Discussion Topic - Flowers

Discussion Topic - Flowers.

Part 1- Introduction & Interview:

Q. 1. Do you like to have flowers in your home? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I do like to have flowers (or any other beautiful “plants” for that matter) in my home because it helps the atmosphere of my home to become more lively with a touch of nature. Besides, having flowers in the home allows us to refresh our mind and body with its flowery fragrance. It is an important tradition for the people in my country to have some sort of flowers at their home whenever there is a special occasion or festival.

Q. 2. Where would you go to buy flowers? [Why?]
Answer: I would certainly prefer to pick up or buy my flowers straight from a "flower plant" or a "flower farm" because it would allow me to choose the freshest and most beautiful looking flowers, but that’s not really possible because I live in a city. So, all I could do is to run to a local flower shop in my city and buy some flowers. These days, we can also order some flowers online and they offer home delivery.

Q. 3. On what occasions would you give someone flowers?
Answer: In my humble opinion, I would like to say that flowers are good for pretty much all kinds of occasions. However, to be more specific, we can give someone flowers on birthdays, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, new year eve, valentine’s day, graduation day, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas and other religious holidays.

Q. 4. Are flowers important in your culture? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I would say that flowers are important in my culture because flower shops and flower plants are frequently seen in my country. Besides, seeing how many people in my city alone buy flowers and offer them as gifts to their loved ones, it can be fairly concluded that flowers indeed are important in my culture.

Part 3 - Details Discussion: 

Q. 1. How flowers are important in your country's tradition and culture?
Answer: Flowers have a special place in my country’s tradition and culture (by the way, I don’t really think that there is any tradition or culture that doesn’t value flowers) because they are used in different kind social occasions and celebrations. For example, when there is a wedding anniversary of any of our friends or loved ones, we take flowers as some gifts to them. Besides, we also use flowers to decorate our homes and venues in our country to turn an occasion or cultural function into an even more special one. Finally, people in my country also like to carry flowers to their homes and preserve then in order to fill then with some aromatic sensation with a nice floral scent. To meet someone who is recovering from illness, flowers are a must. We can gift flowers as a gift, traditionally anytime and on any occasions.

Q. 2. What flower plants are important to the economy in your country?
Answer: Floriculture or growing flower plants of all kinds has become an important and profitable enterprise in my country for more than the last 4 decades or so. Over these, four decades floriculturists all over my country have increased their profit significantly by cultivating flowers like tuberose, marigold, roses, gladiolus, gerbera and chrysanthemum on a large scale and commercial basis. Here it is worth mentioning that the flowers growers and traders make a huge amount of money every year during the month of February because it is in this month people in our country celebrate 3 major events including the Valentine’s Day.

Q. 3. Is it common for people to have gardens where you live? Why/Why not?
Answer: No, it is not really that common to have gardens, especially in the city where I live, primarily because it is more profitable to build commercial buildings, flats or houses, as far as the question of earning huge amount of money is concerned, instead of making some gardens which has almost no or very little monetary value. In fact, if anything, the number of gardens in the city areas keeps shrinking day by day to make room for the accommodation of thousands of people who are moving to the cities on a regular basis. Of course, the picture in the rural areas can be little different but that too is changing because more and more people are getting rid of their gardens in order to grow different kinds of crops.

Q. 4. How people in major cities can be encouraged to grow flowers on the rooftop?
Answer: It is a million-dollar question because with the ever-shrinking landmass in the major cities, especially the cities in my country, the practice of growing flowers in the rooftop can be a game-changer for the city dwellers, both economically and environmentally. But, in order to do so, we must take steps to encourage the city dwellers by explaining them about its benefits. For example, growing flowers on the rooftop can reduce the heat of the buildings and energy cost.  It also reduces the emission of carbons and increases the production of oxygen in order to ensure cleaner air around us. Finally, the practice of growing flower at the rooftop will also work like a magic in beautifying the entire city with beautiful flowers on top of all the buildings.

Q. 5. How flowers are important in a ceremony or festival in your country?
Answer: Given how many people in my country literally force different flower shops to provide them with the flowers, they need, during some major religious or cultural festivals, and ceremonies, it is fair to assume that flowers play an important role in celebrating a ceremony or festival. In fact, we would hardly see any wedding ceremony in my country that takes place without using any kinds of flowers. Besides, no social functions or public gathering (ie. congratulating some famous politicians, singers or sportsman) in my country seem to be complete without some sort of decoration with flower.

Q. 6. On what occasions people generally give flowers to others?
Answer: There are many different occasions on which people generally give flowers to others. For example, some people may find it really convenient to give flowers to their friends and loved on during their marriage ceremonies or wedding anniversaries. Some people may also like to give flowers to congratulate someone on the occasion of his or her some major success in his or her field of jobs, business or sports. Many people also love to give flowers, special flowers that is, during the birthdays of some special people in their lives. Finally, some people like to give flowers to others just as a token of love and appreciation to them, especially, when they are involved in a romantic relationship.

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