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Read the course outline below and answer Questions 21–27 on the following page.

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Duration: 100 Hours
Course Materials: Upon enrolment, you will receive all of the materials that are essential to complete the course. Course materials include subject guides, printed notes, textbooks, videos and practical equipment. In certain circumstances, you may be required to do extra research – in which case your tutor is able to advise you where necessary.

Course Outline: There are ten lessons in this course, each requiring about 10-12 hours work by the student. This course is designed as a program to help you understand the marketing world, then, to assist you in making decisions and developing skills in marketing. Emphasis is placed on profitability and efficiency!


A)  Go shopping (your routine weekly shopping if you like). Take notice of how different sales staff communicate with you. Note the techniques they use (verbal and non-verbal), and how effective they are. Note the type of impression they seem to be creating. When you come home, write down notes on your observations.

B)  Look through newspapers or magazines at advertisements or articles which discuss products offered for sale and find what you consider to be good examples of each of the following types of communication:

a. Verbal communication
b. Non-verbal communication
c. Combination of verbal and non-verbal communication

Explain why you think these are good examples?

C)  Select a product or service for which you would like to improve the marketing. This might be something you are dealing with in your own business or a business you work for; or it might be something you think has potential — an idea you would like to develop into a business OR something another business is dealing with, but not handling as well as you think they could.


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+3 # YB 2017-08-20 05:22
It is very sad to see that still after a year, questions are not added...
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+2 # Srivath 2016-06-07 22:57
Choose the correct answer A–D.
[28] From the research project it was found that…
A. all of Okinawa’s centenarians are still living independently.
B. Okinawa has the lowest rate of cancer in the world.
C. over 400 centenarians live in Okinawa.
D. Okinawa has more centenarians than any other country.
[29] Which of the following does NOT contain flavanoids?
A. yoghurt
B. green tea
C. soy milk
D. cranberries
[30] Fats that are good for you…
A. come from meat and dairy products
B. produce no cholesterol
C. are not found in vegetable oils
D. are found in avocados and almonds
[31] Okinawans believe that it is advisable to…
A. eat less, 8 meals out of 10
B. eat smaller, more frequent meals
C. stop eating before you are full
D. eat until you are full.
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+5 # Anna 2016-06-19 15:47
Hi Srivath, please give answers as well. Thanks!
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+6 # Sabin 2015-12-08 07:58
Where are the questions? Please assist us with questions, appropriate answers and potential tricks that are requisites to overcome the difficulty.
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+4 # Hafiz 2014-11-14 23:24
Please add questions for this passage.
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+15 # Comrade 2014-10-27 10:58
Where are the questions?
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