GT Reading Test 26 Section 2 - A career in hotel management

GT Reading Mock Test 26:

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Section 2: Questions 15-27

Read the text below and answers to the questions 15-27 on your answer sheet.

GT Reading: "A career in hotel management"

Read the text below and answer Question 15-18.


Hotel management provides exciting career opportunities in the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry. Indeed, tourism is the world’s fastest growing industry. Recent figures show tourism enjoying a growth rate 23% higher than that of the global economy, employing some 212 million and earning in the region of $ US 3.4 trillion per annum.

In a year from now, employment figures are predicted to exceed 338 million, with revenue above SUS7.2 trillion. The vast majority of new jobs will be in the Asia-Pacific region, which by the year 2010 will attract 1 in every 5 of the world’s holidaymakers. The employment prospects for the International College of Hospitality Management’s graduates are exciting.

The International College of Hospitality Management
The International College of Hospitality Management provides diploma and degree level hotel management training for the international hospitality and tourism industry. Established in 1993, the International College of Hospitality Management is the Asia-Pacific Basin campus cf the renowned European Hotel Association. It also incorporates the classical French cooking training of Le Gourmet, Paris.

International Hotel Management Diploma
The International College of Hospitality Management course is industry-oriented, balancing operative, supervisory and management level training. The Diploma course is 3 years full time. Semesters 1, 3 and 5 are spent studying on campus, and Semesters 2, 4 and 6 are spent in the industry on undergraduate placements, called ‘stages’. One stage may be taken up with language studies.

Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management) Degree
Students who graduate with the International Hotel Management Diploma are assured of a further year of Degree Study at the University of the Antipodes. Studies will focus on such areas as: Global Marketing, Strategic Management, Total Quality Management, Cross-Cultural Communications, Developing Organisations and Management of Change, Global Development in Hospitality and Tourism, Intercultural Relations. Under certain circumstances the final year of study can be conducted on a part-time basis and by distance education mode, enabling students to study while maintaining a full-time career in the hospitality industry, either here or in their home country.

Questions 15-18

Choose ONE phrase from the list below (A-J) to complete each of the following sentences.

NB  There are more phrases than required, so you will not use all of them.

15. The hospitality industry…
16. The College…
17. The Diploma course…
18. The Degree course…


A. …includes work experience placements overseas.
B. …can be done by distance mode.
C. …requires foreign language studies.
D. …has links with overseas institutions.
E. …must be completed in Australia.
F. …combines study with industry placements.
G. …offers expanding opportunities for employment.
H. …must be completed in one year.
I. …takes 3 years to complete, part-time.
J. …consists of several campuses.

Read the text below and answer Questions 19-23.

Training Facilities

The International College of Hospitality Management has more than 120 professional lecturers and international-standard, training facilities. These include three public restaurants, ten commercial training kitchens, simulated front office training facilities, four computer suites, a fully operational winery, and a food science laboratory. The Learning Resource Centre collection is extensive. The student support services provide professional counselling in the areas of health, learning support, language skills, accommodation and welfare. Childcare facilities are also available on campus.

International Home

The International College of Hospitality Management has students enrolled from more than 20 countries, some of whom stay on campus in International House. Built in 1999, International House is accommodation comprising villa-style units. Each student has their own bedroom, sharing en suite facilities with another student. An adjoining kitchenette and lounge area is shared by the four students in the villa. All meals are served in the College dining room which is next to the student common room. Student privacy and security are priorities. A computer outlet in each bedroom enables a student to connect to the College network, providing 24 hour-a-day access. The residence is a two-minute walk to the College’s sporting and training facilities and is on a regular bus service to the city centre 10 km away. International House is also being used to enhance on-campus training, from Monday to Friday, Year 1 students, supervised by 2nd Years, are assigned kitchen, waiting, housekeeping and receptionist duties. Simulated check-in/check-out exercises, receptionist duties and breakfast service to a limited number of rooms are also part of the program.

Questions 19-23

Look at the following statements.

In boxes 19-23 on your answer sheet, write -

YES      if the statement is correct according to the passage
NO         if the statement is incorrect according to the passage
NOT GIVEN    if the information is not given in the passage

19. The training facility has 10 kitchens.
20. All students in the program live at International House.
21. Four students share a unit in the residence.
22. The residence is used as part of the training program.
23. All meals in the residence are prepared by the students.

Read the text below and answer Questions 24-27.

Short Courses

This certificate is designed for participants wishing to acquire the skills to perform duties relevant to a front office receptionist working within a range of hospitality establishments. The course includes: front office and organisational structure, role and duties of front office personnel, guests’ reservations and registrations, check-in and check-out procedures, guest accounting and management reports.

This certifícate is designed for participants wishing to develop a solid understanding of, and the ability to perform duties and skills required in advanced front office operations and night auditing. The course includes: night auditing procedures, daily records and reports, early and late arrivals, security duties, bell desk/concierge, guest service and information, advanced cashiering, supervision of payments, banking operations, debtor control and financial reports.

This certificate is designed for participants wishing to acquire the skills relevant to table attendant duties within an a la carte restaurant. The course includes: table setting for a variety of menus, plate and silver service, tray and wine service, ordering and docket systems, wine styles and label identification, food and wine combinations.

This certificate is designed for participants wishing to acquire the skills to perform a bar attendant’s duties within range of industry settings. Course includes: bar preparation, cash handling, beer service, patron care, basic cocktail mixing, product knowledge.

Questions 24-27

Four short courses (A-D) from the ‘International Hotel Management Diploma’ are outlined in the text above.

Choose the correct title (i-viii) for each course from the list below.

NB There are more titles than descriptions so you will not use all of them.

List of Course Titles

i. Food and Wine Service
ii. Housekeeping Procedures
iii. Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
iv. Hotel Front Office Management
v. Bars and Service of Drinks
vi. Resort Operation and Management
vii. Catering Control
viii. Hotel Front Office Reception

24.  Course  A
25.  Couise  B
26.  Couise  C
27.  Couise  D

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Haseeb Ur Rehman
About Q. 16: The answer should be 'J' as it is mentioned 'It's in Asia Pacific Campus'. It means there are other campuses too. Then how come it's D? In 'D' it says training of Le, Gourmet Paris. it does not mean in Paris. Can IELTS MENTOR please reply and explain? I doubt we are wasting time and confusing to mix up with the wrong answers.
Haseeb Ur Rehman
The answer to question 18 should be 'D' as It says a further study at University. How come it's 'B'? As it clearly says only last year of the degree, not the full degree. Please explain.
Haseeb Ur Rehman
The answer to question 23 should be 'NOT GIVEN'. Can someone please explain it?
Same here. I've put NG because it is mentioned nowhere. Then how it is 'No'?
Haseeb Ur Rehman
The answer to question 24 should be 'Not Given'. Can someone explain, please?