GT Reading Test 9 Section 1 - Summer activities & Visit to the parliament

GT Reading Mock Test 9:

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Section 1: Questions 1-14

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14.

GT Reading Sample: Summer activities in the south-west area & Visit to the parliament building

Read the text below and answer Questions 1-8.

Summer activities in the south-west area

Guided walk in the Poltesco Valley, now a wooded haven for wildlife, but once the centre of a successful stone- polishing industry. Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Meet at Poltesco car park.

£2 per person.

Enjoy a film at the floating cinema, surrounded by the beauty of the Helford River, and from the comfort of your own rowing boat as you tie up at the quay. Weather-dependent.

£6.50 per adult.

Rare chance to visit the only Cold War early warning bunker in the area, equipped as it was when it was operational. Tours led by ex-members of the military unit which once manned the bunker. Park at Kilbrick Cove and walk to Nare Head. Restricted access via a vertical ladder is unsuitable for some.

Booking essential.

Donations welcome.

The chance to camp in a wooded creek on the Fowey River.
Activities and talks, e.g. trekking preparation, search and rescue, and camping skills.
Singing around the campfire after dark.

£15 per person

Jazz picnic in the grounds of Buckland Abbey featuring the Roger Mark jazz band.
Bring your own picnic (and umbrella).

£10 per person

Have a go at ‘putting on the style’ and come dancing in the large Drawing Room of historic Knighsthayes Court.

£12.50 includes tea and cakes.

No high heels, please!

Family fun day on the beach. Arts and crafts, face painting, kite making, juggling, races, coconut shy, tractor rides and more! Some activities £1, lots for free. Meet at Llansallos Cove.

Barbecue and a talk on bats, followed by a chance to see Greater Horseshoe bats emerging from their cliff-top roost as it gets dark. Meet at the park near Pentireglaze Farm.

Bring barbecue food. Best to arrive early as places are limited.

£2 per person.

Questions 1–8

For which activity are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter, A–H, in boxes 1–8 on your answer sheet.    
NB You may use any letter more than once.

1.   You are not allowed to wear shoes of a certain style.
2.   This activity may be cancelled if it rains heavily.
3.   You need to reserve a place in advance to do this activity.
4.   This activity will take place on the site of a former business.
5.   You need some climbing ability to participate in this activity.
6.   There will be suitable things to do for both adults and children.
7.    Musicians will provide the entertainment.
8.    Refreshments are included in the price.

Read the letter below, and answer questions 9–14.

Dear Ms Foster,

Visit to the parliament building

I am pleased to confirm the following date and time for your visit, which is free of charge:

18th June at 15.30 hours (scheduled admission) for the two people you specified when registering.

Participants are requested to come to the welcome centre for visitors to the Reichstag building, which is located on Scheidemann Street, next to the west portal of the building, no later than 15 minutes before their visit is due to begin (i.e. 15.15 hours), to allow time for the security checks prior to entry. They must each bring a valid identity card or an equivalent form of photo identification with them, and must also show this letter on arrival. Group leaders must ensure that participants come to the admission point as a group.

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel visits at short notice due to special events being held or heightened security requirements.

On the roof terrace, you can obtain an audio-guide to the dome of the Reichstag Building, which provides a great deal of interesting information about the Reichstag Building and its surroundings, the German Bundestag, the work of the parliament, and the sights you can see from the dome. The audio-guide is available in ten languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. A special audio-guide is available for children (German only).

Cameras are permitted as long as the pictures are for personal rather than for commercial use. Equipment will be checked at the security desk on arrival.

The Berlin Reichstag is the only parliamentary building in the world that features a public restaurant; Restaurant Kaefer and its roof garden are located on the top of the Reichstag, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices – breathtaking views included.

I wish you an enjoyable and informative visit to the German Bundestag.

Kind Regards,

Questions 9–14

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

Write next to questions 9–14 on your answer sheet:

     TRUE             if the statement agrees with the information
     FALSE           if the statement contradicts the information
     NOT GIVEN  if there is no information on this

 9.   Visitors should be at the welcome centre at least a quarter of an hour before their scheduled admission time.
10.   Visitors have to produce either photo ID or their official letter before being allowed into the parliament building.
11.   If their visit is cancelled, visitors will receive a phone call or an email.
12.   There is no charge for use of the audio-guides.
13.   Visitors are forbidden to take photos inside the parliament building.
14.  Meals are available at the restaurant throughout the day.


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14 is Not Given. According to Cambridge Book, we cannot assume answers and say it is true. Many restaurants give breakfast lunch and dinner but that does not mean that they are open at 3:00 am or 4:00 am.
I think for question number 7, the answer is 'D'.
No, that is incorrect. The presence of a Jazz band in 'E' makes it the right answer for Q 7.
Can anyone explain me question 9? It should be 'false' - quarter is not a 15 it can be 25.
The question says, "at least a quarter of an hour". The quarter of an hour (60 min) is 15 minutes.
The answer to question 4 is clearly 'C'. Then why it's given 'A'?
Kiranjit Kaur
Hi, can anyone tell how the 1st answer is "true" because they said "a quarter" but in the paragraph, they're saying "15 minutes"?
60minutes X 1/4 = 15 minutes.
How the answer to question 9 is true? It clearly says participants are allowed to welcome centre for visitors. Not the visitors should be at the welcome centre!
Agree. How about Q# 10?
Ladder means 'set of rungs for climbing'.... so...
Why the answer to question 14 is T? It should be 'NG' since the sentence said 'dinner lunch and breakfast'. 'However' doesn't mean that it is open throughout the day... Am I correct?
Question 14: I think it is 'NG' because the sentence doesn't specify any timeable. So I think it is not meant to be throughout the day! What do you think?
If it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then it is throughout the day.
Deepali Shrikant Khopade
The answer to question 5 should be D.
The sentence structure of Q. 26 is grammatically incorrect. "Candidates will then be given a ..." means something will be given to the candidates. "Full interview" doesn't fit here as an answer.
7/7. I hope the exam is this simple in real life!
Read carefully and you will see.
Hi, I write 'Medical check' as the answer to question 24. Sadly I've got 6/7 within 10 minutes.
7/7 in 5 minutes. Still, have big practices to do.
Aruna Srinivasan
I think the answer to question 23 should be "short interview" and not "swimming test".
Jaspreet Singh Sidhu
Can someone please explain to me why the answer to question 26 is 'full interview'?
Very nice. Thanks.