GT Reading Test 5 Section 1 - Mail Order Brochure & New Book Releases

IELTS General Training Reading Mock Test 5:

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Section 1: Questions 1-14

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 1-14.

GT Reading Sample: Mail Order Brochure & New Book Releases

Read the information below and answer Questions 1-7.


Want some great clothing ideas for your family?

Our key for clothing specials in July: M for men          W for women          C for children

For under $10       
Cotton socks C          - made of pure cotton for long wearing
Woollen socks C        - to keep young feet warm in winter
Sports socks M          - to go with jeans and other casual clothes
Patterned belts W      - to go with jeans and other casual clothes
For under $25      
Cotton shirts W           - for day and evening wear
Silk shirts M                - five sizes, in designer colours, for that special social occasion
T-shirts C                    - hard-wearing, white with a variety of animal motifs
Colour T-shirts M W     - cotton and polyester blend, plain colours, no ironing
For under $50      
Blue jeans M W           - non-shrink, colourfast, small sizes only
Silk shirts M W            - plain and patterned, all sizes
Hooded jacket C          - protects from the wind, 4 sizes, large strong pockets
jacket W                     - waterproof with zipper front, all sizes

Or you can buy a gift voucher so that someone else can choose. These come in $10, $20 and $50 amounts.

Additional monthly specials for July to September
July                  - $10 voucher with any purchase over $60
August              - Travel alarm clock worth $19.95 free with purchases of $80 or more!
September        - Children's backpacks. Free with any credit card purchase over $75!

Note: Postage and packing charges
These are applied to each order as follows:
Within Australia:
$7.95 per address, regular post
$17.95 for Express Delivery Service (overnight)
Surface Mail (allow a minimum of two months for delivery)
Airmail (allow around two weeks delivery to most destinations)

Questions 1-7

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text?

In boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet, write:

    TRUE    if the statement agrees with the information
    FALSE    if the statement contradicts the information
    NOT GIVEN    if there is no information on this

1. Women's cotton socks cost less than men's. 
2. Men's silk shirts are available in more than five colours.
3. Children's T-shirts come in a variety of colours. 
4. The child's jacket has four pockets. 
5. If you buy clothes worth $80 in August, you will receive a free alarm clock. 
6. The charge for special next-day delivery in Australia is $7.95. 
7. All clothing is guaranteed to arrive within two months for international delivery.

Read the information below and answer Questions 8-14.

Questions 8-14

The list of the text "New Book Releases" below has nine book descriptions, A-I.
Choose the correct title for each book from the list of book titles below.
Write the correct number i-xi in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

List of Book Titles

i. Field Guide to Native Birds of Australia
ii. The Bush on Two Wheels: 100 Top Rides
iii. Bush Foods of Australian Aborigines
iv. A Pictorial History of the Dinosaur in Australia
v. Bush walking in Australia
vi. WorldGeographica
vii. Driving Adventures for 4-wheel-drive Vehicles
viii. Survival Techniques in the Wild
ix. Encyclopaedia of Australian Wildlife
x. Guide to the Art of the Australian Desert
xi. Field Guide to Animals of the World

8.     Book  A      
9.     Book  B     
10.   Book  C   
Example     Book D     Answer vi

11.   Book  E     
12.   Book  F     
13.   Book  G     
14.   Book  H     

Example:     Book I     Answer vii

New Book Releases

A.  This book describes the creativity of Aboriginal people living in the driest parts of Australia. Stunning reproductions of paintings, beautiful photography and informative text.

B.  Pocket-sized maps and illustrations with detailed information on the nesting sites and migration patterns of Australia. This is a classic booklet suitable for both beginner and expert.

C. Packed full of information for the avid hiker, this book is a must. Photographs, maps and practical advice will guide your journeys on foot through the forests of the southern continent.

D.  More than an atlas - this book contains maps, photographs and an abundance of information on the land and climate of countries from around the globe.

E.  Australia's premier mountain biking guidebook - taking you through a host of national parks and state forests.

F.  Here's the A-Z of Australian native animals - take an in-depth look at their lives and characteristics, through fantastic photographs and informative text.

G. Graphic artists have worked with researchers and scientists to illustrate how these prehistoric animals lived and died on the Australian continent.

H. A definitive handbook on outdoor safety - with a specific focus on equipment, nutrition, first aid, special clothing and bush skills.

I.  Detailed guides to 15 scenic car tours that will take you onto fascinating wilderness tracks and along routes that you could otherwise have missed.

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Answer to Q. 7 should be 'NG'. Kindly comment.
Can you please explain the answer to the above paragraph 'H'? I cannot understand it. Thanks in advance.H. A definitive handbook on outdoor safety - with a specific focus on equipment, nutrition, first aid, special clothing and bush skills.
Once they're telling us about the outdoor safety, we must think that this point of the book will help us in case of any abnormal situation outdoor. In other words, it helps us to survive.
See the paragraph in the first line - it mentions about mountain biking and then see the heading ii- in which there two wheels are mentioned.
Read all the paragraphs carefully and catch the keywords. It's quite difficult from other reading samples.
Read keywords from headings for biker - two wheels, forest- bush, desert - dry (outdoors), nesting and migration - birds...It's not easy like others...
Very correct.
Can you please explain the answer to the question 4? I cannot understand it. Thanks in advance.
Sushma Vikas
Hi Sir,The headings are not matching with the passage.
Headings don't match with the reading passage at all.
Headings do not match with the questions. It is totally irrelevant.
There are 5 paragraphs so there should be 5 questions and not 7. And headings are about wind farms but paragraphs are about engines. Unrelated.
Nnochiri Vivian
It's a waste of time! The headings don't match with the questions.
They are correct, though very technical.
Please read the questions very attentively. The questions are correct.
I felt like staggering while reading headings.
Wastage of time.
The given headings are totally irrelevant. Please sort it out asap. Thanks.
I think the headings given here are not for the passages given. Please Correct.
Headings do not match... Please get it corrected!!
Very bad... I wasted my time... Still, it's not corrected after all the feedback...
Deepak Bhati
Last 3 paragraphs are missing!!
Completely wrong exercise but wondering still this page is not corrected even after so many people reported.
Deepak Bhati
Given paragraph is totally different or incomplete. It is not matching with the given questions!
Ravindra Rathoe
It's not a full paragraph, so all went wrong...
Mismatch of questions against the reading passage.
Headings do not match. Please get it corrected!
Get it sorted, please. I wasted my time reading all the paragraphs only to find out that the questions do not match the passage.
Anna Le
Please double check the list of headings again. The headings do not relate to the paragraphs.
List of headings is not matching with the paragraphs.