Speaking Test - Part 1 (Question set 3)

Topic: Newspapers and Magazines

Q. Which magazines and newspapers do you read? [Why?]
Q. What kinds of article are you most interested in? [Why?]
Q. Have you ever read a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language? [When/Why?]
Q. Do you think reading a newspaper or magazine in a foreign language is a good way to learn the language? [Why/Why not?]

Topic: Living Place

Q. Which part of your country do most people live in?
Q. Tell me about the main industries there.
Q. How easy is it to travel around your country?
Q. Has your country changed much since you were a child?

Topic: Laughing

Q. What kinds of thing make you laugh?
Q. Do you like making other people laugh? [Why/Why not?]
Q. Do you think it’s important for people to laugh? [Why/Why not?]
Q. Is laughing the same as feeling happy, do you think? [Why/Why not?]

Topic: Food and cooking

Q. What kinds of food do you like to eat?
Q. What kind of new food would you like to try? [Why?]
Q. Do you like cooking? [Why/Why not?]
Q. What was the last meal you cooked?
Q. Do you prefer home-cooked food or food from restaurants? [Why?]

Topic: Daily Routine

Q. What would you like to change in your daily routine?
Q. Are all your days the same?
Q. Tell me about your typical weekday and your typical weekend.
Q. What is the balance of work/study and free time in your normal day?

Topic: Travelling to work or college

Q. How do you usually travel to work or college? [Why?]
Q. Have you always travelled to work/college in the same way? [Why/Why not?]
Q. What do you like about travelling to work/college this way?
Q. What changes would improve the way you travel to work/college? [Why?]

Topic: Cold weather

Q. Have you ever been in very cold weather? [When?]
Q. How often is the weather cold where you come from?
Q. Are some parts of your country colder than others? [Why?]
Q. Would you prefer to live in a hot place or a cold place? [Why?]

Topic: Keeping in contact with people

Q. How do you usually contact your friends? [Why?]
Q. Do you prefer to contact different people in different ways? [Why?]
Q. Do you find it easy to keep in contact with friends and family? [Why/Why not?]
Q. In your country, did people in the past keep in contact in the same ways as they do today? [Why/Why not?]

Topic: Visitors

Q. What would you suggest a visitor should see and do in your country?
Q. Are there any traditional arts or music you would recommend?
Q. Tell me about the kind of foreign visitors or tourists who go to your country.
Q. In what ways has tourism changed your country?

Topic: Travelling

Q. How did you reach the examination centre?
Q. Do you like travelling?
Q. How do you usually travel?
Q. What are the most common types of transportation run on
Q. Which types of transportation do people in your country often use to move?


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