Discussion Topic - Accommodation

Discussion Topic - Accommodation.

Part 1- Introduction & Interview:

Q. 1. Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?
Answer: I live in a 3-bedroom apartment which has an area of about 1800 square feet. The apartment is located on the 2nd floor in a busy area at the heart of the city. It also has two balconies, one spacious kitchen and one large sitting room.

Q. 2. How long have you been lived there?
Answer: I have been living in this apartment for almost 8 years since the time my father moved into this big city because of choosing a new career.

Q. 3. What do you like about living there?
Answer: There are not exactly too many things to like about living at my current residence except that shops and public transportation are very close by. There is one more thing, which I like, about the apartment in which I live, is that it receives enough light from all direction through its windows.

Q. 4. What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?
Answer: I would like to live in an accommodation which would preferably be located in a suburb by a lake, neither too far from or too close to the hustling-bustling of the big cities, surrounded by some beautiful green landscape. And my preferred accommodation would be really spacious and receive enough light and air from all directions.

Part 3 - Details Discussion: 

Q. 1. How easy is it to find a place to live in your country?
Answer: I live in a very densely populated country, so it is not really very easy to find a place to live in my country, especially, if we are talking about renting a place or buying a place in a city. But, even if we somehow end up finding a suitable place for living, the costs of rent and buying become a bit too high for an "average-earning person". However, there are still some remote areas in my country, which aren’t that many, by the way, and which are still largely ignored by the people because of their locations, where it could be little easier to find a place to live in.

Q. 2. Do you think it's better to rent or to buy a place to live in? Why?
Answer: In my humble opinion, it is always better to buy a place than renting one at any given time, mainly because, when you are buying a place to live in, you are actually creating an asset for yourself and your family, which most likely would increase in its price in the future. After all, the population in today’s world are increasing exponentially while the landmass is increasing only geometrically. So, the more land you have in your possession, the better you are poised to get a bargain from the prospective land buyer in future, in case if you ever need to sell that place in future. Moreover, having a house means more freedom than renting one. The owner can design the house the way he or she likes which is often not the case in a rented apartment.

Q. 3. What are some of the pleasures involved in making a home for ourselves?
Answer: Making a home involves many pleasures for ourselves. For example, when we have our own place called “home”, we have peace and sense of security in mind, knowing that nobody would be able to evict us or force us off our place without paying the right compensation. Besides, when we make our own homes, we also have the luxury or liberty to design it or remodel it, just the way we prefer it, in order to add more and more value to it, especially, if we consider our home as a solid asset for future. 

Q. 4. Do most people in your hometown live in a house or a flat/apartment? [Why?]
Answer: Most people in my hometown live either in a flat or apartment, primarily because there aren’t many houses there in order to accommodate so many people.  Besides, owning a house in my hometown or renting them is more costly because of the extra taxation. Then there is also the issue of house maintenance which can be time-consuming and troublesome as it may involve a large cost. On the other hand, living in a flat is more convenient because of the ease of maintenance and relatively cheaper rent or price.

Q. 5. Compare houses that rural people live in with the flats/apartments that most city people live in.
Answer: Well, houses in rural areas are usually more spacious and surrounded by more empty and green areas. Besides, the houses in rural areas are not usually affected by the dust or pollution of the surrounding environment. On top of that, they also usually receive enough natural light and air from all direction because of being situated in a large and open space. On the other hand, flats/apartments in the city are normally smaller in size, and they usually receive very limited, or no touch of the natural environment, with concretes and buildings all around. These apartments are usually in high-rising buildings and cost more than that of a house in a rural area.

Q. 6. What the government can do to help city dwellers find suitable places to live in?
Answer: The government can play an important role in helping the city dwellers find suitable places to live in. For example, it can build different types of affordable apartments and flats by the sizes of families or their numbers so that they can rent a place that best suits their needs. Besides, the government can also offer home loans on very low or no interest so that people can build their own houses or flats at a cheaper price. Finally, the government can also offer free accommodation to the poor and destitute city dwellers who are not able to work or have no source of steady income.

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