IELTS Cue Card Sample 189 - Describe a piece of furniture you own

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a piece of furniture you own or you have at your home.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • where you bought it from
  • how useful it is

and explain why you like to use this piece of furniture.


Model Answer 1:
If we come to think of it, we actually need a lot of things to make our house look beautiful and comfortable for living.  Furniture pieces are certainly one of those things, which we have to have at our homes, and today I would like to talk about one of those furniture pieces.

The furniture piece, I have at my home, is a large computer desk.  I bought it from one of the local furniture shops in my home town about a couple of years ago.  By the way, I am against buying new furniture unless it becomes completely unusable as a part of my campaign in order to conserve our natural resources, especially, the trees.  So, when I found out that my old computer desk was about fall into pieces because of its old age, I tried to take to some carpenter and fix it only, of course, to find out that I could actually buy a new computer desk with the repairing cost of the old desk.

Hence, my search began for a new computer desk and then eventually settled for the computer desk I currently have.  Anyway, the computer desk, I have now, is made of seasons and solid jackfruit tree wood.  The colour of this 4 feet wide, 6 feet long and 3 feet height table looks stunningly beautiful with its very light but shiny yellow colour. However, the best thing about this table is that it didn’t cost me a fortune even though many of my friends and relatives think that I paid a hefty amount of money to buy this elegant piece of furniture.

Well, I like this furniture, primarily because it matches perfectly with the other pieces of furniture in my room.  Besides, I like it also because it offers me enough space, not only to keep my computer desk on it but also other items, which I use on a regular basis.  Finally, I like to use this furniture also because it has a perfect size, and I can set it in any corner of my room.


Sample Answer 2:
I live in an apartment and there are various types of furniture there.  Some are purely utilitarian purposes and some are for beautification reasons only.  To me, my wardrobe is very useful furniture that I would like to talk about.

The wardrobe I have is big and has 5 drawers.  As far as I recall, I bought it 3/4 years ago from a large furniture shop at (...say a furniture market name....).  This piece of furniture is very handy for me.  I keep my dresses organised at the bottom three drawers.  The second drawer from the top is the place where I keep my very personal belongings including my diary and keys.  The top drawers are used for keeping important documents.  I keep my academic documents, money receipts and warranty papers of different newly purchased devices in this drawer.  All of the drawers are can be locked and this gives some additional security and privacy.

I consider this piece of furniture very useful for me and that's why I like it.  It is a piece of good looking furniture that matches with the design and colour of other furniture in the room as well.  If I had not owned this furniture it would have been very difficult to keep my clothes arranges, valuable documents secured.  I have placed my CD player at the top of the wardrobe and the CD's are placed inside a drawer.  So you can guess how useful and utilitarian this furniture for me as I'm not using it only for placing dressed in the drawers.  From the time I bought it till now, this piece of furniture has been proven to be a very useful one for me.


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