Time is your greatest enemy

Use your preparation time wisely and efficiently. Your study plan should be based on the available time you have. IELTS is a timed test, so your practice should follow the exact timing as well. While taking a model test/mock test, strictly follow the time. Do not take a model test at home allowing you more time than allotted and assuring them you have done quite well.

To get a better band score in IELTS, you must utilise your time properly. If you run out of time on any question, the questions that you do not answer will hurt your score far more. In IELTS listening module you are required to answer 40 questions in 30 minutes, so you have .75 minutes to answer each question. In the reading module, you will have to read 3 passages - each one having 800-1500 words, and you will have only .67 minute to answer each question. On the reading module, the test is separated into passages. The reason that time is so critical is that:

1) Every question counts the same toward your final score.

2) The passages are not in order of difficulty. If you have to rush during the last passage, then you will miss out on answering easier questions correctly.

It is natural to want to pause and figure out the hardest questions, but you must resist the temptation and move quickly. To succeed, you must ration your time properly. Many students claim that time is not sufficient for the test, especially in the reading module. So, you must practise answering all the questions among the prescribed time.

You must use your exam time perfectly to achieve a high band score. Keep time on your side; don't make it an enemy!

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