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GT Reading Mock Test 33:

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Section 1: Questions 1-14

Read the text below and answers to the questions 1-14 on your answer sheet.

You should take around 20 minutes to complete this task.

GT Reading: "Shoe World- Family Footwear" & "CD Directory - Montreal Public Library"

Read the passage below and answer Questions 1-6.


Family Footwear

Questions 1 – 6

Look at the advertisements A-J.

Answer the questions below by writing the correct letters A-J in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

1. Which shoe can be lowered and raised?
2. Which TWO types of casual shoes are sold for children?
3. Which TWO types of shoes are suitable for both men and women?
4. Which shoe is shipped from another country?
5. Which TWO shoes come with additional items at no extra cost?
6. Which TWO types of shoes come in only two different colours?ot on

A.  Outdoors
Summer or winter, our Outdoors ranges are the best choice to meet your child’s schooling requirements. Our shoes feature a comfortable inner sole and easy-tie laces. Only occasional cleaning needed.  Shoes come in two sizes. $10 and $20 varieties available.

B.  Cool-Clicks
Fashion shoes for children. Open back, great, relaxed summer shoe. Flat-soled, easy to put on and off. One size only, in black or brown - $35. 

C.  The Pace-Setter
Popular thin-soled men’s sports shoe. Double leather surface for greater durability. Trendy and fashionable - half green, half blue with colourful red and yellow stripped laces - $50.

D.  Jeansia
Ladies footwear as per the design of a Paris-based boutique fashion house. Winner of 2009 Gloria Award. The shiny silver coating makes the Jeansia even more attractive. Adjustable heels in all sizes - $75.

E.  Easy-Wear               
A favourite among working men and women. A light-weight, comfortable shoe for daily use. The Rexene surface adds to shoe durability. Variety of embossed icons printed on each pair; choose as per your design taste - $35. 

F.  Formal
Men’s formal shoes. Won silver medal in recent EU Summer Fashion Show. Available in white and brown shades.  3- layer sole, all in beautiful leather. Purchase includes a free shoe brush - $85. 

G.  Everyday
Cost-effective, everyday children’s shoe. Available in a variety of cute, vibrant hues. Animal cartoon prints – cows, donkeys, horses and elephants in greys and whites. Durable rubber sole.  One extra pair of laces free - $15.

H.  Sunny
Unisex shoes made of pure Italian leather. Two different styles - Hawaii and Malaya. Comfortable walking shoes, great for around the home. Available in brown only, no cleaning needed.  Waterproof and come in two styles -  $35 and $45.

I.  Bosa-Nova
Exceptional country-style women’s footwear. The Bosa-Nova is our only imported shoe. The curved sole actually massages your feet as you walk. Genuine leather upper. Purple-coloured elastic back, a variety of sizes - $95. 

J.  Supreme
Elegant choice for ladies. Thin but durable leather processed using the latest micro-fibre technology. Will look new for years to come. 4 different colours in 2 sizes. Medium-heel with see-through, flat sole. Stylish black laces.  $125.

Customers may visit any of our stores and place a personal order. Depending upon stock availability, individual stores periodically offer discounts on particular models. Please note that apart from our discounted shoes, our usual 1-year guarantee applies to all advertised shoes.

Special ‘Festival’ offer
$20 gift voucher with every purchase over $100. Valid until the first week of January.

Refund policy
There is no money back for goods purchased unless they have defects. Goods sold and unused may be exchanged for other goods of an equivalent price.

Read the text below and answer Questions 7-14.

 The text about CD Summaries has eight sections, A-H.

Choose the correct heading for sections A-H from the CD Directory below.

Write the correct number, i-xii, in boxes 7-14 on your answer sheet.

CD Directory - Montreal Public Library

i.  Canada’s Forests
ii.  Mountain Biking: Routes in Canada
iii.  Canada Shopping Guide
iv.  Foods: Prepare a Canadian Dish!
v.  Insects of Canada: Visualisation and Illustration
vi.  Private Property: Canada Buying Guide
vii.  Canadian Demography
viii.  4-Wheel Driving: Canada’s Challenge
ix.  Canadian Desert Art
x.  Survival in Canada’s Wild
xi.  Canadian Wildlife Cycles
xii.  Food for Thought: Philosophy and Canadian Society

7.  Section A
8.  Section B
9 .  Section C
10.  Section D
11.  Section E
12.  Section F
13.  Section G
14.  Section H


CD Summaries

A.  The driest parts of Canada have a long history of aboriginal people. Among other findings, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of their creativity – ancient painting, pottery and stone-made statues of imaginary characters. This CD contains high-resolution images of their creative expression. Some drawings have been reproduced. Extensive photographs and informative texts.

B.  This CD is a compilation of information regarding Canada’s human populations. In-depth information about population size, growth, density, and distribution are covered. Statistics and graphs presented which bring the information to life! Migration trends in Canada are also a focus. A publication for beginners and experts alike.

C.  A manual on Canada’s woods and jungles. Satellite images as well as illustrations. Full of useful data. The origins, development and future of landscape trends are discussed. Several case studies on the natural resources in jungles and the impact of industrialisation upon them.

D.  Contains a detailed list of Canada’s retailers from several industries – souvenirs, fashion, toys, electronics to name a few.  A must-have for tourists. Addresses, phone numbers and opening hours are all provided. Relevant internet sites are also easy to access. A world of information is just a click away!

E.  If you are a person who thinks that crossing hilly areas on two wheels is the ultimate in excitement then this CD is for you!  Contains detailed routes through the slopes of Canada. Full of relevant and useful tips, including how to handle varying weather conditions. Additional information on camping and crisis management also included.

F.  Full of authentic Canadian recipes. Lunch, dinner, snacks, ice-creams, desserts and lots more. Select, specialty dishes with some drink preparation tips also included.  Some video footage from Canada’s top cook shows. Possible purchase locations for some of the rare cooking ingredients, especially spices and natural herbs, are provided.

G.  Graphics illustrators have worked with entomologists to give us an idea how these small creatures reproduce and have survived for thousands of years. Their contribution to soil protection is discussed. Pest control and its pros and cons are drawn from articles published by the National University of Canada.

H.  Focuses on outdoor safety including infections and self-medications, safety equipment, food, living arrangements and other wildlife skills.  Weather changes and ways to cope with them are discussed in detail. 

A photo gallery featuring a selection of picturesque, natural Canadian scenery is included free with every CD.

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