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IELTS Cue Card # 186 - Describe an occasion when someone visited your home

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an occasion when someone visited your home.

You should say:

  • who the person was
  • what the occasion was
  • what you did for the occasion and the visitor

and explain how you felt about this.


Model Answer 1:
A few months ago, one of my maternal uncles visited our home- the home of my family that is, and the occasion, of course, was one of the major religious festivals of my country, which we were about to celebrate together. Today, I would like to talk about that visit in as much details as possible.

My uncle, the most senior older brother of my mother, is very much like a “world traveller”. No, seriously, he travels to at least 2/3 new places every year, whether travelling some places in his home country or abroad except, of course, he doesn’t travel to those places for fun or pleasure. But, rather, he travels to those places because of running his business.

So, yes, it is fair to suggest that he is a successful businessman, and he has at least 6/7 big and small business portfolios. Anyway, my uncle has visited us before several times to spend a few hours with us here and there, but this time around, he had actually informed us in advance that he would spend at least two days with us in order to celebrate the religious festival.

Needless to say, we just couldn’t wait when I heard that news. So, we, especially my mother, started to cook our favourite foods, as well as the dishes that my uncle really liked. We even bought some gifts, like clothes and shoes, for my uncle as best as we could, because, we knew that there would be lots of gifts, coming on our way, when he arrives at our home, and we also needed to reciprocate a little by offering some of our gifts to him.

Anyway, when my uncle arrived, it was indeed a very happy occasion for all of us. In fact, those two days, which he spent with us, was precious for me and my siblings because he had shared some of his very fond memories with us when we all were little. Besides, the visit also allowed us to see the real kind and loving person in my uncle, who we thought only cared about making a profit.


Sample Answer 2:
We often have guests who visit our home just to say hello without any occasion or special event. Sometimes, on the contrary, on occasion like a birthday party, we have many visitors at a time. For this topic, however, I have chosen to talk about an event, a very special event of course, when a distinctive guest visited our house 2-3 years ago. The occasion was also very special to us. The guest who visited our home was a famous writer and came to our home on the occasion of my elder sister’s marriage ceremony.

He was a distant relative of the bridegroom’s father and a well-known personality in our city. His name is Mr Jonathon Durik (…say a name you like…) and when he arrived at our home, no introduction was needed. We even had a few of his books in our house.

The marriage ceremony was a big event and almost a hundred guests attended it. We arranged it in our house and we had been tremendously busy on that day for the occasion. I had to greet and serve so many guests that I had a hard time concentrating on other important tasks.

At around 2:00 pm, the bridegroom and their relatives arrived at our home. They introduced the guests to us and one of them was Mr Durik. I greeted him and took him to a room so that he could enjoy some privacy.

I had a short conversation with him and I told him that I had read some of his books and those were really good. He smiled and asked me if I had enjoyed a book called ‘Shadows and smiles’. I understood that he was trying to figure out if I had really read his books or said so just for the sake of the conversation. So, I told him the reasons I liked that book and I found that he was convinced that I actually read the book.

My feeling about the occasion of my sister’s marriage ceremony was a strange blend of happiness and sadness. I was happy that she was getting married to the person she loved, but sad at the same time because she would no longer live with us in our house.
And about the writer’s visit to our house, I would say that it was exciting. Meeting famous people and having conversations with them is always exciting and I felt the same about meeting this writer.


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