IELTS Cue Card Sample 153 - Describe your favourite outdoor activity

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite outdoor activity.

You should say:

  • what activity it is
  • where you do this
  • how often you do this

and explain why this is your favourite outdoor activity.

Follow-up Questions:
-  Why do people prefer outdoor sports?
-  What were the outdoor activities of the past compared to those of the present?
-  Why are children less interested in outdoor activities nowadays?


Model Answer 1:
Back in the days, when I was a young college and university student, I used to practice and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. But, gone are those good old days, and instead, I remain stuck at my job most of the times these days. Such a pity! However, still, there is one favourite activity which I manage to enjoy from time to time which is “photography”.

Yes, taking pictures of things and nature around me is one of my most favourite outdoor activities these days. Not sure, how exactly I became interested in this particular activity, but I am assuming that it probably has something to do with my “not-so” good looking picture face. In fact, I disliked some of my pictures so much that I even used to keep them hidden from the people around while also wondering at the same time as to why pictures were not as good looking as other people. So, I came up with the idea of getting my own camera as soon as I started my university, and started experimenting with taking pictures of the things and nature around me.

Soon after that, I figured out that many factors come into play when taking a good picture – factors like the distance, light, quality of lens and composition, among other things. Now, I can easily turn some ordinary objects into some likeable pictures. Of course, even though, I take pictures of all kinds of things, it’s the nature which interests me the most. In fact, I would wait even hours just to take a good shot of a beautiful flower plant or a flying bird above my head.

Anyway, photography is my favourite outdoor activity, mainly because it allows me to understand the things and nature around me a lot better. Besides, it also allows me to spend and enjoy my time according to my own terms without necessarily depending on others. Finally, I enjoy photography also because it allows me to capture some great moments of some objects around me and then look at them at a later time to see how fast things change around us.   


Sample Answer 2: 
My favourite outdoor activity is visiting parks, fields, playgrounds and open spaces with my close friends. I do it in one of the nearby parks, large playgrounds, botanical gardens, besides a lake or river and in any similar natural open spaces. Sometimes I invite friends to come to such a place which is nearby my home or sometimes we do it in the different parts of the city we live in.  

I often take my bicycle and use it as my transportation to reach those places. I cannot do it daily but I gather with my friends usually once or twice in a week. We go to the park or near a river, enjoy our time, gossip on different topics, talk about movies and books, enjoy our friends’ companion and so some sort of physical exercises like walking, swimming, running or cycling.

I really like to spend time with my friends as they are very close to me and they are very good friends of mine. I like their companionship as we have lots of common interests. We learn things from each other and value our friendship. Moreover, we stay inside the room; be it a house, university, office or other places, and this activity lets us spend time close to nature and in a healthy and open environment. The open spaces give fresh air, eradicates our boredom and fatigue, and it is really refreshing to do some sort of outdoor activities in the evening. For all these reasons, I like this outdoor activity more than any other outdoor activity I have.


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