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IELTS Cue Card # 203 - Describe an interesting advertisement you watched on TV

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an interesting advertisement you watched on TV.

You should say:

  • what the advertisement was
  • when you watched it
  • what it was advertising

and explain why it was so interesting.

Model Answer 1:
I find most of the advertisements to be either a “waste of time”, or simply “distasteful” because of their rather naked attempts to impose their products on us. But then, I do watch advertisements, especially if it delivers a good message or make us laugh, from time to time, because they are unique and creative. Today, I would like to talk about one such “creative” ad that I watched a few years ago.

The advert initially showed a guy, probably in his early 30’s, walking past a building, built with glass. Then the guy suddenly looks at the glass and finds a “baby” (a 2 years old baby that is) version of him. Then, obviously, the guy gets “amused” by looking at the little “baby” in him on the glass and starts making different kinds of dance moves. A few other people, who were passing by at the same time, saw this rather “unusual” incident and came forward to check what was really going on, but they also found the same “baby” versions, both boys and girls, of them, in the glass who were dancing happily, nonstop. The dancing kept on going for about 30 seconds or so and, at the end of the advertisement’s stipulated running time, came the moving image of a certain kind of “bottled water” (Evian water) on the TV screen, apparently in an effort to convince people to drink the bottled water for the purpose of getting “refreshed” after a certain workout and remain “young” for that matter.  

Anyway, I found the advertising really interesting primarily because it had a great concept, both “catchy” and “creative” at the same time, which used the suspense by allowing what was being advertised to be what comes last, a bottled water product that is, in order to target its audience with a “precise” message. Besides, the advertisement very cleverly showed that each and every person has a “child” in him or her no matter how old he/she becomes. Finally, I found the ad to be fascinating because it used “technology” in a very effective way to create some great “Computer-generated imagery (CGI)” effects.


Model Answer 2:
We watch many advertisements on TV every now and then. Some of them are entertaining and creative while others are simply a waste of time and not-so-creative. One such "interesting and unique" advertisement of "Cello Pen" caught my attention a few months ago which I still find amusing.

The advert was about a pen brand and it was presented in a rather creative manner. I watched this advertisement a few months ago on a TV channel while I was watching a live sports competition. I still remember it because it was a bit unique and touchy.

The advertisement starts with a boy who was in school and then in college and finally in university, and in the meantime, it shows some of the successes he had achieved and for which he was congratulated and applauded. Thus he became a successful journalist, and finally won an international prize for his honesty and bravery in his profession. His parents, mentors, friends and others were highlighted at the end of the advertisement, but interestingly the "Cello pen" was shown as flashbacks. The advertisement revealed that the pen has contributed to his success and was a silent partner of the man’s success.

It was a commercial advert for a company that manufactures and sells pens. Thus the ads exhibited how important pens are in our lives and how pens help people become who they are! I guess this was a creative ad that had a good message.

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I watched this advertisement a few months ago on a TV channel while I was watching a live sport telecasting. I still remember it because it was bit unique... then what is this...