IELTS Cue Card Sample 155 - Describe a childhood teacher whom you want to meet

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a childhood teacher whom you want to meet.

You should say:

  • who is he/she
  • what type of teacher he/she was
  • what you remember about him/her

and explain why you want to meet this childhood teacher now.


Model Answer 1:
We meet so many people in our life of all ages, backgrounds and professions at some points of our life because we all are somehow dependant on each other. Of course, we don’t feel the same way about all of them, when it comes to socializing with them or meeting them unless, of course, they are some special people who we met during our childhood. Today, I would like to talk about meeting one such person, whom I met a long time ago when I still was a high school student.

The person, I am talking about, is none other than my favourite science teacher. His name was Chun Lee, but we all loved to call him Mr Lee, and he was one of the best teachers I have ever met.

Of course, there were a few other science teachers at our high school, but they actually made me more confused about science subject than actually making them easier. Of course, I don’t think that it was actually their faults that they made me confused about the science subjects, but rather it was me who wasn’t just good enough to understand the subjects. In fact, because of those teachers, I even wanted to give up the idea of becoming an engineer someday.

Anyway, talking about Mr Lee again, he was more of a great motivator to me rather than a teacher, simply because I have seldom seen anybody managing to bring so much positive energy in a person by talking about the good things in life. In fact, I would never forget about some of his wise words which said that every problem in this world has a solution and every person has an “Einstein” in him.

Anyway, I want to meet this childhood teacher now because I want him to see how one of his very average students has become a successful CEO of one of the most prestigious accounting firms of his country because of his motivational words. I want to thank him now because he actually believed in me when everybody else just gave up on my future.


Sample Answer 2: 
I was lucky to have so many talented teachers in my childhood and some of them are still alive. I remember some of them very well and would like to meet some of them if there are chances. One particular teacher whom I wanted to meet and still would like to meet is Mr Drabir who was the math teacher in our grade 4. 

He was a tall man, well over 6 feet and was heavily built. He was much like an athlete than a teacher. He used to take our math class and he had a great way of teaching. With his big body, he possessed all the kindles and humanity a person can have. He was so a gentleman that he treated his student very kindly which was very rare among other teachers. He always started telling us stories before going through the intricacies of the math. He had a great way of teaching and because of his teaching style, I became very interested in math. I heard that he has retired from the teaching profession and now living in his hometown with his family. 

The teacher was very kind and helpful to me. He showed a very affectionate behaviour to me. I was kind of amused with his way of teaching and personality. He has always helped me understanding math if I had confusions and thus an intimate relationship grew between us. I treated him as a great mentor and he treated me as an enthusiast student. The teacher was very helpful in every way possible for the students. The greatest thing he did was the way he taught us. He often helped the poor students so that they can continue their studies. He gave us many important lessons and inspired us to spend more time doing mathematics. 

Thus he was an excellent person and an amazing teacher. For all those reasons, I have a very positive image of this teacher and would like to meet him someday. There is a good possibility that he won’t even remember me and yet meeting him would be a great experience for me. 


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