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GT Reading Mock Test 11:

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Section 2: Question 14-26

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 14-26.

General Training Reading Sample: West Thames College

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 14-26, which are based on the text below.

Questions 14-20

Look at the introduction to West Thames College below and at the statements (Questions 14-20) below.

In boxes 14-20 on your answer sheet write

TRUE       if the statement is true
FALSE      if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN    if the information is not given in the passage

14.   Chiswick Polytechnic was closed at the same time West Thames College was opened.
15.   Most of the students at the college come from outside the local area.
16.   The college changed its name to West Thames College in 1993.
17.   There are currently 6000 students over the age of 19 attending the college.
18.   Students under the age of 16 cannot attend any of the courses offered by the college.
19.   The college offers a more mature environment in which to learn than a school.
20.   There are fewer subjects to study in the sixth form of a school than at the college.


West Thames College (initially known as Hounslow Borough College) came into existence in 1976 following the merger of Isleworth Polytechnic with part of Chiswick Polytechnic. Both parent colleges, in various guises, enjoyed a long tradition of service to the community dating back to the 1890s.

The college is located at London Road, Isleworth, on a site occupied by the Victorian house of the Pears family, Spring Grove House. An earlier house of the same name on this site had been the home of Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist who named Botany Bay with Captain Cook in 1770. Later he founded Kew Gardens.

Situated at the heart of West London, West Thames College is ideally placed to serve the training and education needs of local industry and local people. But its influence reaches much further than the immediate locality.

Under its former name, Hounslow Borough College, it had already established a regional, national and international reputation for excellence. In fact, about eight per cent of its students come from continental Europe and further afield, whilst a further 52 per cent are from outside the immediate area. Since 1 April 1993, when it became independent of the local authority and adopted its new title, West Thames College has continued to build on that first class reputation.

These days there is no such thing as a typical student. More than half of West Thames college's 6000 students are over 19 years old. Some of these will be attending college part-time under their employers' training schemes. Others will want to learn new skills purely out of interest, or out of a desire to improve their promotion chances, or they may want a change in career.

The college is also very popular with 16-18 year olds, who see it as a practical alternative to a further two years at school. They want to study in the more adult atmosphere the college provides. They can choose from a far wider range of subjects than it would be practical for a sixth form to offer. If they want to go straight into employment they can still study at college to gain qualifications relevant to the job, either on a day-release basis or through Network or the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme.

Questions 21-26

Look at the West Thames College's Services for Students on the following page. Each paragraph A-H describes a different service provided by the college.

From the list below (i-xi) choose the most suitable summaries for paragraphs A, C and E-H.

Write the appropriate number (i-xi) in boxes 21-26 on your answer sheet.

NB There are more summaries than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

i.  A shop for the books and stationery needed to study
ii.  Counseling and welfare willing to listen, offer advice or arrange a referral
iii.  An Examinations Office arranging exams and issuing certificates
iv.  A Registrar's Office handling all fee payments and related enquiries
v.  A Medical service offering on-site assistance with health-related problems
vi.  A tutorial system for regular one-to-one guidance, support and feedback
vii.  Careers Advice helping students into employment
viii.  An admissions Service providing assistance in choosing and applying for higher education courses
ix.  A Student Union representing students on college committees
x. Clubs and societies for students' free-time
xi. A Learning Support Service supporting students in studying, presenting information and handling numbers.

21. Paragraph  A

Example              Answer                           
Paragraph B           xi                               

22. Paragraph C

Example              Answer                           
Paragraph D            i

23.  Paragraph  E
24.  Paragraph  F                                             
25.  Paragraph  G
26.  Paragraph  H

WEST THAMES COLLEGE     GT Reading - West Thames College

As a full-time student at West Thames
College you will have your own Personal
Mentor who will see you each week to guide
you through your studies, and discuss any
problems which may arise. We take a cooperative
approach to the assessment of your
work and encourage you to contribute to discussion.

This service provides specialist assistance and
courses for those who need help to improve
their writing, oral and numeracy skills for the
successful completion of their college course.
Help with basic skills is also available.

This service is available to anyone who is
undecided as to which course to follow. It is
very much a service for the individual,
whatever your age, helping you to select the
best option to suit your circumstances. The
service includes educational advice,
guidance and support, including a facility for
accrediting your previous experience - the
Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL). The
Admissions Office is open Monday to Friday
9.00 am to 5.00 pm. All interviews are
confidential and conducted in a relaxed and
friendly atmosphere. Evening appointments
are available on request.

The College Bookshop stocks a wide range of
books, covering aspects of all courses,
together with a good selection of stationery.
It also supplies stamps, phone cards, blank
videos and computer disks. The shop is open
at times specified In the Student Handbook in
the mornings, afternoons and evenings.
When students are weary from study and
want the chance to relax and enjoy
themselves with friends, they can participate
in a number of recreational activities.
Depending on demand, we offer a range of
sporting activities including football,
badminton, basketball, table tennis,
volleyball, weight training and aerobics. For
the non-sporting students we offer a
debating society, video club, hair and beauty
sessions, as well as a range of creative
activities. Suggestions for activities from
students are always welcome.

This confidential service is available if you
have practical or personal difficulties during
your course of study, whether of a financial or
personal nature. Our Student Advisors can
help you directly or put you in touch with
someone else who can give you the help you

The College Nurses are there for general
medical advice and for treatment of illness or
injury. All visits are confidential. First aid
boxes and fully-trained First Aiders are also
on hand at various locations around the

West London employers have a permanent
base in the centre of college, with access to a
database of more than 24,000 jobs available
locally and in Central London. They will also
help you with job applications and interview

© West Thames College 1996

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52% of students are from outside of the local community, and that's the reason the answer to question number 15 is "True".
Can anyone please tell me why the answer to question 20 is true even it is written - "They can choose from a far wider range of subjects than it would be practical for a sixth form to offer".
Why #15 is True? I think it is False.
Himanshu Sharma
The total number of students is 6000 out of which more than half are over 19 years old.
Shalan Lohar
Hi, can anyone please explain to me why the answer to question 17 is false? Thank you.
Can someone explain the answer to the question 15?
Rekha said :
The 18th one is 'false' because college is also very popular with 16-18-year-old, who see it as a practical alternative to a further two years at schools. They want to study in the more adult atmosphere the college provides.
In the passage, it mentioned about the 16-18 year old however in question it asking under the age of 16. As there is no clue about the under 16, so it's 'NG'.

The 18th one is 'false' because college is also very popular with 16-18-year-old, who see it as a practical alternative to a further two years at schools. They want to study in the more adult atmosphere the college provides.
Yes, it's 'false'.
Part of Chiswick Polytechnic, not the whole college. We are not sure what happened to other parts.
"Far wider range of subjects than it would be practical for a sixth form to offer." --- means college offers more subjects than sixth form or sixth form offers fewer subjects because it is not practical for them.
Could you explain the answer to question 20? It should be 'F'. Why it's 'T'? - "far wider range of subjects than it would be practical for a sixth form to offer."
It is not clearly stated that both colleges merge. So it should be 'not given'.
How is the answer to question 14 is 'not given'? It should be 'false'. Can someone please explain?
The last paragraph only says that the college is also very popular with 16-18 year old. It doesn't mention anything about under 16.
Please explain the question 14? Why is it 'not given'? It should be 'false'. Following sentence shows that Chiswick Polytechnic was not closed, only a part of it was closed." Merger of Isleworth Polytechnic with part of Chiswick Polytechnic".
Question 18 - it says 'under the age of 16'.
Please clarify question no. 18? Why is it 'NOT GIVEN'?