Wise Guessing

Proper guessing is a good idea on the IELTS- unlike other standardised tests.There is no penalty for getting a wrong answer in IELTS. Even if you have no idea about a question, you still have a 20-25% chance of getting it right. Most students do not understand the impact that proper guessing can have on their score. Unless you score extremely high, guessing will significantly contribute to your final score.

The process of elimination the wrong answer is valuable. According to this process, you first eliminate the wrong answer. If there are 3 options for the answer then after eliminating the first option increase the chance the hit the right answer to 50%. Be little more prudent here and eliminate the next option among rest of the 2. Bingo! Now you are 100% correct about the right answer. However, if you accidentally eliminate the right answer or go on a hunch for an incorrect answer, your chances drop dramatically to 0%. By guessing among all the answer choices, you are guaranteed to have a shot at the right answer.

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