to talk about my younger sister’s birthday celebration which I attended a year ago. It was strictly a family celebration from the perspective that no other neighbours or friends were invited and only our close family members celebrated this occasion.

Before the celebration, my mother and the younger sister asked me if I would be able to join them. Since it was just the beginning of my semester, I had been able to manage time to travel to my hometown and join my family.

The celebration took place at our house at (…say your hometown's name...). This was a family reunion and the occasion was my younger sister’s 16th birthday. I was excited to join the celebration as all of my family members including the newborn of my eldest sister would also be there. I had not been able to visit my family for a few months and that was a perfect opportunity to meet my family members and spend some enjoyable and quality time with them.

I was thinking to buy a digital camera for my younger sister and that was a precise occasion to buy her the gift. My sister was very excited to have it as her birthday gift. Celebrations like birthdays are always important in our family as it allows us to get together and spend a few days together. As two of my sisters are married and live in two different cities with their husbands, they also attend such occasions and we all enjoy our stay together. From this perspective, this was an important occasion for us.


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