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IELTS Cue Card # 207 - Describe something you purchased but had not used much

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something that you purchased but had not used much.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • where you bought it from
  • why you bought it

and explain why you did not use it that much.


Model Answer 1:

I have seldom bought anything in my life which I didn’t use until they were old and worn out. In fact, many times, I have even tried to upgrade or fix some of the things, which are old or worn out, for further use. But, unfortunately, that was not the case when I bought a very modern exercise machine.

I am talking about the “treadmill” machine, which I bought from a local health and fitness stores in my hometown about a few years ago. As per the salesperson at that store, the treadmill was built by one of the best companies in the world, and every part of it was perfectly in sync with the rest of its body. It also was a standard home treadmill, about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide in size, and its frames were made out of heavy-duty steel.

All in all, it was a perfect looking treadmill for anybody who wanted to get his or her body in shape.  So, I also bought that treadmill machine because I wanted to get in shape without running outside in some unfavourable weather conditions, associated with uncomfortable heat, humidity or cold. Anyway, after buying the exercising machine, I exercised on it for the first 6 months like there was no tomorrow, whenever I got a chance. In fact, I was so enthusiastic about getting in shape with the help of my newly-bought fitness machine that I even used to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes in order to sweat a little. However, after that, my enthusiasm for exercise died down slowly and eventually I stopped using my treadmill that much.  

So, even though I liked my treadmill machine, I couldn’t use it that much because I got a little busier with my work life and other priorities. Besides, I also felt that it was important for me to go outside and enjoy some outdoor activities also sometimes in order to enjoy some fresh air and mother nature, instead of just staying at home and using the fitness machine, if I really wanted to remain healthy.


Sample Answer 2:

I love to buy and use technological devices and gadgets - the more the better, and sometimes, I purchase them from temptation rather than necessity. One such piece of device that I bought but rarely used was the Sony gaming console. I purchased it in 2014, which was expensive for me, but have played games on it less than 20 times or so!

I bought it from a big electronic showroom in a large market near my residence. When I planned to have it, I had the passion for purchasing it, but I did not think about the amount it would cost and how many times I would actually use it. It was like fulfilling a wish rather than purchasing a utilitarian device for daily use.

When I bought it, I was fascinated to obtain it. In fact, I had a long desire to buy it, but after I bought it, I got busy with my studies and a new part-time job. I noticed that over time, my fascination with playing games on a gaming device or a computer had declined. Moreover, my job, my classes and my other interests occupied most of my time, and hence I got very little time for playing games. With time, this device has become a backdated gaming console and I have lost interest in it.

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