Prepare do not procrastinate

Do you believe that if you take IELTS three times, you will get three different scores or at least two different scores? This is due to the factors like your stress level on the test day, time management, and, despite IELTS’s claims to the contrary, some tests will be easier for you than others. Since so much depends on your score, you should maximise your chances of success.

In order to maximise the likelihood of your success, you’ve got to prepare in advance by taking official practice tests and spending time learning strategies you need for your success. You can always retake the test more than once, but remember that it will cost you both time and money. Don’t get into a situation where you need a higher score and you can’t afford to wait, so don’t take the IELTS as a "practice test". Feel free to take sample tests on your own, but when you take the IELTS, be prepared, be focused, and do your best the first time.

It might be the case that you are waiting to get admitted to a coaching centre or buy some books first and then start preparing. If this is so, why don't you learn about the test starting from right now and take some online tests? You would be ahead of others if you have some preparation on your own.  

If you are waiting for a better future date to start your preparation, the date is "today". Do not leave it for tomorrow what you can do today. When you feel confident to take the exam, register for it. Do not wait without a valid reason. With time, your today's preparation would yield a less desired result in the future.

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