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IELTS Speaking Sample 49

IELTS Speaking Mock Test # 49

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. What is your full name?
A. Well, my name is Alexander Putin.

Q. Can I see your ID?
A. Yes, here you are.

Q. Where are you from?
A. I am from Aleksin, a town in Tula Oblast, Russia. Aleksin is located on the Oka River, and this town is 40 miles northwest of Tula city.

Q. Do you like sports? What sports do you like the most?
A. Yes, I am a fan of sports. I love watching different sports tournaments on TV and personally I often play ice hockey, football and basketball. I like football and ice hockey most. Whenever I get a chance, I play football and ice hockey with my friends.

Q. Are sports necessary in schools? Why?
A. Definitely, sports are necessary for young students in schools to remain active and learn team works and strategies. I believe, every student should find something interesting to do at school besides their studies and what can be more exciting and beneficial than sports! Sports help youngsters to remain healthy, remove their stress, and present opportunities to make new friends.

Q. Are sports competitions necessary in schools?
A. Yes, I believe that sports competitions in schools are beneficial. Competitive sports teach students how to be a team member and how to implement strategies to win against odds. This also inspires students to do even better in their studies and extracurricular activities. Some friendly competitions in sports surely will attract more students to grow their interests in sports. Finally, competitive tournaments would be helpful to find out students with talents in different games and sports.

Q. Are competitions in cultural activities necessary in schools similar to sports?
A. Well, positive competitions in schools always help the school authority find out the best among the participants. Like sports, competitions in cultural activities in schools are also necessary, I believe. Such competitions will help students enhance their skills and confidence level. When other students see that the best performers are being awarded, they will also try to sharpen their skills and consequently, it would be beneficial for them in the days ahead.


Part 2 - Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card


Describe a recent sports event you have participated in or watched and enjoyed very much.

You should say:

  •  what the event was
  •  when and where it took place
  •  whether you enjoyed it or not

and describe your experience of participating in/watching it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Click here for the answer to this Cue Card Topic


Rounding-off questions:

Q. Are prizes/trophies necessary in primary school?
A. Of course, trophies or prizes are necessary for primary schools. When students win prizes, they feel a sense of satisfaction and it is a kind of recognition for their efforts which also becomes a sweet memory for them in adulthood. A trophy is also inspiring for a student to perform better both in studies and in any competition. So, the necessity of trophies in primary schools in profound.

Q. Are sports encouraged in schools in your country?
A. Yes, sports are considered something special in my country, Russia. Schools encourage students to participate in different sporting events and competitions. Both indoor and outdoor sports are held annually in the majority of the schools in my country and most of the schools have their own playgrounds or large fields where the students get engaged in various sporting events in their free time.


Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. What shorts of sporting events are popular in your country?
Answer: Russia is a large country with a diversified population. So a wide number of sports are available across the country. But the most popular sports in my country are basketball, ice hockey, football, rugby league, handball, weightlifting, gymnastics, figure skating, biathlon, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and volleyball. Football is the number one sport in the country and we hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Q. What international sports do you enjoy? Why?
Answer: I personally love table tennis a lot. Though table tennis is played as an indoor sport, this is one of the most impressive sports that I have ever seen. The faster you are the more chances you have to win the match. Besides, I also love to watch football matches between different countries and never miss important international football tournaments.

Q. Why is sport important for the people in your country?
Answer: Well, sports are important for people in my county for many reasons. Majority of us work really hard and we need some sort of relaxation after the day-long work. Besides, this is a form of entertainment that keeps the bond among people stronger as well. Sports also have health benefits that help us remain fit and sound. Russian people love to watch sporting competitions and those sporting events bring the nation together to show their patriotism and love for their national team.

Q. Do you think we have so many sporting channels? Are they all popular?
Answer: I think the rise of sports channels has not happened abruptly, not at least in my country. Those channels immerged as the demand for live sporting tournaments kept on increasing during the past few years. We have so many sporting channels because rather than a single channel broadcasting all the sports we now have channels dedicated to a particular sport. So many people watch and enjoy local and international sporting events these days and it is only natural that we have several sports channels as a consequence.

I do not think that all channels are equally popular. Some sports channels are locally popular while others targe international audience and the number of viewers of those channels are not same either. I have noticed some TV channels which I used to watch in my childhood are no longer in business. This outlines that not all sports channels are equally popular or profitable enough to sustain.

Q. What are the differences between sporting events in the past that with now?
Answer: In the past, sports competitions used to hold on a limited scale and the events did not get much attention by different media as they are now. Moreover, the number of participants is on the rise which was not seen in the past as well. Many youths are taking sports as a career while it was a kind of hobby for a section of society in the bygone days. To watch a sporting competition my grandparents and generations before them had to go to the stadium, unlike today, when we can watch a live sporting competition sitting on our couch no matter the distance.

Q. How has technology helped more people get involved in sports or watch it?
Answer: The role of technology is impressive here. With the use of the latest technology, we can enjoy various sporting events sitting at home. We can re-check the decisions from the referees or umpires and most importantly, we can enjoy sporting events both offline and online. So, people are getting more involved in sports with the help of technology and getting various benefits. The sporting competitions have got perfection with the help of technology as more and more technology are being used in different sporting competitions. Watching a live sports competition was something unimaginable in the past while these days it is just a matter of wish and all the credit go to technological advancement and innovation.

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