IELTS Cue Card Sample 173 - Talk about a conversation that affected your life

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about a conversation that affected your life.

You should say:

  • What was it about
  • Who you had this conversation
  • what was the topic of the conversation

and explain why it had affected your life.

Model Answer:
The conversation that I had with my principal in my first year of college was something that I will never forget and this conversation had positively affected my course of actions later in my life. It was about my involvement in the college debate team.

I was an active debate team member in my school level and before my board final exam; I quit the team and was not involved with the debating team any longer. After getting admitted to the college, I got busy with my study and other stuff and did not consider doing the debate anymore. Our college participated in an inter-college debate competition and started recruiting members for the two debate team needed. I did not show any interest on that and after our class teacher heard from my friends that I used to debate, he asked me to join. But I was determined not to join and very politely told no to my teacher.

Then one day I was summoned by the principal of our college and I had no clue why he could possibly call me. I went to meet him in his office room and he started the conversation then. He told me some of the stories of his life and experiences and thus the conversation started getting longer. He did not try to convince me to join the debate team what I initially thought he would do. Rather we had a conversation on our lives, country, and international issues, how things have changed, educational and political systems of our country etc. Then just before my departure he asked me to consider joining the debate team and he gave me some really convincing reasons for that.

I was impressed with his friendly attitude, the experiences and knowledge he had and he gave some of the unavoidable reason why I should actively participate the debate team. After 2-3 days I joined the debate team and I started feeling better. I had a passion on debating but abandoning it was a decision I took wrongly. The conversation I had with our principal showed me a reason to correct this mistake.

This whole conversation and the event had a major influence in my life. I had been an active debater for the next 5 years and somehow my involvement in debating influenced me to study in History in university level though I was supposed to do my graduation in Physics. Thus the conversation indirectly and to some extend directly had a big influence in my life and have affected very positively in my opinion.

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