GT Reading Test 8 Section 1 - Eastern Energy & Using Microwave Oven

GT Reading Mock Test 8:

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Section 1: Questions 1-14

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14.


Read the text below and answer Questions 1-7.


We are here to help and provide you with personal advice on any matters connected with your bill or any other queries regarding your gas and electricity supply.

Moving home
Please give as much notice as possible if you are moving home, but at least 48 hours is required for us to make the necessary arrangements for your gas and electricity supply. Please telephone our 24-hour line on 01316 753219 with details of your move. In most cases, we are happy to accept your meter reading on the day you move. Tell the new occupant that Eastern Energy supplies the household, to ensure the service is not interrupted. Remember we can now supply electricity and gas at your new address, anywhere in the UK. If you do not contact us, you may be held responsible for the payment for electricity used after you have moved.

Meter reading
Eastern Energy uses various types of meter ranging from the traditional dial meter to new technology digital display meters. Always read the meter from left to right, ignoring any red dials. If you require assistance, contact our 24-hour line on 0600 7310 310.

Energy Efficiency Line
If you would like advice on the efficient use of energy, please call our Energy Efficiency Line on 0995 7626 513. Please do not use this number for any other enquiries.

Special services
Passwords - you can choose a password so that, whenever we visit you at home, you will know it is us. For more information, ring our helpline on 0995 7290 290.

Help and advice
If you need help or advice with any issues, please contact us on 01316 440188.

We hope you will never have a problem or cause to complain, but, if you do, please contact our complaints handling team at PO Box 220, Stanfield, ST55 6GF or telephone us on 01316 753270.

Supply failure
If you experience any problems with your electricity supply, please call free on 0600 7838 836, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Questions 1-7

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

    TRUE    if the statement agrees with the information
    FALSE  if the statement contradicts the information
    NOT GIVEN  if there is no information on this

1.  Customers should inform Eastern Energy of a change of address on arrival at their new home.
2.  Customers are expected to read their own gas or electricity meters.
3.  It is now cheaper to use gas rather than electricity as a form of heating.
4.  Eastern Energy supplies energy to households throughout the country.
5.  The Energy Efficiency Line also handles queries about energy supply.
6.  All complaints about energy supply should be made by phone.
7.  Customers are not charged for the call when they report a fault in supply.

Questions 8-14

The following text has seven sections, A-G.
Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of heading below.
Write the correct number, i-x, in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings

i.    Re-heating
ii.    Foods with skins   
iii.   Keeping your oven clean   
iv.   Standing time  
v.    Rapid cooking times  
vi.   Using a thermometer   
vii.   Small quantities of food
viii.  Deep fat frying
ix.   Foods low in moisture
x.   Liquids

8.   Section  A
9.   Section  B
10.  Section  C
11.  Section  D
12.  Section  E
13.  Section  F
14.  Section  G


Some important points to note

IELTS GT Reading - Test 8 Section 1 - Microwave Oven

  As microwave cooking times are much shorter than other cooking times, it is essential that recommended cooking times are not exceeded without first checking the food.

B   Take care when heating small amounts of food as these can easily burn, dry out or catch fire if cooked too long. Always set short cooking times and check the food frequently.

C   Take care when heating 'dry' foods, e.g. bread items, chocolate and pastries. These can easily burn or catch fire if cooked too long.

D   Some processed meats, such as sausages, have non-porous casings. These must be pierced by a fork before cooking, to prevent bursting. Whole fruit and vegetables should be similarly treated.

E   When heating soup, sauces and beverages in your microwave oven, heating beyond the boiling point can occur without evidence of bubbling. Care should be taken not to overheat.

F   When warming up food for a second time, it is essential that it is served 'piping hot’, i.e. steam is being emitted from all parts and any sauce is bubbling. For foods that cannot be stirred, e.g. pizza, the centre should be cut with a knife to test it is well heated through.

G   It is important for the safe operation of the oven that it is wiped out regularly. Use warm, soapy water, squeeze the cloth out well and use it to remove any grease or food from the interior. The oven should be unplugged during this process.


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The answer to question 7 should be "Not Given" since the paragraph mentions the call free number for electricity supply. And the T, F, NG statement mentions reports for fault in supply which means it could be Gas or Electricity. However, we don't know if the complaint number is for Gas supply is also 'Free' since there is no mention of it.
Avinash Muraly
Rohit said :
The answer to question 7 is 'Not Given' instead of 'True' because it is nowhere described.
It's mentioned and the answer is 'true'. It says, "Please call free on 06007838", which means it's not charged.

Kiranjit Kaur
Hi, could you please explain how the 1st answer is 'False'? Thanks.
Ikram Khan
Should inform before 48 hours of arrival, not after arrival at their new home.
The answer to question 7 is 'Not Given' instead of 'True' because it is nowhere described.
Karan Chopra
13 / 13 in 9 minutes!
11/13 in 21 minutes.
Hi, I have got 10/13 within 13 minutes.
Who can explain these questions 28 -> 34. I was almost wrong.
Don't you think that the answer to question 28 should be 'A'? Based on lines "here have been instances in which people have been unwilling to accept new theories,".
IELTS Mentor
You are absolutely correct Lisa. Our apology for the typo in the question/ answer. Take care.
Lisa Pauling
Yes Ptolemy comes few times through paragraph B and D. But your list people is Ptelomy not Ptolemy. I mean you may typing wrong your list people to get the answer is Ptolemy.
IELTS Mentor
Hi Lisa, The name 'Ptolemy' comes several times. Probably you have got the spelling wrong and could not find the name in the reading passage.
Lisa Pauling
Looking at your list of people's name: Ptolemy. This name doesn't exist in the paragraph. Please give some advice.
Paragraph B: (The earth, according to Ptolemy, was a fixed and immobile mass, located at the centre of the universe.)
Paragraph D: (Ptolemy's theory, was of course, incorrect, but at the time nobody contested it.)
Please check this out... he has mentioned in these paragraphs.

Lisa Pauling
I thought the question 36 should be changed as Ptolemy because I don't see any paragraph shows the name Pletomy, could you please explain this problem for me? Thank you very much.