GT Reading Test 31 Section 1 - The fun way to save!, Medicare & International Postal Service

GT Reading Mock Test 31:

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Section 1: Questions 1-12

Read the text below and answers to the questions 1-12 on your answer sheet.

GT Reading: "The fun way to save!" & "Medicare - Your health insurer" & "International Postal Service"

Read the following advertisement and answer questions 1 and 2.


GT Reading - The Fun Way to Save!

Join the Woolwich for Kids Club and you can save money and cam interest.

And you will have a lot of fun besides! As a club member, you will have your own passbook with a wallet to keep it in and your own special money box. Until you are thirteen we will send you the club magazine, edited by Henry’s Cat, every six months. It is full of fun and games, news, quizzes, things to do and sec, and great competitions to enter. When it is your birthday, Henry’s Cat will send you a special birthday card.

If you are sixteen or under, Woolwich for Kids Club is specially for you. It’s the fun way to save!

Questions 1-2

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in boxes 1-2 on your answer sheet.

1. What is the Woolwich for Kids Club?
  A. a sports club
  B. a banking service
  C. a magazine
  D. a club for people who like cats

2. How many magazines do children receive each year?
  A. six
  B. twelve
  C. two
  D. one

Read the following text and answer questions 3-6.


What does Medicare cover?

Medicare helps pay for the doctor to treat you at the doctor’s surgery or wherever you need treatment. Medicare helps pay for treatment by a specialist. If you need to see a specialist, you must be referred by your doctor.

Other medical services
   • X-rays
   • pathology tests
   • medical tests, examinations and procedures

Optometrists Medicare helps pay for eye tests, but not for the cost of glasses or contact lenses. Dentists Routine dental services are not covered. However, some medical-type operations performed by approved dentists are covered.


Public patient
If you choose to be treated under Medicare as a public patient in a public hospital. Medicare will cover all hospital costs. You pay nothing.

Private patient
If you choose to be treated as a private patient in any hospital. Medicare will help to pay for services by your doctor. However, Medicare will not pay for expenses such as theatre fees or your accommodation. These charges can be covered by arranging private health insurance.

Questions 3-6

Look at the following statements after reading the notice about Medicare.

In boxes 3-6 on your answer sheet write:

    TRUE   if the statement is true
    FALSE    if the statement is false
    NOT GIVEN  if the information is not given in the notice

Example: Medicare does not pay for glasses.
Answer: TRUE

3. Medicare does not pay for any work done by dentists.
4. Medicare pays for ambulance fees.
5. If you have not seen a doctor first, Medicare will not pay for you to see a specialist.
6. Medicare will pay at least some hospital doctor’s costs for both private and public patients.

Read the text below and answer Questions 7-12.

You want to send some international mail. Read the text 'International Postal Services' below and answer questions 6-11.

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 7-12 on your answer sheet.

7. If you do not pay enough postage for airmail, how may your letter or package be sent?
8. How much does it cost to send a postcard by airmail?
9. What does the post office use to follow the movement of priority mail?
10. Which is the best priority service if you want to send expensive jewellery abroad?
11. If you send something by either international recorded or international registered, what does the person receiving it has to do?
12. What kind of service is faster than swiftair?


It pays to get the postage right when you’re sending mail abroad. Anything intended for airmail but underpaid stands the risk of being sent by surface mail instead. So make sure that you check the postage when mailing abroad.

For extra convenience, remember international stamp books. There are two available: 4 x 41p stamps with airmail labels, for sending 10 g letters anywhere outside of Europe. 4 x 35p stamps with airmail labels, for sending postcards to anywhere in the world.



These three new services incorporate the latest barcode technology to track and trace your mail up to despatch from the United Kingdom.

Peace of mind when posting abroad.

Like using recorded delivery in Britain, this service gives you a signature on delivery and is recommended for items of little or no monetary value sent worldwide. Valuable items should be sent by the international registered service.

Priced at £2.50 per item plus airmail postage, it provides compensation to a maximum of £25.
Advice of delivery (documentary confirmation of delivery) is available for an extra 40p.

Greater security for your valuables.
Gives you extra security in the UK and abroad, and a signature on delivery.

Available to 140 destinations, it costs £3.00 plus airmail postage for compensation up to £500; £4.00 plus airmail postage for compensation up to £1000.
Lower limits apply to some destinations; to others, registered is not available. Please check at your local post office. Advice of delivery (documentary confirmation of delivery) is available for an extra 40p.

The express airmail service

Although it is not a courier service, and therefore cannot guarantee delivery the following day, swiftair is faster than ordinary airmail, international recorded and international registered. It is the economical alternative to courier services when next- day delivery is not essential.

Price £2.70 plus airmail postage.


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Minakshi Mor
Why the answer to question 8 is 35p while it is given in the text that 4*35p stamps with airmail labels, for sending postcards to anywhere in the world. Therefore, it should be $1.40.
It will be 35 pence since you'll be using a single stamp for a single delivery. You won't use all 4 for one package.
Answer to question 11 should be "SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY", not "Sign on delivery".
Whoever uploads the test and answers, please take care of answers because you will be misleading lots of people with wrong answers.

Hi Rich,

IELTS is not an easy test. Otherwise, people with average wit could have scored 8.0+. Don't try to find faults in others so easily. First, try to find your own. Best of luck and I hope you will score well in IELTS.

I am also trying to score 7.5+. Wish me luck.

IELTS Mentor Admin
Dear Rich,

Thank you for visiting our website and for your comment. We really appreciate that you took the time to read our content and then wrote a comment. Thank you for expressing your concern as well.

Now regarding the question 11, it asks -

"If you send something by either international recorded or international registered, what does the person receiving it has to do?"

If you read the question again, it asks "what does the person has to do?", so the answer will be "sign on delivery" not "signature on delivery". The answer says what the person has to do, but you are suggesting to write 'what is on the package or box?' which is wrong, in our opinion.

If you still have any doubt, please write back to us or comment here.

The answer to question 8 should be 1.40 because it says 4 x 35p.