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IELTS Cue Card # 204 - Describe a bank you have visited

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a bank/financial institute you have visited.

You should say:

  • when you visited there
  • why you went there
  • what you did there

and explain your experience of the visit to this place.


Model Answer 1:
I have always felt that banks are there mostly for rich people or the people who are expecting to be rich. So, I don’t really need to run to a bank, except on some rare occasions, apparently because I am a student, and I fall in neither of these categories of people. Today, I would like to talk about one such occasion when I needed to go to a bank about a few months ago.

I have always lived in an extended family, with my uncles, aunts and cousins living together with us, and we always take care of each other as best as we can, including sharing gifts among each other during all kinds of religious festivals. But, a couple of months ago, my family had a unique problem in sharing gifts with everybody on the eve of one such religious festival because my youngest uncle had to move far away from us and live there because of professional reasons, and a gift needed to be delivered to my uncle as well. But, of course, my father didn’t think that it was a good idea to buy a gift and mail it to him and decided instead to send a “money order” from a bank nearby.

So I visited a local branch of Standard Chartered Bank. But, after entering the bank, I found a long queue waiting to “welcome” me instead of some “friendly” faces! So, I had no other choice except waiting there until my turn came. However, after waiting for about 20 minutes, while occasionally chatting with an officer, I finally managed to make a “money order”.

Anyway, talking about my experience, I wouldn’t exactly say it was very “thrilling” because every customer there seemed to be a bit “agitated” as it was taking a bit way too long to finally reach the bank official. Besides, the behaviour of the bank officials wasn’t very “inviting” either because they weren’t probably expecting that kind of rush at that hour. However, the good thing about that visit was, I actually managed to befriend one of the officers there because we attended the same high school!


Sample Answer 2:
I've visited several banks for different purposes on different occasions, and for this cue card topic, I would like to talk about my very first visit to the City Bank. I went to this bank for the first time in 2014 when I was a fresh student at my university. After I finished my first semester, I had to go to a local branch of this bank to pay my tuition fee as this bank was one of the affiliated banks to accept fees from pupils of our institution.

In the early morning, I proceeded to the bank and observed that some of the students were already standing in the queue. I asked the helpdesk officer what I should do to pay my semester fee. He gave me two forms and asked me to fill these forms first, and then stay in the line to pay the amount. I filled the forms and then stood in the queue. After 20 minutes or so when I was at the front of the line, the cash officer suggested me to give the form and then the amount mentioned on it. He took the forms and counted the money both manually and with a cash machine. He then asked me to sign in a part of the form that I overlooked and missed. I signed it and waited for two minutes when he gave me a receipt. I left the line and sat on a sofa for a few minutes as I was waiting for one of my classmates. After she finished paying her fee, we two left the bank.

My overall experience of the bank was wonderful as the bank had a really impressive environment and service. Moreover, the staffs were cordial, and my objective to pay the fee was done rather quickly.

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