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IELTS Speaking Sample 59

IELTS Speaking Mock Test # 59

Part 1 - Introduction & Interview

Let’s talk about where you live now.

Q. Do you live near here? [How far is it?]
Answer: No, I don’t live near here. In fact, I live in a small town which is about forty kilometres north to this place. It is a small but nice suburb where I live.

Q. How long have you lived there?
Answer: I have lived there only for a couple of years, but I feel like I have been living there for quite sometimes because I have grown to like living in that place.

Q. Do you like where you are living now? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I like living in the place where I am living now because it is a nice and quiet neighbourhood with lots of trees around. Besides, it also has a lake nearby. People are also friendly here which makes this place very nice for living.

Q. Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Answer: I live in a small apartment which is about 1200 square feet, and it has two bedrooms, one sitting room and a relatively larger kitchen.

Q. Has the area where you live now changed much from the time when you started living there? [How?]
Answer: No, this place hasn’t changed much from the time when I started living here except for a few new shops and a new restaurant. Other than that, this place is the same nice and quiet neighbourhood as it used to be before a couple of years.


Part 2 - Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card

[The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.]

Describe a sports match/competition that you watched and enjoyed.

You should say:

  • what the sports match/competition was
  • who were competing
  • where you watched it

and explain why you enjoyed watching the sports match/competition so much.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer:
“Soccer” (some call it “football”) is a small English word, but undoubtedly is the king of all sports in the world. Soccer is played by almost 265 million people, which is almost 5% of the world’s total populations, but enjoyed by even many more millions.

Anyway, so why am I making such a “fuss” about these statistics? Well, because I just love watching soccer especially if it is played between two of my all-time favourite teams called “Legia Warsaw” and “Polonia Warsaw” in a derby (local clubs) soccer competition. By the way, in Warsaw, which is the capital of Poland, the derby match between Legia and Polonia is quite big and the fans of these two teams go “insane” when they play against each other as both teams, so far, have won 29 times each. While I support both the teams, I always opt for Legia when they are playing against each other. Anyway, I watched one such game between these two ‘ancient’ rivals at one of the stadiums in Warshaw a couple of years ago when my team, Legia, won big time. And, yes, I was so happy about the win that I literally celebrated the whole night.

I enjoyed watching the soccer match between the two arch-rival teams the whole time as it was due to so much tension and excitement with both the teams planning for strategies and counter-strategies one after another for scoring goals. Besides, this soccer rivalry generated a lot of buzzes, smack talk and overwhelming amounts of energy among the fans so much so that it was literally impossible to remain “still and not excited” with much incredible moments, stories and histories between the teams. Finally, I enjoyed this particular soccer completion because it put on the show some of the best “spectacles of the male athleticism” which I had ever seen before!

Rounding-off Questions:

Q. Do you often watch sports?
Answer: Yes, I do watch sports as often as I can because it helps me relax and have some fun after a long day at work.  Sometimes, I watch sports also when I am not working especially when my favourite teams are playing.

Q. Do you do a lot of sports?
Answer: No, I can’t really do a lot of sports because I don’t get enough time to do that after working and taking care of other priorities. Besides, doing a lot of sports can be tiring which can affect my works. But I like to believe that I do some sports to remain fit and healthy.

Part 3 - Details Discussion:

Let’s talk about young people doing sports.

Q. What sports do most young people in your country enjoy doing? [Why?]
Answer: Young people in my country enjoy several sports including track and field, basketball, boxing, ski jumping, fencing, handball, cycling, ice hockey, swimming, volleyball, winter sports, weightlifting, motorcycle speedway, and of course, soccer (football). These are already popular sports in our country and the young people like to take up one or some of those sports. Besides, the natural environment and weather condition in our country are suitable for those sports more than other sports.

Q. What are the main benefits for young people of learning to play different sports?
Answer: There are many benefits of learning to play different kinds of sports for young people. The main benefit, of course, is that they help young people become physically fit and competitive in real-life situations. Besides, these sports also make them mentally tough and confident when they face real-life challenges. Finally, they also help increase social interactions among the young people which, in turn, help them stay away from criminal and anti-social activities.

Q. Can you suggest some ways to encourage young people to play more sports?
Answer: We can encourage young people to play sports in several ways. First, we can announce some great awards and other incentives for them if they take part in different kinds of sports competition. We can also offer some extra “credits” at schools for young students in order to encourage them to play different sports. Finally, the detail benefits of playing different kinds of sports may also be included in the school curricula in order to encourage our young people to play more sports.

Now let’s consider international sports competitions.

Q. Why do you think international sports competitions (like the Football World Cup) are so popular?
Answer: International sports competitions, like the football world cup, are so popular primarily because sometimes they become a matter of national pride and patriotism for the citizens of the participating countries. Besides, for those people, who like sports, they never seem to get ‘enough’ of their favourite sports, and so, where there is a sports competition, the sports fans go crazy. Finally, some “genuine sports lovers” just love to see different kinds of sports in the “spirit of friendship” since so many teams display their ‘abilities and magic’ in the fields during those special sports competitions.

Q. What are the advantages and disadvantages to a country when it hosts a major international sports competition?
Answer: There are a number of advantages for a country that hosts a major international competition. For example, it encourages tourism for the country by making other people learn about the host country, as many sports lovers come to visit the country in order to watch the games. Then, it also helps the businesses of the host country and generates more revenues. Not to mention the way the tournament can inspire the youths and children alike to take up different sports over time as an added benefit. 

On the other hand, one of the major disadvantages of hosting international sports competition is that it creates economic “inflation”. Besides, the host country may also witness some turmoil among the supporters and suffer a huge loss if not enough audience shows up to enjoy the competition.

Q. Should governments invest more in helping their top sports people to win international competitions, or in promoting sports for everyone? Why?
Answer: In my humble opinion, governments should invest more in promoting sports for everyone because the practice would actually help build an entire healthy nation, and the more healthy is a nation, the more productive it will be. Besides, when we promote sports for everyone, the chances are that more and more quality and champion sportspersons will appear as more people would feel encouraged to take part in different kinds of sports.

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