GT Reading Test 12 Section 1 - Advertisements & Notice about roadworks

GT Reading Mock Test 12:

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Section 1: Questions 1-13

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-13 which are based on the text below.

GT Reading: Advertisements & Notice about roadworks

Questions 1 – 8

Look at the given five advertisements, A-E.

Write the correct letter, A-E, in boxes 1-8 on your answer sheet.

A.   International Language Centre
B.   Global Language Learning Centre
C.   Tafe International
D.  Club Francais
E.   University of Canberra

Which advertisement mentions:

1.  up-to-date teaching systems?
2.  that the institution has been established for a significant time?
3.  examination classes?
4.  that arrangements can be made for activities outside class?
5.  the availability of courses for school students?
6.  language teaching for special purposes?

Which TWO advertisement mentions:

7.  a wide variety of language choices?
8.  evening classes?

GT reading 12 - advertisement (image-1)
GT reading 12 - advertisement (image-2)

Questions 9-13

Read the notice about road works below. In boxes 9-13 on your answer sheet write:

     TRUE  if the statement is true
     FALSE  if the statement is false
     NOT GIVEN  if the information is not given in the notice

9. The road will be closed for two days and not re-opened until Monday.
10. The road will be open as far as Little Street.
11. Work on the road will continue each weekend for the next month.
12. Temporary traffic lights will operate at intersections with Main Street.
13. There will be bus services to the university throughout the weekend.



The next stage in the re-development of the roads in the town of Gatton will mean that Main Street will be closed between Little and Denning Streets from 6.00 am on Saturday, 12 August to 6.00 pm on Sunday, 13 August. The intersections of these streets with Main Street will not be affected.

We expect that the work will be completed at this time without further disruption to traffic.

Motorists should note that Main Street will be closed over the weekend during the hours indicated.

No university bus services will operate through the area between Little and Denning Streets. However, alternative services will operate on bus routes 566 and 45 between Gatton Road, the town centre and the university.

The Transport and Roads Department apologises for any inconvenience caused while improvements are in progress.

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Clarice Ricaforte
Thank you.
I can't understand this topic.
#8: How did item B have evening classes? Is it because of the part-time word?
Lance Pangangaan
Part-time courses have evening, weekend, or online classes so you can have a regular hours job. Full-time courses have classes scheduled during work hours.
In question 13, why the answer is "True" when it is not mentioned that the bus services are available on weekends.
Where are questions 16 to 19?
In Q-17, it is essential to reserve a computer three days in advance if you want to use one. While in the passage it is mentioned "maybe" (Bookings may be made up to three days in advance), so it is not essential to make an advance booking if you want to use.
Hi, the passage says "Please note that staff are not available to train people or give a lot of detailed instruction on how to use the programs". They are talking about programs whereas question is for computer only. There is no information given about computers, so the answer is NOT GIVEN.
Ines Li
For question # 16, the answer should be 'NG', because in the passage it says "normal office hours." Normal office hours= Monday to Friday.
Patricia Joseph
It is mentioned on the passage that on normal office hours. But it is not specified if weekend or weekdays. So it is 'Not Given'.
Jaspreet Singh Sidhu
They have mentioned that you need to bring your own floppy if you want to store data. This gives sufficient information why the answer is 'false'.
It's 2 printers because it says that it is attached in each terminal... Terminal is 2 computers...
"Bookings may be made in person at the information desk or by phoning 8673 8901 during normal office hours". It clearly states that in a weekend the information desk would remain closed. So why the answer is NG? Can somebody suggest?
Rathin said :
Amajd said :
Yes , why question 15 is false , it should be not given. very confusing , please comment on this. Thanks1
However, you will need to bring your own floppy disk. Hence the answer is F
The sentence "You will need to bring your own floppy disk" only mentioned no "public" storage device will be provided by the library. It does not mean that their information desk does not sell floppy disk. Once you purchase a floppy disk from information desk (if they provide), you can bring this "own" floppy disk to store information. Thus, the answer should be NOT GIVEN.

Up to three days (may be 1, 2, 3) not equal to three days.
The answer to question 14 is also 'false' as it has mentioned that there are 2 computers and only an ink jet printer attached to each terminal (that's only one printer attached).
Why the answer to the question 19 is 'Not Given'? Can you guys please explain it for me?
Shahed Al Hasan
"You are 15 minutes late, your time can be given to someone else"Please look at this above statement, hope you will get your answer.
I am wondering the differences between 'False' and 'Not Given'. In my opinion, if one statement was correct, it is imperative that the opposite one must be 'false'. Two statements would contradict each other. For example, "I can't buy the book over there" is 'true', then "I can buy the book over there" must be 'false'. On the other hand, "I can buy the book here" is 'Not Given', since the statement is not contradictory to "I can't buy the book over there." I can bring my own floppy disk doesn't mean or imply I can't buy it there.
Why is the answer to the question 18 is "true'? In the text, it is mentioned that 'if you don't notify your reservation, it will be cancelled', whereas in question there is no mention about notifying. Then how come this statement is 'true'?
"Bookings may be made up to three days in advance." I think it means reserve may take maximum 3 days in advance. You can book one or two days before but not 4 days ago or more.
The answer to the question should be 17 'False'. Because in three days and up to 3 days both have quite different meaning. Like up to 3 means it should not be less than 3 days and 3 days means strictly 3 days. 2 days and 1 day in advance can't be considered in *3 days* statement. Good luck!!
The answer to the question 15 should be 'False' because you can bring your own - does not mean you can buy from the information desk. Both statements are slightly different. Good luck!!
Why the answer to the question 17 is 'false'?
Amajd said :
Yes, why question 15 is false, it should be not given. very confusing, please comment on this. Thanks1
However, you will need to bring your own floppy disk. Hence the answer is 'F'.

However, you will need to bring your own floppy disk. Hence the answer is 'False'.
Yes. Why question 15 is 'false'. It should be 'not given'. Very confusing, please comment on this. Thanks.
Why question 15 is false? The text did not mention anything about buying floppy disks!