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IELTS Cue Card # 187 - Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone you did not know.

You should say:

  • who the person was
  • where the conversation took place
  • what you talked about

and explain why the conversation was interesting to you.


Model Answer 1:
I try to stick with the same barbershop in order to get a haircut. But, after learning from one of my friends that a new and nice barbershop had been opened recently in my hometown, I decided to pay a visit there and possibly also get a haircut. And, this is where I had an interesting conversation with the young owner of that barbershop.

The young owner, I am talking about, didn’t look any older than 20 years of age. But, he certainly had a way of communicating with his customers. In fact, after talking to him for a while, anybody would think that the young person was highly educated and smart. But, in reality, he did not finish his college education, simply because, according to him, studying beyond high school was not necessary. And that’s when I felt that I needed to interject because I didn’t quite agree with him.

So, I asked him in a firm voice as to why he would think like that. In response, he just told me one doesn’t exactly need to study at a college or university to learn something new because one could actually learn those things just by reading some good books. After all, according to him, learning to read is all one needs to learn about the world around him or her, not some piece of papers called a “certificate”.  I wanted to argue with him a little about the subject, but by that time, my hair cut was already done.

I think that the conversation was interesting because even a 20-year-old can understand the fact very well that education has become a “commodity” these days where getting a certificate is becoming more important than actually learning.  It was also interesting in the sense that if a 20-year-old can deduce such a conclusion, and a bold one in that, after just passing a high school, what possibly could go through his mind if he ever chooses to finish his university education!


Sample Answer 2:
A few months ago, when I was on my way to my hometown on a train, I had an exciting conversation with an unknown person and the conversation lasted for more than an hour. I live in a big city, and my hometown is about a 7 to 8 hours journey from the place I live in. I was in a second class compartment on that train, and almost 10 other people were travelling on it.

Next to me sat a person who was in his mid-fifties. I was sitting beside the window and he asked me to open it. He then thanked me and started a conversation. He told me that he was employed in a senior position in an important government sector and I was startled by the fact that he was travelling in a second class compartment, perhaps to save money.

He talked about how young people these days have little passion for learning and remain busy doing unproductive stuff. I started defending my generation (the young generation that is) and the conversation started to turn into a friendly debate. I actively participated in it mostly because he had a polite way of discussion despite our contrasting views on some issues. He gave his reasons for this belief but when I showed him my logic and arguments, he did not protest - a sign of an educated person who values other's opinions. Rather he agreed that he learned many new facts about the new generation and their ways of thinking from me. That was quite amusing, I believe, to hear something like that from him. He also confessed that the generation gap is unavoidable, and perhaps his elder generation felt about them the same way.

The conversation lasted for an hour and a half - until he left the train at a station. I usually do not continue a long conversation with strangers, but the talk I had with this person on the train was fascinating and I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed learning a few impressions of someone who represents our senior generation, but I was appalled at the same time by some misconceptions they possess about us. This person's way of conversation was also positive and that’s why the overall conversation was so enjoyable and conducive in my opinion.


Sample Answer 3:
During a train journey to my hometown a few months ago, I had an exciting conversation with a person named Smith (...say a name...) who was a journalist of a daily newspaper. I can't recall his last name but he was around 35 years old and sat next to me on the train.

I usually read books or listen to music while travelling. That day I was reading a book by Dan Brown and the person who sat next to me asked about the book. This is how the conversation started. The conversation was mostly about writers, the political condition in our country, the role of an ideal leader, the ethics and responsibilities of journalists, and the major problems of our country. I rarely continue longer conversations with strangers but that conversation I had on that train was pretty different and lasted for almost 2 to 3 hours, I guess.

This conversation was amusing mostly because of three reasons: one, the person I had the conversation with was a smooth-talking person with excellent knowledge and experience. Secondly, he was a good listener besides being a great conversationalist. And third, I was in a mood to establish some facts to this person that I believed.

I put some effort to debate on issues that I did not agree with his. I also agreed with his notions that were similar to my viewpoint. Thus the conversation progressed from minutes to hours. Though this person was around 12 years senior to me, he never took any advantages of it. He did not even give any hint about my age and experience. That's something I really liked about this person.

He treated me as an equally skilled opponent on many issues and listened to me very attentively. Finally, the place and circumstances when the conversation took place were really interesting and unusual. I must say, I learned many things from the opinions and experiences he shared that day. So it was both interesting and memorable.


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