Thank You Letter

IELTS "Thank You" Letter:

You might be asked to write a thank you letter in the task 1 part of your IELTS GT Writing section. The letter question would clearly mention who to write this thank you letter and what other things to include in your writing. Based on this instruction, you should develop your answer. However, it is advised that you decide the tone and expressions you use in the letter based on the letter type. If you're writing this "thanking you" letter to your friend, it should be informal in nature and your tone would be casual. If this is a formal or semi-formal letter, your tone would be formal. Your thank you letter should clearly state the reason you are thanking the recipient of the letter.

When to write a 'Thank you' letter:
1. To thank someone who helped you when you were involved in an accident.
2. To thank a friend/family member who has taken the burden to help you at a time when you needed their help.
3. When someone took care of you when you fell sick.
4. Someone who has provided you with some kind of information that is helpful to you.

What to include in a 'Thank you' letter:
1. Mention the thing the person has done for you.
2. State how much you appreciate their effort.
3. Say what might have happened if the person did not offer his/her help.
4. You want to do something in return.

Resource: A great article which is worth looking at about "How to Write a Great Thank You Letter".

Sample 'Thanking You' Letters with answers:

'Thanking someone' Letter Sample # 1:

You celebrated your birthday with some friends last week in a restaurant. It was a great success and you and your friends enjoyed the evening very much.

Write a letter to the restaurant to thank them.

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'Thanking someone' Letter Sample # 2:

Last month you had a holiday overseas where you stayed with some friends. They have just sent you some holiday photos.

Write a letter to your friends.

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'Thanking someone' Letter Sample # 3:

After being involved in an accident, you were looked after by a person you did not know before. Write a special thank you letter to express your gratitude.

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'Thanking someone' Letter Sample # 4:

You recently enjoyed a meal at a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and you were very pleased with the food and service.

Write a letter to the restaurant manager.

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