IELTS Cue Card Sample 154 - Describe one of your long-time friends

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your long-time friends.

You should say:

  • when you first met this friend
  • what he/she is like
  • how you two keep in touch with each other

and explain why this friendship is important to you.

Follow-up Questions:
-   How do people make new friends?
-  What do you think makes people have a long friendship?
-  Does it make things easier in a friendship if you have similar interests?


Model Answer 1:
I must say that I have been lucky to have a number of great friends around me. While I met some of them just recently or a few years ago, some others have remained friends to me for a long, long period of time. In fact, some of them have remained my friends from my early high school days, and today here I would like to describe one of those friends.

His name is Nayeem Seikh. He used to attend the same grade as me in the same high school, we attended, more than 15 years ago. If I remember correctly, I talked to Nayeem for the first time when I requested him to look after my backpack (use it to carry my books) for a while, as I wanted to leave the school premise for a while to grab some snacks for myself. He gladly agreed, and it was from that time that our long friendship started.

Anyway, I have known Nayeem as one of those most gentle and humble guys I have ever met. He is more on the quiet side, and that probably what makes him such an intelligent person. And, it is because of his intelligent type, I have sought advice from him in the past on numerous occasions.  In fact, I seek advice from him, over the phone or through letters, still today even though he lives in another city which is almost 300 kilometres away from my city. Of course, it’s not like I contact him only when I need his advice, but rather, I call him or email him every once in a while just to say “hello”.

Anyway, my friendship with Nayeem is important to me because we have a lot of history and good memories together. Besides, I am blessed that there is hardly any friend around me, who understands me as good as my good friend Nayeem, which means that I can talk to him freely about any stuff. Finally, this friendship is important to me also because I can always rely on him for any kind of advice or consultation.


Model Answer 2:
I have many friends and among them, there are a few friends whom I have known for a long time. One such friend is (...say the name of your friend...) and he has many distinctive characteristics. I know him from my childhood and I value our friendship so much.

He comes from a middle-class family and he has a natural talent of learning everything very quickly. I met him for the first time in my school when he sat near me. He had some distinctive characteristics and that's why I started observing closely and later we became friends. Though he was very talented, he did not have the tendency to hold on to something for a long. He was the most talented boy in our class but because of some whimsical decisions and because of his priority to his own wishes, he does not have a bright and prosperous career. He was a very good chess player, an excellent all-rounder in cricket, a good defender in football, a tactical badminton player and the quickest math solver in our class. Everybody thought he would become either a math professor or an engineer and sometimes people thought that he would become a good athlete, but he finally did his graduation in History as he thought that this would allow him to learn a lot. After he finished his graduation he learned some programming and designing and started his career in Information Technology. He worked for 3 years in this sector and then all of a sudden, decided to leave this day job and work as a freelancer. As far as I know, he's been a good programmer and designer and in his freelancing career, he is doing well.

He often travels to different places and leads a life bit away from society. He has not married yet and I guess he has no intention to do so. He is talented and sometimes whimsical.

He is a close friend of mine and though we do not spend much time together, we have a strong bond and we value our friendship. I know how much talented and creative he is. I like his morality, talent, truthfulness, boldness, bravery and his unquenchable thrust for knowledge and freedom.


Cue Card Answer 3:
James is more than a friend to me. He is, in fact, my best friend and I like to spend my time with him more than any other friend. He is one year senior to me and I met him in my grade 4. On the first day of our class in grade 4, he sat beside me and when I observed him being busy with something that was hidden in his desk, I became curious about him. Next week I lent him one of my storybooks and thus we knew each other. We are still friends and apart from some very minor incidents, we have always been in a good relationship as friends.

He is working in a consultancy firm these days and planning to settle in Canada with his family. On the other hand, I am planning to complete my Master's degree in a reputed UK university. We still try to meet each other in our free time and have conversations about different issues and topics. Our discussion includes our family, politics, books, works, films, music, our friends and our plans for the future.  

I believe that James is a bit different from others. While many other friends got busy with their work and hardly communicated me, James on the contrary always kept in touch. He even wrote to me regularly when he was in a different city. Thus our friendship became stronger with our regular interaction, mutual trust on each other and due to our many common interests. We respect each other, criticise each other if needed and always try to help each other. Respect and trust, in my opinion, are two very strong elements for a strong friendship and we never had any issue regarding these two. I consider him as my best friend because I never have to pretend anything in front of him, I can be quite myself with him and we can comfortably continue any conversation no matter how different our views are on this.  

We were in the same class in school from grade 4 till grade 10. Then I got admitted to a different school. However, the 6 years when we were together in school were some of the best years of our life. We were younger at that time and everything was different then. There were numerous occasions when we did exciting and interesting things that our parents would not have allowed us to do. For instance, collecting frogs of various species in a large box, visiting old buildings to find hidden treasures, fighting with other boys, visiting theatre without informing anyone and swimming in the river without anyone's knowledge were some activities we enjoyed together and knew none of our parents would have permitted us to do.  

In our life, we make different types of relationships and friendship is one such important relationship that lasts forever. Good friends are like brothers and sisters who will comfort you, guide you, criticise you if needed, accompany you, encourage you, and help you in your rainy days. James is such a friend who has done those all for me and is still a person I can rely on. He is more like a family member to me than an outsider. Without any doubt, he is my best friend.


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