Shortcut keys

If you are going to take IELTS on a computer (Computer-Based IELTS/ Computer-Delivered IELTS), spend some time on your keyboard getting familiar with the shortcut keys to cut, copy,  paste and undo. It will help you to quickly move text around on your paper. First, highlight the text you wish to move or copy and then type:

Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+X = Cut
Ctrl+V = Paste
Ctrl+Z = Undo

You must hold down the Ctrl key and then tap the “C”, “X”, “V” or “Z” key to perform the desired function.

Di you know you that you can use “Shift + Insert” to paste something? Using “Shift + Insert” has the same effect of using the “Ctrl+V” key combination. However, you can use these two keys using your right hand and that's often more convenient.

Whenever you copy something, that's stored in a temporary memory called "Clipboard". Remember that Windows Operating System does not automatically keep a history of items (multiple copy instances) on your clipboard. If you copy/cut text and then copy/cut the second piece of text, the first content will be lost.

For the Mac users, the commands are fairly the same. The Ctrl key in a Mac keyboard is called the Command Key (⌘).

⌘ C = Copy
⌘ X = Cut
⌘ V = Paste
⌘ Z = Undo

To learn more about Computer Delivered IELTS visit Computer-Delivered IELTS.


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