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IELTS Cue Card # 208 - A greeting card you have received that was very special

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a greeting card you have received that was very special to you.

You should say:

  • who gave it to you
  • on what occasion you received it
  • what message/text was written on it

and explain why it was so special to you.


Model Answer 1:
I think that exchanging greeting cards is a great way to show our love and appreciation to others, but with the use of technology, this trend has almost vanished, especially in my country. Sadly, I haven’t received that many special greeting cards in my life except for a few occasions. But the greeting card that I had received from my little sister about 5 years ago was truly special.

I had just graduated from my university back then, after spending a long 5 years of study, at the expense of my parent’s money. However, none of my family members, including my parents, elder brothers and uncles, was very excited with my results as their expectations were quite high. So, it was a frustrating situation for me because most of my family members, except my little sister, thought that I could have done better.

The situation became even more frustrating when I wasn’t receiving any good job offers. Of course, I kept trying even harder by learning about all the interview tricks to impress the interviewing managers, but the result was the same as I was still not getting any good job offers. But, my little angel sister, who was only about 14 years old back then, kept encouraging me by assuring me that I had all the qualifications, skills and aptitudes to get a good job. And, she was proved out to be right because I got a good job soon after her reassurance after trying for almost a year.

But, the best thing was yet to come from my sister as she gave me a very ordinary greeting card with a very extra-ordinary message that said: “I have always believed in your abilities and I will keep doing so as long as I am your sister”.

I think it was one of the most special messages, if not the most special one, I have ever received from anyone because it came to me at a time when I was depressed and frustrated about my life and future. In fact, that little message and the greeting card from my little sister taught me that we should never give up our hope for what we want to achieve.


Sample Answer 2:
On different occasions, like the birthday, Christmas/Eid Day/Puja, New Year and graduation day, I have received many greeting cards from my friends, relatives, and among them, the one I received from my grandpa on my birthday was very special to me.

On my 22nd birthday, my grandfather gave me a precious gift and a birthday greeting card that I still have. Sadly my grandpa left the world after a few months of my 22nd birthday and this greeting card is the last memory I have of my dear grandfather.

My grandfather wrote a personal message on the greeting card and signed it. The message read “To my dearest grandson on his happy birthday. Live your full life with happiness and joy”. He wrote it inside the card and the handwriting was so excellent and lively that I still find it very hard to believe that he is no longer with us.

This card is so special to me as it was a precious gift that I received from my loving grandfather who is no longer with us. Whenever I look at this card and the message he wrote, I remember him and his happy and content face. This is why it is still a valuable possession I have.


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